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  1. You're right making it more stiff wouldn't fix that(if anything might make it worse). I guess it just doesn't compensate/absorb enough of the movement when going over rough terrain, which I would imagine is the whole point of such a suspension system on RL tanks. Yeah I noticed that strip on the airfield was an issue for me as well. Going full speed over it would bring me to an almost complete stop before even getting over it.
  2. While I usually rarely make use of vanilla content, I played around with both for quite a bit to see the differences and I have to say im very impressed overall. The handling feels much more believable and weighty, though at full speed it still feels a bit too maneuverable. Turning while moving or standing still just feels right to me and it doesnt seem to lose as much speed as it did before when you turn. While the new sound samples are much better than the previous ones, they still very much lacks that raw powerful feeling you get from such a huge engine and turbo roaring. Especially the turbo part which still to be completely missing. Clacking sounds are nice as well though feel a bit too slow when at full speed on a paved road and in 1st person you can't hear them at all at any speed. Sound also fades away very quickly. couldn't have been more than 50m away and it was barely audible which just seems very odd(both a stationary tank with its engine on and a Ai driving by at full speed). New suspension is a much needed improvement. being able to traverse over a number of things without losing all your speed or getting stuck 90% of the time is very nice(though it is still very clear that if the actual body of the tank touches anything before the track get to it the whole thing comes to a complete standstill). At higher speeds on bumpy roads or off-road in 1st person it does seem like the suspension is too soft with your view constantly bobbing up and down(though this could be due to that awful, single slot, narrow FoV, driver view..) But other than that all seemed good. Another kinda odd thing was how fast the actual wheels turned. This might just be the way it looks but at slow speeds it seems like there is a very distinct speed difference between the track and the actual wheels inside it. Wheels are turning way too fast for how fast the tank and tracks seem to be moving. And speeding slow speeds, when you try to climb a hill at a slow speed (Q speed or even W speed) the engine sounds as if its idling instead of roaring in low gear. If you apply the turbo(E speed) thats when the sound kicks in and things sounds as they should. Ai drivers are still.. very sketchy.. randomly going offroad for no reason, swerving back and forth on a straight road, getting stuck behind buildings and other objects, unable to hold or even get into formations. it's just a mess thats all over the place. At least you now have Direct control now are a commander.
  3. chompster

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Stunning quality as always, great work. Is the shemagh a seperate mod?
  4. chompster

    Are vehicles supposed to be realistic too?

    Its not, but it's become the myth/stereotype in video games. If it were on a scale from unrealistic to realistic it'd be(according to the internet) CoD --- Squad/BF --- Arma. When in reality, aside from the ballistics and advanced helicopters, Arma has very little realism going for it. Authentic is probably as close as you're gonna get really.. Of all those things, I really hope they can get rid of the Air 2 Ground thing, and make it Air 2 Sea so the Ai can fucking fly properly FFS.
  5. Yeah from the start I hated the insta-grenade action. I really really wish they would put more things into the players hands. Get rid of as much of this menu crap as possible and make it a key so you have to physically hold it in your hands to use.
  6. chompster

    Lost the ArmA 3 hype

    He.. literally did in that post.. The Ai is simply never going to feel natural for as long as they use the same set of animations that we, the players, use. They simply cannot make efficient use of the movement like players do(strafing, moving backward etc). They are always going to come over incredibly robotic.
  7. chompster

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Aside from a bunch of the things mentioned above,
  8. chompster

    APEX - what about ships?

    Just wann jump in real quick and point out that those AKs you're praising Bi so much for, are(aside from the AK12) from Dayz. Same with the RPG and the M249. They didn't make those(well technically Dayz team is still Bi... just not arma Bi).
  9. chompster

    Will you keep buying ArmA games?

    Highly depends on if Bi decides to continue on the path with this pseudo sci-fi/futuristic mismatch copy past nonsense. If they do, then it's a definite no. If they don't, well then it depends on what they do.. Squad. While it may not give you the freedom of mission making, it beats Arma hands down in actual combat gameplay(just infantry atm, eventually combined arms) and authenticity.
  10. Probably because arma isn't actually a very realistic game? But it's just become such a thing people think that that's what everyone just says. When you really think about it there really isn't a whole lot that that's very, if at all, realistic about arma. The things you mentioned are but 2 of many examples, one being a technical limitations(the scopes) that with the current engine(or probably any due to the size of the maps) are never going to change. While the grenade thing is a complete mystery as to why they chose to go about it in such an infuriatingly unrealistic, dangerous and arcadey way. In the end, it was billed as a "Military shooter" which is about as vague as you can get as pretty much every shooter out there could be classified as a "Military shooter"(CoD, BF, RO, etc) so that really doesn't say much. Only things I can really think of that I'd actually consider realistic in arma is it's ballistic system and advanced flight model(for helicopters only mind you..) Other than that there really isn't anything realistic.
  11. chompster

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    @Dreip Just change it in your own settings. Don't see why this needs to be changed to default, especially since so many people are already used to it on Ctrl(or X apparently)
  12. chompster

    Apex Weapon Feedback

    They've had it since the very release, before any major(if any) engine modifications. It was still the RV engine at that point so it is possible if work gets put into it(which i said i doubt would happen in my previous post..) And you would think a tactical shooter such as arma which puts realism slightly higher than most other shooters, properly depicting weapons would be relevant to their needs. Yes games take quite some time to make, surprise. Especially when you work with outdated and limited engines such as the RV engine and then have to rework a lot of it(which the progress of has clearly been shown with the 0.60 update. Going from 15-20fps in cities to 80-90fps!)
  13. chompster

    Apex Weapon Feedback

    I really wish they would change this. To me, the regular MX rifle looks absolutely terrible. The MX SW looks like a much more plausible future rifle setup, but I hate the way the casket mag looks in it. I really, really wish they would change the engine to allow this change. I know people hate the comparison, but the Dayz devs had it in from the very start, so it's definitely possible within the engine. Like Bek said though, it probably needs to be seen as a higher priority which i highly doubt it will ever be..
  14. chompster

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I'm still 100% of the opinion that the Ai simply needs more animations. It's beyond clear that the Ai simple is utterly incapable of functioning properly with the same controls that players have. It's why they look like robots/turrets because they can't utilize strafing/sidestepping properly or peeking around corners, instead they stand still and just 360 around or slowly slither around corners like snakes. heck they can't even make use of combat stances(as far as I'm aware) They need to make more Ai specific animation for pretty much everything, especially taking cover. It would be by no means an easy undertaking and thats probably why we haven't/will never see it happen, but I firmly believe that as long as the Ai is bound to the same animations that we are, they will never truly advance or feel like a competent force. And this is besides all the other issues that plague Ai, like how when they use air vehicles they use ground height instead of sea level which ends up with them constantly bobbing up and down which is incredibly annoying. And the obvious, which is their inability to make proper use of vehicles(apparently they're working on this? Don't have high hopes but at least that means I'll be happily surprised when I'm wrong)
  15. I believe it was AGM that at some point added the feature that vehicles don't unrealistically blow up after being shot or rammed like it does in vanilla Arma. And even if it wasn't, is this something that might ever make it in?