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    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Anyone else having issues with the boot camp training mission? Specifically after the Staff Sergeant asks you to sprint around and then come back and shoot the rest of the targets? The targets dont go down and I cant progress the mission.
  2. CombatComm1

    Voice acting

    Not sure if this is the right area but I just wanted to offer my "talents" as a voice actor for anyone looking to add polish to their missions. I take direction well, can do an assortment of accents and would love to be part of some user made missions. Thanks. Is there a dedicated thread for voice actors?
  3. No, I am trying to create FIA troops that fight for OPFOR, so here is my code in my DAC trigger..... fun =["z1",[1,0,0],[6,3,50,10],[3,2,50,10],[2,1,50,10],[ ],[0,7,0,1,1]] spawn DAC_Zone I am using a DAC INTERN Game logic with the following code in it's initiation. DAC_Single_Config = "Units"; and utilizing an external unit config that is located in my base mission folder with 7 being FIA troops. The DAC initializes, says Z1 is East, begins creating waypoints and stops short and freezes. Than the hint box dissapears without creating any units. I am lost. Thanks for the help.
  4. Hey thanks for taking the time to help me out. Unfortunately, even after putting that code in the Initialization box of the Dac Intern logic and changing my DAC Zone to the corresponding unit case I get an error, "side value not valid". I have the Dac_Config_unit.sqf just sitting in my base mission folder. Do I need it in another folder?
  5. Is there a way to get the internal (Mod) version to spawn FIA on OPFOR side?? Having trouble finding the case number for that. Thanks!
  6. CombatComm1

    United States Air Force

    Dat C-5 sound doe! Awesome job man. Noticed a lot of bugs but I am sure you will iron them out. I just separated after 6 years of service as a SSGT, 4 of those years at Travis AFB (AMC) and let me tell you, that C-5 engine whine is unmistakable and took me back for a second. Good job on that and getting the nose cone to open so realistically. That hog needs a lot of runway space as is realistic. loved doing touch and goes like the pilots at aways do at Travis. The amount of fuel wasted, OMG lol. Altis actually looks a lot like northern california come to think of it. Among a few bugs was being able to retract the landing gear upon take off but once I did my first touch and go I was unable to again and had to have the gear down for the duration of the turn around to final approach. :-/ Thanks for this man. Love it and looking forward to seeing everything ironed out and the textures improved.
  7. CombatComm1

    Jurassic Arma

    Clearly this is Bohemias next hire from the community. Anims are great.
  8. Dude, awesome job. Some criticism though: Everything sounds great until you get a high speed pass. Their is no difference in pitch or volume. As the plane approaches there should be a ever increasingly loud whistle as the plane cuts through the air (depending on the speed, since you may here nothing if it is at Mach 1 or greater) and then once the plane passes the listener there should be a tremendous roaring crackle as you hear the jets on the rear of the plane. I cant imagine how difficult it must be to work sound in the arma engine so thanks for doing this. Anything is better than stock sounds and these are almost perfect. EDIT:: N/m I see you said in your OP you are still working on fly bys. Keep up the good work.
  9. CombatComm1

    Jurassic Arma

    Never has a mod preview made me smile like a little kid again! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue ands expand on this. I will help anyway I can. Lets get a group of modders, designers, scripters together and make a Jurrasic Park Mod. PLEEEEASE. I want to be running through Altis and scream to my buddies "stay out of the long grass!" Before a Raptor takes them under. This has so much potential. Please let me help you bring this to fruition. This could be the next great Arma Mod that turns into a stand alone haha. Imagine chasing gallomis (sp) by helicopter and shooting them with tranqulizers from the heli to capture them. The goal of the mod could be to tranq and cage all the dinosours on the island for INgen corp. Awesome Awesome animation work btw. So stoked.
  10. Hey guys, are there any clans/units that play around with carrier operation in multiplayer? Would love to get in on that.
  11. CombatComm1

    Refined Vehicles

    Hey can someone help me out. I am trying to play Red Phoenix's single player mission but I dont know how to spawn in vehicles or locate any on the ground. Am I missing something here? Thanks
  12. Please help me, who plays this game mode, on what server, when and what mods can I use? I am soo tired of the editor at this point and want to play some good ol fasion PvP but as we all know, ARMA MP is a about 150 people max at any one time, mostly on Wasteland.
  13. Does anyone even play PvP anymore? It's incredibly frustrating. I knew the high server/player numbers wouldn't last and it seems its back to ARMA 2 days. A few servers up that dont allow any mods and wasteland. Is there a group that has a server up at only certain times? I just dont understand this game sometimes and I been playing since 2008. This just inst a game for someone who likes to jump on play and jump off whenever he likes I guess? You need to be in some strict mil sim unit to have fun.
  14. CombatComm1

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    I am suprised noone has mention the jet sounds being bugged. Even if the camera is behind the jet and you are flying it it loops the fly by sounds over and over again. Kinda kills immersion. And if you are on the ground it also loops in a strange way. Not a huge deal as there is only 1 jet but still hope it will be fixed.
  15. CombatComm1

    [WIP] USAF Air Asset MOD

    As a fellow active duty Airman at an Air Mobility Command base, these heavy's are looking absolutely top notch. Thanks for the hard work. Love that the textures are so high res. Cant wait to fly em.
  16. Hey mesh, map is looking awesome! I think I remember reading somehwere in this thread you're a DayZ fan. Is this going to be released for DayZ if and when they allow mods? I dont think any other map would add to DayZ like this one could.
  17. :mad: This has always frustrated me beyond belief. How is it that so many server admins dont understand/know about the basic/nessecary mods and allow them on their servers!? I cannot find a single warfare or pvp server that allows mods like bensons better textures, JSRS. It's ridiculous. This game and community is toted as being all about mods and yet the majority of servers are Vanilla ARMA 3 which in reality is quite an eye sore with the crappy mid range textures. Another reason why everyone has been up in arms about BIS half assed approach to things and saying mods will fix what we dont do. This game is unplayable with the disgusting mid range and sounds. I just don't understand why there are so many servers that don't allow mods. I guess all my rageing is for someone to please enlighten me. Please either point me in the direction of some good servers that allow mods (prefferebly PVP/warfare) or explain to me why no one cares about making this game look/sound/play amazing online!? I understand the hackers and what not but how can a hacker effect the game if you enable JSRS or a graphical mod on ARMA!? Sincerely, frustrated modded Arma lover/vanilla arma hater.
  18. I am kinda frustrated by this new BIS_callMPfunction or whatever it is called. setvehicleinit was so simple and I really need to addaction to spawned units. Here is my code just in case it is an error here that is making it not work. I get a "missing ;" in the debugger. _newSoldier = "Land_Wreck_Car2_F" createVehicle (position player); _newSoldier setvehicleinit "this addaction ["save","save.sqf"]"; Is this wrong in some way? OR is this not working because it was replaced with that overly complicated function I have absolutely no idea how to use. Thanks in advance.
  19. CombatComm1

    Disapointed with the full release content

    I 100% would agree except for 2 things. 1. They shouldent have to pick and choose between content quantity and balance. Plenty of other companies can make it happen in 2 years. Especially if they reuse assets. I understand they are a small company but DayZ was a great success for ARMA 2 and when you are this ambitious you need to manage your project better and ensure you have the right time, resources. (Espcially of the human variety) 2. While I would gladly fork up SOME, not 80 for more MODERN armament (I wont spend a dime on BIS idea of the future as I am not impressed) I will not and we all SHOULD not have to pay a cent to see vehicles or features that BIS themselves have showcased/confirmed to be in the game TO SELL COPIES. That is false advertisement, that gets under a lot of peoples skin and that is something I expect from EA, not BIS. ie Osprey, F-35, ToH flight model. Although I would probably still have bought the game I for one would have at least thought twice before buying the game if I had known this was a ruse.
  20. CombatComm1

    Reality Check

    Yah some of the cockpit instrument panels are down right awful, most CERTAINLY from OFP. And then again, some of pretty impressive ie. ghost hawk. It's the incosistancy that bothers me most. Why would you want to bring down your great exteriors or you great main instrument panel texture with a god awful center console or cyclic?
  21. CombatComm1

    Reality Check

    So you are probably going to get a lot of shit about this post but you are right it needs to be said, and it has, by a great majority of the community. I have seen some of the staunchest, oldest, and most active members here voice dissapointment. But, I like that you SHOWED it, and sadly it really brings it home in the pictures. The boats especially. I can MAYBE MAYBE like .00001 percent believe in some crazy "In 2016 the US invades Iran and after some nation buildings sells them a crapload of US (western style) chassis blah blah." But WE DO NOT usually give out our best top of the line stuff. We sell our older stuff. And usually not SPEC OPs things like Navy SEAL SWCC boats to them. Honestly I am flabbergasted the Iraqis were sold M1A1 Abrams. Granted not the "fully loaded" version. BIS have done some amazing things with graphics (environment) and I know they will do more but this is just plain nuts. I dont feel that they need more time I think they need more people but I've already voiced that concern various times. Most of their models are great. A notice a lot more inconsistency with the textures so definitely more artist. But even so the model copy and pasting between factions is so boring, lackluster and uninspired. The vibe I am thankfully starting to get from the few dev comments since this great (and nessecary) uproar is that they will either help support AiA harder or release more for free as the campaigns come out. We know BIS is capable talent wise. I do at least.
  22. CombatComm1

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Like my 6 years of military service? What have you done with your life? This is a forum about a game, we talk about said game. You're an idiot to tell me to be passionate about something else in a forum for that game I am expressing passion for. You smell like a nasty fat troll. Go back to your cave. Personal attacks is not what I set in motion. I simply gave BIS feedback that many others have expressed and asked them to please increase their workforce of talented employees so they can avoid these nasty timeline problems. But yah, BIS "dont owe me nuffin dawg".
  23. CombatComm1

    Disapointed with the full release content

    lol I am going to go ahead on the ledge here and say, you've never been in a military that belittles, berates and breaks you down in order to see you resent them and want to prove them wrong....... -___-
  24. CombatComm1

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    And I, and dozens of others, shouldent voice OUR opinion or be upset when a game we paid hard earned money for dosent meet OUR expectations? Or rather the expectations that BIS made us believe to be the case in countless videos and "promises"?? I am glad they have a "no promise" policy now and that's fine. But implement that AFTER you deliver on the promises, confirmed features you told us about BEFORE the "no promise" policy. Just because the game "meets YOUR standards, and YOUR happy" you belittle and try to undermine those who want more from BIS. See what I did there? Sound familiar? That's because it is the same spiel you just gave me but opposite. Your opinion and how YOU feel about the game matters more. The people that bitch and moan and complain and, best yet, offer constructive critisism, care the most about this game. They love the platform and want to see more out of it. It's human nature. People rage about the things they care/feel strongest about. They don't give two f*cks about things they don't give two f*cks about. In your case, I think you are just satisfied with mediocre, maybe in your own life as well as the endevours of others. I don't know you but I get that vibe from the way you and countless others on here put the criticizers down as "girls with their panties in a bunch" I love this series. It was my escape in 2009 when I was a brand new Airman stuck in a VERY foreign country away from my friends and family. It was my escape, even if just a video game, to the kind of military career I wanted but couldent have due to "the needs of the Air Force", my color deficiencies that strip me of any possibility to be an aerial gunner, and distracted me of MY OWN bad (some, most, would say good) decision to join the Air Force instead of the Marines as I originally intended. I tell you all this to show you this game is inportant to me and I enjoy not only the gameplay and innovation, but what it has brought to me personally. I am not a huge gamer, I play ARMA, BF series and GTA exclusively. This game is unique in that I can be distracted from the real world, social life, work, and my second favorite hobby, fishing. So I would say I care about the success of this game and only hope to open somones eyes at bohemia. This community can obviously do that with this company. It speaks volumes about the developers that they care/listen have a passion. We yell and give criticism to those that would listen. I have 2 troops. One is a top notch Airman who still has much to improve on. He dosent take critism, is very arrogant, and thinks that where he is at is at a perfect place to stay in his personal development. I don't like to give up on people but I eventually realized he was going to do his own thing and that was it. I don't try with him anymore. The other was a shitbag who everyday listens to my and other senior guys advice/guidance and gets better and better everyday. Hopefully he will surpass the arrogant one. I know all this may seem a bit deep for a video game, but the bottom line is, if people will listen, tell them. BIS does that. So we tell them, A LOT!