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  1. Hello, the last update ruined the game experience completly, the disadvantage for people who play King of the Hill and are not playing with premates is now incredible big. The AA has to lock on again everytime one rocket was shot, the rockets hit even less than before, the new radar is not showing the right symbols and you cant see shit on it. The Tanks got no rangefinder? You cant lock on to enemy tanks? Where is the sense? Why do you downgrade the game? Why is the Minimap now on the otherside of the screen while driving a normal tank? Why cant you move it? What the hell is going on with the camera while flying chopper in 3rd person?? why cant you leave it as it was, now you need VR and a Headtracker to fly proper? Im angry and slowly but surely im losing the believe in this game and the dev's. Explanation would be great
  2. why do you even answer when i am talking about KOTH all postlong? Koth / Wasteland got a massiv community and every update the issues in those mods get worse. and if you need to answer again give your best. AA = 3 Hits wipeout and buzzard. end of the story
  3. Dude i got 2k Hours in Koth, im over level 160 this game was my life, i know what i am talking about, it takes 3 Hits to destroy a Wipeout in Koth Vanilla. end of the story and you are not qualified to answer i guess. you can move on
  4. Im talking about APC and MBT's where you cant press T anymore to lock on to enemy tanks or cars or landed choppers etc. If this game would be more realistic 1 single AA misile hit would blast a Jet and before this update it was at least a fair fight between air and ground and ofc a good jet pilot with a A10 for example allways won but now... you need like 3 AA-Tanks to be able to fight on Buzzard
  5. you are right there should be a option to change it... in Koth its a big disadvantage. if you are using armed Pawnees and stuff its awsome but for transport purposes its cancer
  6. So the new update is to give the tanks more disadvantage? Before the update it was hard to hit with AA rockets. Now its allmost impossible? Im using every MBT and APC and there is no Rangefinder and not Lock on anymore and no its not my settings
  7. In koth the radar is not working proper anymore, when i am on blue sight and want to join a dogfight in jets for example and the enemy team is using a Wipeout i cant lock on to him. I know that the Wipeout usualy is a Bluefor jet, before 1.68 there was no problem with the radar and the lock on but after that i cant get a lock on or the right radar symbol. R and T not working The Cheetah radar is not working in any way, and R and T as well are bugged. 8/10 Times nothing is working.
  8. rasmus

    Radar bug after 1.68 Update

    where can i do that?
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    Hello, i still got the Zoombug on every vehicle and every scope with zoomoptions, even the titanlauchners dont zoom in properly. I thought 1.68 will fix it but it didnt, my friends also got this problem 10 out of 10 players. Most problems are with the LRPS, AMS, Titanlaunchers and tanks. Sometimes also with the DMS, we need to press 20 times on the zoomin button ( + ) and it may work, often it simply stays in the first some or just doenst work. We play Koth and this is bothering us for a pretty long time now without anything that helped. Are there any solutions? Mfg
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    ok thx @alexbu maybe i try to conntact the samatra guys
  11. Hello, since the last Update that is realy fresh and gives the game more stability and realy nice jet sounds, i recogniced one problem. I was playing on a official Koth-Server EU#2, all jets in the air were shown all the time as friendly jets and i was 90% of the time unable to lock on to them in a Tigris Even if i was in a Team the map showed them as friendly jet and even after locking them on manualy with T they still were shown as friendly on the map and on the small radar on the top of the screen. Thats realy frustrating and you lose some serious amount of money. just wanted to tell you this issue, thx
  12. def's the radar is not showing any jets.. .what are those bugs ffs
  13. Hi, today the 1.68 was released and is on stabil. But my question is, what kind of + gives brings 64 Bit Version, i cant find any improvement. FPS is the same. Thx for the answers
  14. Hello, so there is this big 3 FPS issue. All my Friends arround the World got this Problem since the last big "Update". In one of the Posts on this Hub a Developer gave some Solutions, nothing worked out for me, also he said that a "few" of us got this Problem which is not true. In my opinion most of the gamers or at least half of all gamers got some hugh problems with the Game since the 1.66 Update. Is there any Information what the Dev is doing or how the progress on this Problem is? The Newest Problem i got is that the Game is crashing and the "Arma3.exe" is still running on constant Ram in my Taskmanager, when this happens i get no Bugreport or anything that i can send towards Bohemia.
  15. rasmus

    Official addons

    Yes, you can see it in the roadmap. https://arma3.com/news/arma-3-roadmap-2016-17#.WMsaW281-Uk
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    "3FPS Issue" - Call for Help

    this bug happens to me when a lot of smoke appears. Just saying. If i were bohemia i would roleback to the 1.65 version of the game. Its not only this annoying 3-6 FPs bug. its also that rocketlaunchers and locking on to enemy tanks or choppers or jets is not working anymore like it worked before. In Koth my launchers are losing their target even if the pawnee or jet is clearly visible. I have to reload my launcher or sometimes i need to take my Maingun and than switch back to the launcher to get the target locked. I got the feeling that every "update" is more like causing problems than solving them.
  17. rasmus

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Its a problem in general this has nothing to do with mods or modding i think. the first few times this "3FPS Bug" happend to me i realised that it just happened when smoke appeared like from Pawnees shooting rockets or Kajman using their Rocketpots. After the first 20 Times or more it happend randomly.
  18. rasmus

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    i also opened a topic in the troubleshooting area of steam, there the resonance is even bigger. Dev's fix this bug pls. I cant play Koth or Singleplayer without a crash every 60 Minuts or so.
  19. rasmus

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Sorry, i have no idea how to delete this "Quotes". So this is what i was getting as answer to my Bugreport with Loc. Hello,please try clean reinstallation of Arma 3:1. Uninstall the game. 2. Make a backup of Arma 3 folder in Documents.3. Delete both Arma 3 folders in Documents and Steam:\Users\*YOUR USERNAME*\Documents\Arma 3\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 34. Reboot your PC.5. Run Steam as Admin, download the game.6. Try to run Arma 3 (without mods).This should fix your issue.Best regards,Dominik FlanderaBohemia Interactive Allready did that, did not work, never played Arma 3 with when the 3 FPS bug appears as long as "koth" vanilla is no mod in the traditional way. Best regards,