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  1. novemberist

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Don't know if this is technically possible, but wouldn't it make sense to disable the DLC lock alltogether until release? 1) All of us who already own the DLC could actually provide valuable feedback on the new helos and their full functionality (which is the whole point of releasing it on dev branch prior to release, right?) 2) Those who don't own it yet could get a few days of testing the new assets for free, which might help them to decide whether it's worth purchasing the DLC for them or not. Just a thought. btw. has anyone been able to get into the load master seat of Taru yet? Is there any special action that the load master can take, like releasing the pods?
  2. novemberist

    Firing from Vehicles feedback

    Very nice! However, normal cargo seats (co-driver, ifrit back seats etc.) are now broken when remote controlling a unit in ZGM, where you can't move your head anymore (haven't been able to test whether this only affects Zeus or also happens in normal missions)
  3. novemberist

    Arma 3 wound system is ridiculous

    no, look for the appropriate thread and contribute constructive criticism there instead of spamming the forum with yet another useless thread about topics that have already been discussed over and over again elsewhere. you didn't even provide any base for discussion here...no questions, no suggestions...what do you want? a pat on the back?
  4. novemberist

    Arma 3 wound system is ridiculous

    And after more than 1 year since Arma3's release, you think this hasn't already been discussed back and forth in about 20 other threads?
  5. novemberist

    GTX660 any good?

    Certainly not, on high-very high settings you should be able to play Arma 3 without stuttering (mind you, in multiplayer bad fps and lags are not uncommon even with current high end rigs). So if you experience these issues in SP, there surely must be some other cause. Arma3 is very heavy on the CPU rather than the GPU generally speaking, but since you have an i7, this shoudln't be a problem either... I have a 750 Ti, which is not considerably better than your card and it makes Arma 3 run pretty well.
  6. whatever. apparaently you have more insight of russian troop movements than most other observers in this world, including the ukrainians. but i agree, there is no need for such remarks in this place, so let's just keep this kind of discussion out of this thread entirely.
  7. Wow, this looks ridiculously good, I have to say. As others have stated already, the overall level of detail and the vegetation look great and very natural. I have not realized any performance issues so far, although the area is of course pretty small as of right now. Really looking forward to this one. Keep up the good work!
  8. novemberist

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I know and I appreciate that but I don't know how telling us what new helicopters will be in the game ahead of the release would be "promising the moon" since by now they should know what kind of assets will be in the DLC and have the models finished, right? The DLC is already being sold for a couple of months, so at least some bits of information (also regarding the exact release date, again...if it's in September, they should know when?) would be much appreciated...
  9. novemberist

    would you still buy any BI product ?

    Almost 1000 hours of Arma 3 for ~25 bucks was really good value for money, I have to say. However, I've decided to only buy software anymore that supports my main platform, which would be Linux. So unless BI decide to make their future products (and possibly new engine) available for Linux too, I will have to pass next time, since I basically have a whole OS installed on my computer just to play Arma and once i'm done playing Arma 3, it will go away for ever.
  10. novemberist

    Development Blog & Reveals

    So, we're halfway through September, the month that the Helicopters DLC is supposed to be released, now and all we got so far in terms of new assets is a blurry screenshot of the back of what looks like a modernized Chinook. Okay, we know there will be sling loading, the new flight model and possibly shooting from vehicles, but the real seller will surely be the new helos (since we basically get all the other features for free) I wonder why Bohemia doesn't tease us more and doesn't really promote the DLC at all...with the release imminent (and no official statement so far hinting otherwise) shouldn't they start to give us a list of the new assets and at least some screenshots to generate sales? I know they are busy, but I don't really get this policy of BI being so quiet.
  11. novemberist

    How to use steam content from other users?

    I don't think this is the right place to confess piracy of Arma 3 to be honest, even if you really own the game. Why do you expect a cracked version (that has potentially been stripped of any steamworks components) to compatible with steam anyways? I also don't think BI send out stuff to people personally. You might be able to copy the content of your friends already downloaded game to your steam folder and somehow make steam recognize the data, though. I don't think it's impossible at all. The data that is inside ..SteamApps\common\... is basically the same on every installation and doesn't contain any account specific stuff, so if you can make Steam recognize it as the data of the copy of Arma3 linked to your account, it might actually work. I have also copied Arma3 to another computer of mine before and had steam recognize the data even though it was downloaded on another pc.
  12. this and underground structures is what arma 3 is missing the most in terms of terrain. i doubt we will see any work on this soon since Altis and Stratis are pretty much finished (I guess?) and they probably won't put a lot of effort into making unofficial maps compatible. But once there will be a new official terrain at some point, I really hope it will have more variety in this regard...
  13. novemberist

    Sling Loading Feedback

    Couple of Zeus related feedback regarding sling loading: 1. Unhooking the load as a remotely controlled pilot in the official ZGM missions (multiplayer) still crashes the game immeditately. 2. Dragging a unit on a helicopter to sling load it is nice, but can we still get a normal waypoint for AI pilots, that doesn't require Zeus intervention? (don't want to do immersion breaking Zeus magic in front of players all the time) 3. Dragging a unit onto a helicopter that is still on the ground causes the unit to be below the ground not Zeus related: 4. AI pilots have no sense of how high they are flying with their load and will regularily hit trees etc. and crash...
  14. novemberist

    Sling Loading Feedback

    Nice work! However, in Zeus GM the game crashes every time I unhook the load. Also, will there be a possibility to give a "Sling Load" waypoint to the AI as Zeus, so they try to lift the cargo automatically at some point? For people flying in 1st person it would also be nice to have an indicator how far the cargo is from the ground in the Assisant window.
  15. novemberist

    Fatigue indicator poll

    I should really sue Apple. This is blatant :cool: