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  1. Hello Tankbuster, check that the file is not write protected. Browse to the file. rightklick the file and check that this is not read only.
  2. Thank you Tophe for the new Release! I am very happy with your tool!
  3. Hello Tophe, No i don´t know anything about official documentation. Just what i could say. i use your tool all the time for our server. Then the information come up that gamespy will shut down i have to investigate how i can reach our server in future with your tool (it is much easier to administrate). So i found out that my server was not listed in the steam server browser. i haven´t understood this because i have forwarded all necessary ports to it. then i let my PC with ARMA3 and open steam server browser running because my wife called me for lunch. after lunch i see that my PC has found the server. then i tried again. it took some minutes. then i have my friends to try it be themselves. same result. The steam server browser is really slow. but it will work. i read a few days ago that it will be faster if the "reporting IP=Gamespy" entry will be deleted from the cfg. but that i have not tested yet. So i can say, your tool is working with steam server browser. the browser itself is slow, that´s the primary issue. next small issue is how the ingame filter works. My Server is calles "Brotherhood of Steel" if i filter now "Brother" Steam will not find it, Gamespy has.. If i use "Brotherhood" then Steam will find the Server on the List. And this all together makes it a little bit harder to connect to the server. but it works.
  4. Again, there is no need to have an reporting IP for working in Steam Server browser. I think it is just necessary for V 2.5 to remote the reporting IP entry...
  5. Hello, for me i can say, the Steam browser is veeeeeeery slow. i tried to find my server in Arma3/Steam i thought it won´t work. but after 2-3 Minutes my server was listed there.
  6. I have already the reporting IP with Gamespy inserted, but has no effect to the Steam list. You can all the time find my server via STEAM. Steam will not care about the reporting ip. try it out: Brotherhood of Steel created with Tophe 2.4 and Reporting IP Gamespy. no problem
  7. Hello, Why do we need an update? i use Version 2.4 from Tophe and my Server ist listed in Steam server list and all is working like before... important ist that steam port is forwarded to the server in the firewall.
  8. Yes, i have the same problem. So is there any updated planned? Thank you!
  9. YES! A ship! Thanks for that!
  10. Nothing, I have tested it with Windows 8 (8.1) and it is working like expected @Maverick, YES even then. disabling UAC will not automatically grant you Admin access.
  11. Ok, that all sounds really nice. But how should the community test it? we need more details and situations we have to test. I have much tested by my own with several parameter (-enableHT or/and -cpuCount) it will change NOTHING on all of my 3 Gaming Systems (System1-3). So no gain in FPS, not less or more stuttering, it changed nothing (tested Altis Benchmark and a testmission of our Team). again, i am not so bad about the performance from ARMA but for helping the DEVs in testing scenarios we need more details...
  12. Hello, I like to know how many copies of ARMA3 have been sold already? In the news you got the values for DayZ, but never for ARMA3. If they are not secret, then i will be happy to hear something about this. Thank you
  13. Have tried it with my System 1-3. No Difference in FPS. So in wich case will make this sense? Thanks just for beeing clear, i am ok with the Performance i Arma, so my question about the start parameters.
  14. Hello, ok here my results. System 1 and System 2 got an increase of exactly 1 FPS in Altis Benchmark (Test was run 5 times) But the main feeling and handling is "smoother" i can agree with that. but no FPS gain. Regards Michael