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  1. This issue was just fixed. it is related to expression formating code. It will be fixed in r.134716 and after that revision as soon as you open and save your mission again. Everything will be OK. Problem is related to preloading data from configs so fix will not break your missions ;)
  2. Hello and thank you for reporting this. I'am going to fix that right now ;-) it will be available in DEV branch on steam this week (maybe even tomorow already). So stay tuned ;)
  3. sadovsf

    Exporting Eden 3d to 2d

    There is no such option and it is not even planned. 2D simply cannot handle even half of Eden stuff. If you need to have 2D view, you can simply use Map in Eden (M button) ;-)
  4. Thank you for reporting this issue. I will send it to our QA so they can find out what is going on there ;-)
  5. sadovsf

    Trigger issues in Eden?

    Hello and thank you for letting us know. This issue was adressed and fixed on friday. On DEV branch on steam it should be already working well. We are now considering updating stable steam version as well so please stay tuned ;-)
  6. sadovsf

    Merging Missions?

    You are right it is a bug... :( I'am working on it right now! ;) It will be fixed in DEV this week (maybe even tomorow already)
  7. I'am working on it ;-) it will be available in DEV this week (maybe even tomorow already)
  8. sadovsf

    My First Impressions

    Actually when you need to see waypoints better just select group they belong to. After that, all waypoints appear and all lines between them are drawn over everything so you can spot connections more easily ;)
  9. sadovsf

    EDEN - Questions

    Actually there is experimental feature for not touching current rotation when you move the object. It is just not yet finished. if you would like to test it out anyway it is possible by folowing steps: 1. Save your mission where you want to enable this feature 2. Open saved mission SQM in your favorit text editor 3. Search for folowing entry: EditorData >> toggles 4. Add 16 to number which is there (if there is 1 make it 17) 5. Load the mission in editor And that is it! You have forced editor not to touch your up vector when you are moving stuf around ;) Just be aware that this is unfinished possible broken in some cases and not much tested feature. That is why it is hidden right now ;)
  10. So first of all, again we are not able to reproduce problem. Second in rpt file is nothing about weather or time change, last thing rpt is nice for such a think like check if there is logged somethink about weather changes but it's nearly useless for thinks like crash to desktop. So solution: 1. Send whole crashdump for us to be able to find a problem 2. Send us scripting command which always begins to cause FPS problems and what setup so we can reproduce and fix this issue as well. 3. We are here for you, for players so please stop being angry and instead help us to make your playing better and better. Because this is the reason why all of us are here ;-) ---------- Post added at 09:06 ---------- Previous post was at 08:49 ---------- Finally :D one of our designer found a way how to reproduce it :-) So i can now look on it an fix it. Stay tuned for another update and thank you for your patience ;-) ---------- Post added at 09:31 ---------- Previous post was at 09:06 ---------- So another try and again thank you for your patience. Problem is straightly related to forceWeatherChange command which can make clients to resending this command between each other in some circumstances. So i made a fix and in meanwhile just don't use forceweatherchange in MP games. Fix will appear in rev. 116078
  11. I looked on it and founded situation where this can occur. It should be fixed in rev. 116024. I also added loging of force changes to rpt file so let me please know if it will be ok ;-)
  12. Only time when this can happen is because of skip changes in time or weather. In weather skip change can be only because of use forceWeatherChange and in time only if there is significant desync between server and client. ---------- Post added at 08:10 ---------- Previous post was at 08:05 ---------- Weather and time changes are distributed automatically. Only forceWeatherChange must be called if you wish to obviously force weather to change immediately. Time is only checked and if there is significant difference between server and client then on client is executed time change for amount of difference (not using skipTime).
  13. So to your questions. - You will see in livestream :-) - Tree is used there but it is not drag and drop. This version of tree should be already on stable branch and if not it is definitely on dev. - In fact whole base for Zeus is made inside engine because of speed. But actual rules are made by scripts. So part engine, part scripts ;-) ---------- Post added at 12:25 ---------- Previous post was at 12:20 ---------- Admin is not exactly what Zeus is because Zeus can be essentially anything ;-)