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  1. cpt_smagnet

    Fwatch Request List

    Hi, many thanks for your hard work, but is it possible to consider a backward compatibility in the future updates? As we've discussed in a thread next door, I found my own mod based on Fwatch 1.14 incompatible with 1.15. I've done an quick check and noticed that a lot of ways I've applied the Fwatch commands no longer work. For example, I used to call the ":file read" function by this way: in a certain.txt in fwatch\mdb, I put: KeyShortcut1=SHIFT SPACE and in the script I went: _k = loadFile format[":file read blabla.txt %1",KeyShortcut1]; _str = format ["%1",_k]; That way I got the script to pick up the variable as a string, and it worked fine before 1.15. In 1.15, by simply using loadFile I will get a "_fwatch_error=blabla" before any of the extracted strings. For another example, I used the ":srng" pretty often, but now...I've been trying to find out how ":string cut" works, and it's been almost 1 hour in this thing and I couldn't get it to work. The demo case for the command is pretty neat, but doesn't help... And also, when adding or updating a new command, please also provide a simple but complete showcase showing how that command works, like ":string cut begin:1[optional] end:2[optional] blabla", it help a lot better than the current "dialog" style (at least that's what would really look clean and fast to a slow mind like me). Many thanks again!
  2. cpt_smagnet

    Unofficial patch ArmA Resistance 2.01

    Uh with the Fwatch source code, in fact no...I tried to replace all "coldwarassault.exe"s and "Cold War Assault"s in the source code, and the ArmA Resistance is located fine, but is stuck as soon as the fwatch hits the presense check (changing a pre-existing value in the stringtable.csv). Then everything goes CTD. I am not C++ capable so I don't really know what is going on. So with this discussion going on I don't think I'm ever gonna see a solution to that, but thank you both anyways.
  3. cpt_smagnet

    Unofficial patch ArmA Resistance 2.01

    Indeed, it's easier to add support from an open source mod, I'll see what I can do about it, many thanks! On a side note, there is a d3d8to9 DLL file in the full package, but when I boost up vanilla 2.01 it didn't seem working. Does it require more components installed? Your contribution to the community is a bliss, thank you!
  4. cpt_smagnet

    Unofficial patch ArmA Resistance 2.01

    This update patch is a goddamn miracle! Just as I am about to believe this game went cold! Great work! Hit a problem though: could not get Fwatch (ver1.14, I can't get 1.15 to run with my own mod) to work with patch 2.01. Since my own mod uses Fwatch's many capabilities (keyboard detection for example, helps me to set up shortcut keys to trigger scripts; map status and dialog status detection for a better control of dialog interfaces), and I notice quite a few good missions and good mods out there use it too, it would be a great pity if one great piece of community work can't combine with another. Is it possible to: 1) provide a version with the "ColdWarAssault.exe" that Fwatch can read memory from (I totally understand the copyright issue though) 2) include some of the Fwatch's capability to the scripting engine, for example keyboard detection, string handling, map and dialog status and so on 3) or any other ideas that your genius minds can think of! Endless gratitude for bring this game back to live yet again!
  5. cpt_smagnet

    Removeallweapons bug

    RemoveAllWeapons don't usually mess up with group joining, so it shouldn't be that particular command's problem. I personally would suggest looking at the scripts that are running WHEN the removeallweapons command take place. Try using a script editor that can search in multiple scripts, and check all circumstances that the "join" command take place. Hope it helps XD
  6. cpt_smagnet

    To realize Stanima Effect

    Aye...man-class movements are entirely based on animations, that is new knowledge to me :o And yeah we might have to stick with the loop check on unit speed to access the stamina value. Probably no way around it. I will see if I can reach some other solutions, but RL is catching up on me so :wacko: Anyway thanks again for your input!
  7. cpt_smagnet

    To realize Stanima Effect

    If a moderator passes by, plz see if it is possible to correct the typo in the topic title "stanima", since it might be difficult to find this topic by "stamina" via searching for other people, thx! Thanks for your ideas! Setting up the database for equipment load for me is a heavy labor, but with a limited selection of equipments in a mod, that is eventually possible (if you don't throw in some JAM3 xD) Fwatch, if I recall correctly, has no command for changing the velocity of a unit. It does return the INDEX (numbers like 76 rather than "CombatRunF") of the current animation of the PLAYER. Both working with the Fwatch anim commands and the "AnimChanged" EH requires a lot of data entering, too, so I think instead of tackling with anim, obtaining the velocity of the unit should solve most of the problem (except for special anims like climbing over a wall that has a small velocity but in reality is tiring, but those can be configured "tiring" via item "duty" in CfgMoves) Speaking of CfgMoves, I might be able to make a few anim config myself but an entire chain of anim config is completely out of my hands :( So the ultimate problem is, how to reduce the "stamina"? We might not have to stick with the CWA/OFP hardcoded "stamina", but I just haven't thought of how else. Thanks again!
  8. Hi~ I would like to ask, is it possible to simulate stanima in CWA, like in ACE Mod in Arma1/2? (cant run Arma3 so dunno about it) I tried searching the forum and there was no answer so I have to bump it :P The goal I would like to achieve is like this: the PLAYER gets more easily tired when moving with more equipment loaded on him. "Tiredness" may work like shakey aim, heavy breathing and reduced running speed, or even black out. The built-in stanima system in CWA (that you get "tired" if you sprint for too long) does not take equipment weight into account, and has a ceiling, so you technically can run across a desert with a missile launcher and rest for some seconds before coming back fresh. Didn't like it so I came up with this quest, and I'm currently out of ideas, so please help~ I'm working on my own Total Conversion Mod, so these conditions might come in handy: 1. the Mod runs on CWA 1.99 (cannot downgrade to 1.96 though, got too dependant on the new scripting commands) 2. the Mod lives on Fwatch 1.14 but NOT 1.15 (my scripts doesn't work with 1.15 somehow) 3. the Mod has a script that loops every 0.01s (to monitor key inputs, night vision and optics and such) Looking forward to any possible solutions! And I will share our final WORKING solution in this topic to close it! Salute,
  9. cpt_smagnet

    OFP Addon request thread

    Had some trouble accessing mediafire but GOT IT! Thank you, the world's largest collection of OFP files known to man :P Really appreciate your help!
  10. cpt_smagnet

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hi~ does anyone have the 3D Ironsight mod by Icarus? thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/143966-ironsight-mod-for-handguns-only/ Tried searching but nothing came up, so thanks in advance!
  11. cpt_smagnet

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Thanks a lot! I finally figured out how to get access to the files! Problem fixed, thanks!
  12. cpt_smagnet

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Thanks a lot! That is a beauty! But I still have a little problem... I did my best to read the language and managed to sign up for the website, and had the download button show up for me, but no matter how I tried, the link wouldn't work for me (I know it works, but currently I can't get it work for me) So, uh, I apologize, but can you kindly point me to another mirror or something like that? Really appreciate your effort! Thanks!!!! Cheers! Long live OFP!:yay:
  13. cpt_smagnet

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Sorry for bumping, but does anyone know where I can lay my hands on the beautiful SCARs in the photos in page 190? Ive been searching but couldn't find them at all...thanks in advance~
  14. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!! Love it man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot explain my feelings right now... so bloody thankful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx kenoxite!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Thanks kenoxite! really much! Still got trouble getting to the mirrors (WTF), but since I am working on my own infoshare script, it won't be so desperate now... Thanks again! BTW, can I ask how the AI rucksack script works? because my mag dropping method is different, I basically need to rewrite the script myself, but have no idea how. Thanks in advance!