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  1. Tony_Larsen

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    I have, and obviously it didn't make the voices render in surround. :) All I noticed was an increase in general volume and an increase of the proximity effect for the voices coming from behind, effectively making them seem centered in a 5.1 setup. So from my perspective it seems I'll stick to mono to surround for now, even though it's not supposed to work that way... Forgive me, but again, I have wonder why no mono tu surround support? Like I said it has been working well in Arma 2, and in my opinion was a trademark of ACRE in the past. Also, if we're to believe Lord Jarhead's JSRS Dragonfyre poll, we are talking of about 30% of the Arma audience (or at least his audience which, granted, might include more audiophiles, but still)... If I have the opportunity with my community I'll do some tests with older versions, because I'm not sure of my memory anymore about certain aspects of this topic. :confused:
  2. Tony_Larsen

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Since the subject is on the table, I was wondering : why Task Force Radio does not support surround sound (anymore?)? I too had the feeling something went wrong with 0.9.6, and when I looked it up I saw a message from nkey in october saying TFAR did not support surround... I have been in mono to surround since Arma 2 and ACRE, and it was working perfectly. Now, direct voice spatialisation has always been my biggest gripe with TFAR, but I have the feeling that since one of those recent updates it got worse and that's what actually made me stop to analyze it further, and now I wonder if it is possible that TFAR could have been working in surround in the past? Currently, in immersive ambient surround sound, all the voices come from the front left and right channels, maybe it was always like that but then maybe the old filters were better in such environment?
  3. Tony_Larsen

    A2 Island Lighting Fixes

    Yes, I can confirm that. Tested on my end (with Reyhard's fix mod too) all artificial lights seem to be back to their original "too bright for Arma 3 engine" profiles, as I recall this was a problem when first importing the Arma 2 maps. Otherwise the color palette during the day is perfect. :)
  4. Ah, thanks a lot. :) I haven't been able to see anything in the "Keybindings" section of CBA (map?) recently, but that is indeed the default combination. Now if only there was a way to default the STHUD mode to "Off"...
  5. Well, the ST Name Tags seems to be the smoothest solution for that purpose so far (compared to A3C Name Tags and AGM's). Only problem for me is the ST HUD requirement, I really don't want it nor need it... :/ Is there a way to hide the actual HUD element from ST HUD? I see people referring to a user menu, but I haven't found one in game...
  6. Hi Tophe, thank you for the update. :) In the changelog is stated : "Updated difficulty settings to reflect current version", however the differenciation between friendly and enemy skill and precision is still present while I thought that was obsolete in Arma 3 according to this post (if it has indeed been implemented in the main branch since then). Would you have more information on this subject?
  7. Tony_Larsen

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Thank you sir, looking forward to it. :)
  8. Tony_Larsen

    MRB - ArmA 3 - Kartinator

    It is not up to you or me to say how many like or don't like their strategy. The devs will gather the data, be it feedback or sales figures. All I'm saying is things like this mod are valid data as well, and that yes, the kart DLC seems to be comparable enough to the upcoming DLC to base our feedback on it. Yes, this is a miniature version of what the upcoming DLCs will be but the concept behind it is the same, assets and scenarios revolving around one idea : karts, helicopters or snipers. That justifies calling them DLC with assets in small pieces in opposition to a full-fledged faction for example, which would have its vehicles and helicopters and specialised weapons such as snipers.
  9. Tony_Larsen

    MRB - ArmA 3 - Kartinator

    So isn't it the perfect DLC to show them we don't like this method? They want feedback, they get feedback. They want to see how it will play out, this kind of move and people not wanting to buy in is a good way to show them. This, is the entire point of this little DLC.
  10. Tony_Larsen

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Hey nkey, so I saw with the latest update you added TF_give_personal_radio_to_regular_soldier = 0; to the user config for server side configuration, we are grateful for that and in fact, more of this type of server side configuration would be very useful for private communities. I was wondering if we could use other commands usually used in mission inits, particularly tf_same_sw_frequencies_for_side=true;. I tried adding this line in the class task_force_radio_settings {} on the server user config of the last version but it didn't seem to work, so I thought it might be possible but a problem of syntax on my end maybe? If it is not possible, would you consider adding this kind of level of customisation for server admins? In the interest of being as neutral as possible in terms of mission design regarding mods and the future. :) Also, but I suppose this has been pointed out before, some form of documentation in the user config with commented values should be important in my opinion.
  11. Amenâ„¢ to that. I really think BIS suffers from a lack of proper leadership and I often wish in times like these they would listen to important figures of the community like yourself, hoping it would wake them up. But it never seems to happen. Like you said, commercial competition is what would shake things up. Anyway, many thanks for your hard work shay_gman.
  12. Tony_Larsen

    Live feed control (LFC)

    Great job! I dreamed of this, but for a different application : security camera live feed on in-game monitors with destructible camera objects for PvP infiltration missions... :D I hope it goes further in that direction! But the possibilities for a commander already make this really awesome.
  13. Tony_Larsen

    arma3.swec.se is up and gathering statistics

    edit : apparently our server is now showing up again on arma3.swec.se, so all is good now. Thanks a lot! :)
  14. Tony_Larsen

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I think the real problem with that FIA side thing is that they are still stuck with a side based conflict - with all that "BLUFOR" and "OPFOR" nonsense - instead of having a factions based conflict with a direct and simple way to determine a faction's allies and enemies in the editor...
  15. Tony_Larsen

    arma3.swec.se is up and gathering statistics

    Hey zyklone, your stats gatherer has indeed been useful for our ArmA 2 community, so we thank you for that. However, our ArmA 3 server does not seem to appear anymore in arma3.swec.se. I found traces of it from when we were trying out the Alpha, but nothing else after that. Any idea why? We now run both ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 servers at all times, so they have different ports... Our AmrA 2 server still shows up in arma2.swec.se though.