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  1. Do the maps support ALIVE?
  2. Is Chongo, Angola by Icebreaker indexed? If not, does anyone have a personal index? Much appreciated.
  3. When will tank interiors be added? For an official paid DLC it is unacceptable that the tanks are half done.
  4. Will ALIVE support the new Global Mobilization DLC?
  5. linx77


    Any plans for ALIVE compatibility?
  6. How can I give a virtualized AI unit a slat cage? If I set it in mission builder, it dissapears once the unit is virtualized.
  7. Is it possible for AI commander to give commands to units spawned by Zeur or BIS_fnc_spawnGroup? How can it be done? Like how admin can profile the units manually? Can it be done automatically?
  8. How can I share a range card with a spotter? Is it possible to give the range card for my weapon to my spotter?
  9. I can confirm that civilians don't spawn on Koplic. Tested today and had the same problem.
  10. linx77

    A3 Campaign - Continuation for Tanoa?

    After the cliffhanger that was the Arma 3 Ending, THEY BETTER CONTINUE THE STORY. Or we'll pick up pitchforks and torches and head straight for BI Studios. :P
  11. Patton tank!
  12. linx77

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Thank your for this detailed response and the great mod! :)
  13. linx77

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    I am trying to use this: RydHQ_FirstToFight = [] But I don't know how to give group a name or something, so that Hetman will recognize it with FirstToFight command. Any help would be much appreicated. :) Also, is there a way to disable Rest and Regroup orders for player units?