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  1. This looks really good. I had the same idea but BattlEye kept kicking the Zeus host whenever he tried to do anything creative. How do you get around that with your mission?
  2. There is an entire guide to setting up a dedicated server that explains all this right next to this topic in the forum. I also suggest you direct your most basic computer knowledge questions to google.
  3. If there is no requirement for client binaries that simplifies testing for me since I don't need players to download anything. Would I be able to participate in this performance testing? I think the last time I helped BIS with testing was when Suma switched OFP over from Directplay to their own netcode but I shouldn't be too rusty :) How can I access the 1.32 binaries?
  4. To clarify you need both experimental server and client for this to work? So if I switch my server over to performance binaries people cannot connect without it? Also is access still via beta opt-in + passwords that you give out for a short test duration or is there some long-term stable builds we can use that might be compatible with normal steam stable branch that players have?
  5. Thank you for this, this is great. I wonder if I could adapt it to work with addAction and allow players to steal enemy uniforms in a mission. The way you've done it allows for it to be an option for any enemy unit which opens up some interesting mission possibilities for coop.
  6. Thanks, when yous say uniforms are working do you just mean these are the ones that are finished in this release of the Alpha? The reason I ask is I haven't found a way to change uniform at the ammo box.
  7. Wearing clothes

    So dissecting what is happening there does that mean when you drop them on the ground they become "public" ie visible to all on the server and therefore usable? Is there a way to do this with scripting?
  8. Hi All, I have been working on a script for a mission to allow a player to kill an enemy and steal his clothes. ;Uniform steal action by adamjm _deadguy = _this select 0 _caller = _this select 1 _id = _this select 2 ;Get uniform of dead soldier _clothes = uniform _deadguy ;remove whatever player are wearing first ~(random 0.3) ;remove existing uniform removeUniform _caller ;remove headgear too - only works after uniform ~(random 0.3) removeAllAssignedItems _caller ~(random 0.3) ;remove webbing / cargo containers as well - optional ;removeAllContainers _caller ~(random 0.3) ;add dead person uniform _caller addUniform _clothes ~(random 0.3) ;remove clothes from deadguy so it doesn't look like you magically cloned his clothes removeUniform _deadguy ;remove action _deadguy removeAction _id titletext ["You have changed clothes","plain"]; exit Please see youtube demonstration of where I am at and the issue I've encountered. For some reason you can steal their clothes when they are alive, but if you shoot them first (as you would in a mission) you cannot. It seems to me that when a unit is dead it is no longer wearing that uniform name, so the script can't use it anymore. The unit name still can be used because you can still remove their clothes. It is really weird. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. Unable to wear enemy uniform?

    You can do it through scripting. It appears to block you through the UI ingame. And I agree with BIS on their reasons, it would introduce some very complex issues.
  10. Yes. Here is how, you will need a tool to unpack PBOs. 1. Go to Arma3\Addons 2. Unpack or open missions_f.pbo 3. Export / extract mpscenarios and showcases to a folder of your choice. 4. Move the .stratis directories and their contents to your player profile missions folder \User\Arma 3 Alpha\missions 5. Load in editor.
  11. Having a look at the new Arma 3 scripting commands I have been trying to discover the same thing. The commands I have found that appear relevant are: addHeadgear addItem addVest and this one - assignItem Assigns existing item from inventory (uniform, vest, backpack) to a correct slot. I haven't figured them out yet if anyone does let us know.
  12. Wearing clothes

    I have had problems with this also. In testing I had limited success when I would walk away from the crate and then remove camo I was wearing first. But then the clothes in the crate would still show red when I tried to drag them across. I'm looking for a script alternative now.
  13. Multiplayer Framework

    Are these functions to do things like prevent scripts executing once for each client and causing lag and such? Is this like the old game logic global form OFP?
  14. We need this to be optimized.

    The game is running extremely well and will only get better from here. I thought I was being a little bit ambitious when the first thing I did in game was crank the settings up to ultra. Nope, it ran smooth as butter. This game is fluid and I think like Arma 2 there will just need to be tweaks discovered to get it running smooth on individual systems. That will take time.
  15. That is nothing compared to the fish that I saw swim onto the land and through the grass.