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  1. How do I get the beta now???????????? :confused: Sorry for the stupid question lol edit - oh i just changed to the dev build and there is a big update :D gotta wait a few hours to play it though :( Is there a list of things added???????
  2. http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/8779/y76r.png (2181 kB) http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/1120/2mk4.png (1042 kB) http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/621/xeom.png (2634 kB)
  3. Your joking right?? It will play well....well as well as the unstable Alpha can
  4. 2 seconds after this pic....some sniper blew my brains out :butbut:;) http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/6826/36232287.jpg (147 kB)
  5. Hi Just got Aram 3 aplha and when I go to properties to change to dev build it asks for a Beta access code?? Any idea where this code is? :butbut:
  6. Yeah you need to upgrade so much id just save up the money and get a new system.
  7. OneZeoN

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    mi48....stunning! this editor looks class and cant wait to build my rig next week and play!
  8. OneZeoN

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    I got a warning for that? dear lord :j: Anyway hoping the stream smooths out as been looking forward to this all day! I presume the beta is coming very soon as the stream mentions it! :cool:
  9. OneZeoN

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    lagggg wtf is that about
  10. yeah worth doing some research before paying money out. gimme a min and ill buy Arma 3 on my laptop now even though ill not have a system to play it on until tuesday :p ill send you invite if it lets me edit - whats your email and ill send ya a code :)
  11. did you get a free alpha invite?? might want to try that. but heard in some cases Arma 3 runs better than Arma 2 so with upgrades you should be ok im buying the Alpha on Tuesday when I build my new gaming rig. Ill send you a free invite to test if you need
  12. Id go over to PC Specialist forums and ask in there. But for £400-500 you will struggle for a decent rig...i7 3770k is 100% not going to happen with that budget though
  13. Thanks guys Not been a pc gamer in years! Exciting
  14. Intel i7-3770K CPU Asus P8Z77-V Motherboard Asus Nvidia GeForce 2GB GTX 670 Corsair 8GB 1600Mhz CL9 DDR3 Vengeance Memory Western Digital Black - 1TB Corsair HX850 Professional Series HX 850W PSU Hopefully have this rig built tomorrow Thoughts on Arma performance?
  15. OneZeoN


    The less mainstream players the better imo Don't want COD and BF players swamping the game. All up for BIS making things like rag doll better....but not to attract mainstream players
  16. First off I hate you and demand you send me your pc... Secondly I wouldn't worry as Arma 3 alpha is still quite unoptimised and not really an indication of the hardware someone owns. Beta and full release will hopefully see big improvements...we will see. If other games are running as well as you would like then that's what to base the system on imo. Nice pc though :D
  17. OneZeoN

    Arma your costing me!! :D

    Ok well faster than expected im almost ready to build my rig!! :D Hoping to play Arma pretty well and also BF3/4 etc All I need now is my monitor and speakers...which are both coming on Friday! Nervous and hopefully everything works ok! http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/8316/20130522172523.jpg (304 kB) edit - ops wrong place to put this! sorry mods!
  18. OneZeoN

    Arma your costing me!! :D

    Thanks looking forward to seeing it in action. Not had a pc gaming rig in 6 years! Cheers I've done that now
  19. OneZeoN

    Arma your costing me!! :D

    I know :( ill close it now but cheers for rig comment :D edit- damn i cant even remove the thread unless im missing something? *nooooob alert!!*
  20. OneZeoN

    Arma your costing me!! :D

    lol i dread to think!
  21. Try the lite version if someone has a spare code. But might be not playable with the specs listed
  22. Its more showing off rigs...the people with terrible rigs know its going to run poorly :D
  23. That all sounds good to me!