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  1. Hello all Small and short bugreport; In dev build no. 1.59.135857 some of the single player campaign are missing. there isn't anymore the list/sections with "Survive", "Adapt" and "Win". its finished somewhere in the middle of the 2nd episode. pls fix it, i would like to continue the campaign ;-)
  2. After try to review this bug in dev build 1.59.135811, i cant recognize it. it seems it is solved with this new dev build and/or it had another reason.
  3. Currently i'm playing the preventive diplomacy mission from the arma3 campaign. After loading a usersave or autosave file, the mission immediately fails because of friendly fire. I had never shoot before of other teammates or allied troops. Bug/error discovered yesterday, 2016-05-01, dev build no. 1.59.135790 / Win 10 I will test it again, today with dev build no. 1.59.135811.. will keep you up to date!