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  1. seamusgod

    Movement speed tweaking

    crouched weaponless movement needs the hands to be lower and back, so it doesn't look like he's a kiddie poacher with his hands fiddling air in front of him. also, some of the stance transitions seem a bit quick, it's like one of those stop motion videos where it's missing frames. rotating character still has lack of leg movement. when you're in weapon ready and you move your aim just a little, maybe 20 degrees, your leg should move a bit more, not just drag on the ground lightly. problems is mitigated by freeaim, but freeaim is either abandon ware or very very early wip.
  2. seamusgod

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    to me, this would be the type of suggestion bis jumps on, so the fact that they aren't too enthusiastic about it(actually they're flat out ignoring it) tells me one thing. well, it was a good effort nord. i guess the focus now should be to make a noise texture that looks good for a variety of terrain types?
  3. seamusgod

    Fertilizer Plant explodes in Texas, many injured!

    a reminder that any one of us can be wiped from the face on the earth for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. imagine if you were in a car just driving past one of those fertilizer tanks on your way somewhere.
  4. seamusgod

    Boston Marathon: 2 bombs blow up near finish line

    oh the irony. ridiculing others for supposedly jumping to conclusions while classifying this as a "racism" case based on thin air.
  5. seamusgod

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    that show sounds stupid already, it would take more effort to build a black powder musket instead of a modern weapon. does it include a time travel subplot?
  6. thecapulet thinks dynamic light has something to do with casting shadows. another victim of valve's forceful marketing techniques, making everyone think that the dynamic shadow casting in their source engine is the only true representation of "dynamic lighting"
  7. seamusgod

    Shooting around corners

    then you showed up for the wrong reasons. what happens when bis decides they don't want to cater to the people who came in from steam and never played a second of either ofp or arma? clearly, moddability and sandbox are not enough to keep the call of duty and bf players interested. they want this game to sacrifice realism and everything that makes it special, and be more like a more tacticool, milquetoast version of those other games. your signature is a perfect encapsulation of this mindset. guess what? i'm glad they slowed down the movement speed.
  8. i like the iranian officer model, no future soldier crap on him i assume?(can't see the back), will be cool to change the texture a little, add a helmet and a vest and replace the regular iranian infantry.
  9. very unlikely. would probably be more realistic to have the mod focused around anti piracy and smuggling operations in the south china sea.
  10. seamusgod

    SweetFX in Arma 3

    since the texture and angle are different, i don't see how that can be an accurate comparison. from what i can tell, sweetfx makes it look more like dusk, while the original(presumably taken using same weather and time setting), looks more like dawn.
  11. seamusgod

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    arma 3 at least has the best thermal visuals
  12. seamusgod

    Post Apocalyptic Units

    are people just going to bestow praise on any and all user created content? there are some serious problems with this model. the square shoulder area for example. it looks he's wearing a cardboard box underneath the robe. wish people would provide actual feedback instead of just glancing over things and screaming "omg best mod evar". you think you're helping modders improve their craft that way? back on topic: there is a lack of slack on the lower back area, unless there's a belt, it shouldn't be that tight. the shoulder bag straps look like it's floating, it should be more flush against the shoulder area. at the bottom of the robe, you might want to add some weigh to the shin so it doesn't jab out like that and looks more natural draped down over the knee. overall, add more undulations to the general shape of the robe. right now there's a lot of straight edges and lines.
  13. seamusgod

    WIP British Infantry

    nice. the arma 2 era models still look pretty good with the new animations.
  14. lmao speed runs is for crap like call of duty
  15. seamusgod

    Ladder Animation and Sound

    actually, the game only has one type of ladder, it just missing the part of the animation where the player moves off, so it ends up looking like he's climbing air.