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  1. [WIP] Sagarmāthā Zone

    I havnt been on these forums in months. You forced me to log in, because this map looks like something I've been looking for awhile now. It's different. Its unique, it's got lots of mountains, and picturesque valleys. Its down right sensual. I love it. May I suggest pitching this as a third party mod with Bohemia? If not, that's ok, I'll be just as excited for this map. I'll log in just to download this map alone when it's done. Awesome stuff.
  2. [Poll] Laws of war vs Real life

    No current nation abides by the "laws of war", and they never have. War has vastly changed from the asymmetric conflicts of the past due to the power of weaponry used. Conventional forces are only used against weaker nations without nuclear capabilities or substantial deterrent via. some other form. Today's battle field is almost based on misinformation, and propaganda, a combination of soft power influence with smoke and mirror tactics which has proven to be extremely effevtive, extremely deadly, and punishing to those who don't pick up on it fast enough, often more times than not, they do not. At the end of the day, the laws are something to abide by and when heavily broken, cannot be enforced, because telling someone to so something and forcing them are two different things. In theory, you could enforce an international law with force, but it would only result in more conflict and broken laws. In essence, the only way for War to be entirely legitimate, which all laws being followed, would be for the conflict 100% defensive from the aggressor. But again, this can easily be foiled due to soft power, misinformation, propaganda campaigns in varies forms and platforms as well as even cyber warfare. Soon, AI warfare will be added the list, granted the world refuses to heed by Musk's great command to regulate use of AI and prevent it from being used for war... course it's too late for that, it's already being done by various states, and the power to be held by harnessing overwhelming capabilities, or rather the lust to, is far too powerful. I digress... the "Laws of War", IRL... unfortunately is only a form of misinformation warfare in itself, and mainly just for the consumption of civilians, and not those who hold the power and know what they're doing.
  3. Laws of War DLC Assets

    Not perfect, not aweful, but far from the quality standard of the rest of Arma 3's assets from Vanilla and prior DLC's. This is not hypercritical, that's a straight up fact. Take the van, put it in a line with all then other vehicles and it stands out like a sore thumb.
  4. Laws of War DLC Assets

    Agreed. Felt something was off with the design of the van. While i'm at it, i'd like to point out that the strobe lights are kinda dim even at night (don't actually effect the environment like it did back when Arma 3 was being showcased before the Pre-Alpha), and it could also use a handling tweak.
  5. Laws of War DLC Assets

    Biggest pet peeve so far, is not that Quadbikes can be loaded into the Cargo van... but the fact that quadbikes can "only"" be loaded into the cargo van. I would like for this feature to be expanded to other vehicles too (Mohawk, Huron, Off road, Trucks, etc.) Also, could we get the ability for infantry to pick up crates with bare hands, would be kinda important. Perhaps can be done simply by walking up to create, scrolling and picking up, character model puts gun on back, and holds the crate with both hands.
  6. Laws of War DLC Assets

    Problems i came across. -Medical Van doors don't open at the rear. -Cargo drone doesn't have physical cargo, but rather, simply has an Inventory. -cluster munitions effects are sub-par.
  7. Laws of War DLC Assets

    cluster bombs when splitting and impacting need to use the sparks particle, just like the one that you see when APDS hits a tank.
  8. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    Last time I played KOTH, littlebirds where expendable. You'd fly them in low, fly up and everyone jumps out. If you're hoping to get out alive, either by landing in the hot zone, or by flying to and from, you're pushing it. There are two other teams itching to kill you. So you come here to ask things to be merged because things aren't going your way in a game mode? That's not how this goes and thats not how real life works either. Adapt to the sotuation, or die. When I play, I always coordinate with the team. Too hot to land? Don't land. Really want to survive going in? Ask for support, and get a team to go eliminate the AA threat. When I'm balls to the walls in the city and someone comes over chat stressed out about enemy AA, I'm always glad to search and destroy so they can join me in hell. But for you to get 6-7 people killed and seek a nerf, is actually unacceptable. It's not the mechanics, game, physics, but rather, your play style either isn't well thought out, or your execution isn't up to scratch. I've seen guys go in with a full hummingbird, take 18 cannon rounds, and still put the bird down in between some houses safely. Don't blame it on the balance. KOTH is a team based tactical cluster truck, so you're honestly over reaching with your claims. Also, I have no idea how this even involves the Jet DLC. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    funny their updated schedule in the latest sitrep forecast Orange for Q3 this year? Sooner than later, and Tac-ops right on it's heels. It's interesting because i haven't been around for awhile, and just returning to find that there's not even the slightest hint of what Orange could be. My bet is still on logistics somehow, but it could be anything at this point.
  10. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Tweaked: Heavy gunfire situations should now be slightly less performance demanding Like this ?
  11. Fixed Wing Flight Model (dev branch)

    As of the recent dev update for the Buzzard... Feels Good. Feels Real Good. Only concern for me is the super sensitivity at low airspeed. Other than that, it feels great. Can't wait to feel this update on a much more powerful jet. Landings finally felt good with the rudder issue solved, just the sensitivity of pitching when at slow speeds is a concern. Edit: After much testing, this is exactly what the doctor ordered.
  12. Blackfish

    Well I suppose it doesn't have the same limitations of conventional fixed wing, being the Blackfish is VTOL. But as stated, something that size would never fit into the internal hangar after having landed.
  13. Fixed Wing Flight Model (dev branch)

    Flew the Xian recently just to get a feel for the flight models better banking and it's something the jets are missing. Feels better, but it would need to be tweaked right to feel good on the agile fighters.
  14. Suggestion : Heavy AA

    Not to get technical, but THAAD isnt quite anti aircraft. It's anti ICBM meant to elimimate an aspect of war that would never fit into arma's map sizes. Nice idea though.