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  1. VanZant

    "Old Man" campaign still a thing?

    Supposedly, if you want pure and interesting dynamic missions, complex SP, you will need a lot of things that won't fit into the current, dumb, mainstream multiplayer style system, so forget about that. In terms of SP good playablility you can expect nothing. If BI can't deliver good SP dynamic content is because THEY DON'T WANT. They problably have the best, interesting, hardcore military sandbox in the world, but they still want to attract rat kids like other inferior games. The fact is that nothing in months has been said about that misterious dynamic gameplay system, for maybe hardcore players. It says so much of what we can expect: nothing, or almost nothing.
  2. VanZant

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    The problem with consoles are in fact two problems. One is the obvious faulty hardware and the user mind limitations, the other one it is just only the user mind limitation. Kids. Please go away and play other things, teletubbies or other shit, and leave good games away of your akward influence.
  3. VanZant

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Right now only the terrain can be tested. Very "chernarussian", but maybe a flatter version. Rivers are sea level. Overall the quality is the same as the rest of BI's terrains.
  4. First problem, playing the campaing I can not continue, the screen becomes black always, so i'm forced to start again. Sorry guys and good luck with this in the future, but this is the last time I buy 3rd party content at least at first time.
  5. Yes, very flat and some ugly patterns inside houses but hey, good job!
  6. VanZant

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    I have no problem to pay for quality content. And I will. For example, if any video or additional information confirms what MONDKALB has shown us, I will buy the DLC, for sure. My problem is with the system itself, if at the end it becomes a place where everyone tries to sell you everything and then, the community as we know it simply dissapears (It is an exaggeration obviously). Why to share a mission or a mod with the community if other people are making money selling it? That's my concerning. I'm almost sure this is not the case but BI has not make absolutely clear what type of content is going to sell as Creator DLC, or how many of them.
  7. VanZant

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    On this subject I would like BI to explain a bit better what we can expect. I really would not like to see how this community becomes a market of junk, literally, like other games where there are children buying skins and dance moves. Shame. We do not know for example how many DLC are expected to be published, 5, 100 ?, or if these will be exclusively expansions of the highest quality, or here anyone will try to sell us anything so that we spend hundreds of dollars. I think it could be an interesting way to expand content while BI is dedicated to other things, but this is only good if what is offered is limited or moderate, complete expansions, and of the highest quality. This is pure shit if we are going to see campaigns at $5, missions at $2, weapons at $1, or skins at $.50.
  8. - What are the modding policies?, Will they be the same as BI expansions?. Maybe some time encripted and later open for modding?. - Will the terrain and the rest of assets be available to create custom missions, being integrated as other BI dlc/expansions? Or this is a total modification including new main UI, huds, locking the editor, etc. - Bizarre question, have terrain object shadows been baked into the satellite texture?. Do the models have AO maps?.
  9. VanZant

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    Consoles are directly cancer for good hardcore videogames. They are machines for converting such products into kiddie or comercial shit. They are, essentialy, the fast food of videogames. Period. If you want war on consoles, play cod, fortnite, and other bullshit. Congrats and good bye.
  10. VanZant

    Arma 3 still a popular title

    This game is one of the very very few that can be played over 2 decades, only if no new version comes out. The player base is mainly mature, very dedicated, modding friendly, hardcore and hungry of simulation. And if tomorrow all the casual multiplayer kids go away, it will be the same.
  11. Please, could we get back the ability of taking directly the magazine from a weapon? Maybe I'm wrong, but I think this was implemented at some time, and then disappeared quickly. Currently you can open a weapon and take accessories like telescopic sights, tripods, but not the magazine.
  12. Anything that forces to waste 10 min of preparations for 3 weapons and a brand new goggles is descarted. In general I try to stay only with CUP, RHS and a few other small ones from myself or others, valuable and tied to the game, not to a particular mission. Also, CBA is forbidden, AI ones, in reality most of them. A3 has a big problem with mods, starting from the abuse, versioning, obsolescence of missions and so on. There is a massive amount of content unusable due to incompatibilities or obsolescence, for example.
  13. VanZant

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Literally, "At least" should mean +8 hrs playing at lowest difficulty. What really means, who knows. Randomness is the key thing today. Random patrols, places, enemy settlements, starting points ... not sure if all the above will match this pattern. I think the failure could come from this point. OK. Not strictly needed for good, long, complex missions. Good and necessary radio chat is always appreciated, BI knows how to do this properly. I hope they have not wasted time and resources with menus, animations, videos, experimental mechanics or such things.
  14. The next DLC, Tac-Ops, is centered on SP play. I'd like to point some small annoying things that affect SP players that probably the devs could fix without too much effort. INVENTORY - Give us the ability to change gear directly with other team mate. Currently you have to drop the items on the ground an then use the "Inventory" command with the other unit near the items. - The same of above but between 2 team mates. - The "Inventory" command should be fixed on top of the menu. The same with others like "Open subordinate inventory". I fact, all the variable stuff like dropped items should be left on bottom, or removed. - Double-clicking a weapon shows its accessories but not the loaded magazine. I swear that I have already seen it in the game and then disappeared. - The ability to open the virtual arsenal for other team members. Currently the arsenal only works for the player. - The ability to repack ammo for the player and other team members. IA - Desesperately we need to cancel the forced danger status. In other words, we need to force the "Area Clear". Most of the times there is no such danger after the first event. - Please fix the endless "No ammo" state even if you have given the unit 20 magazines. - The ability to force the team members to change to primary / secondary weapon. - Give us the ability to manupulate the "KnowsAbout" value via scripting. COMMANDING - Copy my stance should be strictly be what it means, copy my exact stance. - The ability to mount / dismount and turn on / off the silencers, flashlights, IR lasers of my team members. MISC - The player should be able to hide and drag dead bodies. Hiding bodies could be unrealistic, but al least dragging is necessary.
  15. VanZant

    The AI enemy detection is broken

    There are some flaws regarding enemy detection and definitely the enemy sometimes has superman eyes, but it could be solved via modding mostly with the command setUnitTrait. I was trying to do that, testing sight ranges, and as seen in the video and the repro mission REALLY there are magic spots where the enemy sees you without reason. Maybe it's a problem with geometries, not the AI itself. If the developers could expose some harcoded AI features there would be possible to do a lot of interesting stuff to make corrections: - Manage the "Automatic combat/danger mode". - Manipulate the "KnowsAbout" level. - Other kind of AI levels.