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  1. Hi Guys, I created my own faction with Alive Orbat using a British faction as a base. The problem is my new faction has a completely different theme and I am getting black people in my squads which isn't realistic. I have tried changing : identityTypes[] = { "Head_Euro" , "LanguageENGB_F" , "G_Euro_default" }; in the autogen as well as swapping "euro" with "white" The game doesn't change at all and I still get squads with black members. How to change please ? !
  2. I tried this mod and other weapons sway ones but whenever you go prone and try to reload your character will freeze unable to move , shoot or complete any other action. Is there a work around for this?? It seems to just be with marksmen weapons.
  3. My character will freeze when prone using the Marksmen DLC weapons. I am aware this is caused by a weapon sway mod however there is no issue with any of the other weapons. Why is this happening and could you please fix it so I can this game I want to with my new weapons. Please fix!
  4. kingy10kingy

    What The Hell Have You Done BI??

    According to this game a professional soldier can not run for 30 seconds and hold a rifle steady. It just makes no sense and is totally unrealistic. Its like the soldier is having an epileptic fit and aiming is actually impossible. What are you thinking with this update? it was bad before but to make it 100x worse?? brainless just brainless... I'm not even a trained soldier but I can run a mile with a rifle and still have a steady aim . I certainly wouldn't be pointing my weapon at the sky and then at the ground in a schizophrenic fashion after a few steps....
  5. Manged to get the script to work eventually thanks all. On another note , I have been getting this gamebreaking issue with ai friendly soldiers being stuck to the ground unable to move and will not follow orders. I know they are physically stuck because when I team switch they can not move , spinning is ok and so is shooting. Anyone else getting this??????
  6. kingy10kingy

    AI Soldiers Feet Stuck To Ground Unable To Move

    Can no-one help me with this ? Is anyone else having this issues its gamebreaking for me.
  7. I have encountered this everytime i play. My AI teammates will suddenly stop and not obey orders at all. When i teamswitch to them , I am unable to move at all for around 20 second before working again. Unfortunately switching back to my main soldier doesn't correct the issue. Shooting is fine when frozen as is spinning around but no left foot right foot. Why is this happening??
  8. This is the first version i downloaded so their wouldn't be any older versions. I really have no idea why they are still spawning :/ Any other ideas?
  9. // CARS tpw_car_active = 0; // 0 = inactive tpw_car_delay = 10; // delay before cars start spawning (sec) tpw_car_waypoints = 15; // How many waypoints to give each car tpw_car_num = 0; // Max number of cars to spawn around player. 0 = ambient cars disabled tpw_car_radius = 1000; // radius (m) around player to check for roads and spawn cars I've changed some parameters but they still spawn. I've even tried removing the car script same result. Instead of an exclusion zone i would much prefer to just switch the cars off.
  10. is there a way to remove car spawns from this mod? it seems very odd to see a guy enjoying the country side and taking in the sites on a motorbike while there are rounds and rockets going off everywhere.
  11. kingy10kingy

    Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)

    Tried that but whenever I click on the red writing ingame i get the error SCRIPT VAS\open.sqf not found. It works fine in the test mission. I start a new mission on altis create an ammo box add in the initialising and description fields. Only get error.
  12. kingy10kingy

    Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)

    Love this mod , is there a way I can get it to work on Altis though???
  13. kingy10kingy

    Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)

    How can I get this working with the single player editor ???