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  1. ...but you can customize this weapons much better than in ArmA 2 (with flashlight, scopes...)!
  2. if possible, can we get this combine showcase mission from the E3 2012?
  3. Ghost0815

    Repair Script

    you can take a look into to the animation viewer... put a trigger on the map, On Act. condition : [] call BIS_fnc_animViewer and you can choice of a big number of animation.
  4. Ghost0815

    [Dev Build] Using the UAV?

    this is not correct, you can also take over "empty UAVs/UGVs!
  5. we playing something simular since 2009 - 2012 on Charlie Foxtrot (www.cfarma2.com) and since 2012 on ArmA Wargames (http://arma-wargames.com)...
  6. when i take a look on the vehicle list from http://www.arma3.com/launch-countdown .... i don`t see any fixwing aircrafts! Is the list fixed or will we get some fighter/bomber later with the SP-Campaign-DLCs?
  7. thanks, i hope you bring also some scripting for MP and the split between client and server...
  8. is it possible that toy need respawn_guerrila not respawn_independent https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Respawn
  9. Ghost0815

    Bohemia Interactive @ E3 2013 - DISCUSSION

    is it possible to get the shoot house showcase for ArmA 3 ALPHA or BETA?
  10. Gameplay Can we get more than two (three) sides on the multiplay mission, maybe Blue, Red, Independent, Rebels? in our missions, the Independent slots are taken from Admins to overlook the mission, so we don`t have three parties in action.
  11. Ghost0815

    PVP heaven..for now

    Charlie Foxtrot was gone into ArmA WargameS at the begin of Jan. 2012 (http://arma-wargames.com/) and we still play every sunday from 1800-2100 GMT TvT with around 80 ppl. on the server. Training session during the week, of course! Next Campaign 6 will come soon (AW-5 ends last sunday) --> Join us here TS-IP: Password: echo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ajFhEWuGF4&feature=player_embedded Videos from the last Battle 8 of AW-5: