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  1. Due to a request today we shall have two updates! Christmas Pack updated to Version v0.64 ! A HUGE thanks to Aplion for helping us outweigh the waves of errors that we came against! Many weeks we had battled the make the hat attach to head situation but only after a lot of help were we able to overcome the difficulties. THANKS!!!
  2. Christmas Pack updated to Version v0.62 . Part of the update is due to cool feedback ideas! Suggestions and feedback is always welcome along with steam views, likes and favorites! We are trying to run fast while being super careful at the same time so please report any possible missed glitches 🏃‍♂️
  3. Hey guys have been trying to make a hat stick to a units head for quite some time with zero results. It is weird since I have used supposedly working samples. Here is the error: Once the hat finally reaches the guys head it will be ready. My model.cfg: The config.cpp: And the file as a whole: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3x9j5i4lu8k0mm4/Christmas_Wearables.rar?dl=0 I know I might have to increase the size a bit but that is doable. Tha attach to head thing seems undoable
  4. Emergency update has been applied after reports of textures not working. As compensation part of the weekly update has been released earlier. Many thanks to the people providing feedback while cool ideas too 👍
  5. Thought it worked but in other computers it does not. I am using simple .paa textures via the object builder. Via the object builder I press E and I add the texture to the different components. But when turning it into a .pbo and opening it in the editor it says [path].paa not found. How can I make the game locate the custom .paa file ??? Any help is appreciated because the addon has already been released and the issue persists!!! Thankfully feedback was provided but I cannot seem to find a way to fix it. Tried changing the path to the SockWhite.paa file to the P drive or to the addon folder but nothing works. The textures are in the .pbo file but their path is not recongized.
  6. JohnKalo

    [FIXED]Adding custom .paa textures

    Erased the hiddenSelections since it doesn't really do anything Went to the object builder and made the path for textures as P: via the options. Changed the name of the texture to: Christmas_Socks\textures\socktree.paa Still does not work !!!
  7. JohnKalo

    [FIXED]Adding custom .paa textures

    Config.cpp class CfgPatches { class Snow_static { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {}; author = "GreekEditor"; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class Static; class Christmas_Sock_Tree : Static { scope = 2; model = "\Christmas_Socks\objects\SockTree.p3d"; displayName = "Christmas Sock Tree"; faction = "Empty"; vehicleClass = "Small_Items"; picture="\Christmas_Socks\icons\Pinguin.paa"; icon="\Christmas_Socks\icons\Pinguin.paa"; descriptionShort="Christmas Sock Tree"; hiddenSelections[] = {"one","two"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\Christmas_Socks\Textures\SockWhite.paa", "\Christmas_Socks\Textures\SockTree.paa", }; }; }; In the object builder I have tried multiple paths to the texture and nothing worked!!
  8. This should help 👍 Since once you find the stance of the unit you can set the unit to that stance https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setUnitPos
  9. Addon updated and released on steam ! If you could please please please visit the steam link, like and subscribe! It would be super useful since more people would be able to see the Christmas addon !!!
  10. The below should help 👍 https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/173375-trigger-condition-if-a-sector-is-captured-by-a-faction/?do=findComment&comment=2928039
  11. The sleep command cannot work in triggers. It works only in scripts. Yes the 1 means wait 1 second before continuing the script. NameofUnit setDir 45; // will set unit1 to face North-East Also if the waypoints dont work cause .... Arma 3 .... maybe this will help: NameOfUnit doMove (getPosATL NameOfObject1);
  12. Just to clarify I have not got sector control missions that work. Seems it is a bug so you have to report the bug to Bohemia Interactive.
  13. Maybe by placing a trigger that will activate via Radio Alpha for example that will reactivate the modules. Either the initial modules or same modules in the same place but different ones. Save then Load call the action via Radio and you can see what happens. If needed you can have multiple radio actions that do the same thing for each time you load. As an experiment to see if the modules are still there after the save-load function.
  14. A solution would be to attach an object like an invisible helipad or a Helper that is hidden on the tower. Then just use: sleep 1; //so as for the tower to get into position NameOfUnit setpos (getposATL NameOfHelper); or sleep 1; //so as for the tower to get into position NameOfUnit attachTo [NameOfHelper, [0.0, 0.0, 0.0]]; detach NameOfUnit; or directly sleep 1; //so as for the tower to get into position NameOfUnit attachTo [T1, [0.0, 0.0, NeededHeight]]; detach NameOfUnit;
  15. Only thing I can think of is to download a sector mission and see if they do something differently. Or does the warlord vanilla Arma 3 not suit you?
  16. JohnKalo

    Quick question

    The .pbo will not be in the documents folder but in the game directory. In the missions or mpmissions folder. In the documents only the .sqf format exists. Since you have the game on your laptop however I don't understand why the missions are deleted. You have to contact their support. 60-120 FPS is awesome by the way!
  17. Did some research and maybe you can enableSimulation true the sector modules? Saw that in a post.
  18. The show video for the loading bar is possible. You just have to play a video with a trigger. Have not got the code right now but if you need it I should be able to access it. The code is simple and based on this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_playVideo also the video cannot be skipped. Be careful however because while the video plays the players exist or they don't if you use tricks.
  19. JohnKalo

    Quick question

    Out of curiosity how many FPS does Nvidia's GeForce Now program gives to Arma? Apart from that the missions you make in the editor are saved in the Documents folder of your pc. Those are .sqf and all the editing is done there. Once you are done with the mission you export it in a .pbo format. So if you can access the Arma 3 document Missions folder then all is good. There you create the scripts and all.
  20. You could even attach an invisible helipad to the guy and then erase it so as to stop the say3D. That is since the helipad is speaking.
  21. The trigger condition can also have an: NameOfUnit in units group player so as for the trigger not to fire if the units are not in the players squad.
  22. Oh because it said the link below and I thought you meant in the forums 😂 Sounds cool!
  23. And about as same as the above: [_unitOne, _unitTwo] joinSilent (group player); or [_unitOne, _unitTwo] joinSilent player; since you want secondary objectives so each unit can join separately. And for the condition a simple: NameOfUnit distance NameOfPlayer < 10; that will activate a nice hold action feature:
  24. There is no discord channel link. And you can just copy paste the code here. There is a code tab next to the happy face when you make a new post. Apart from that it seems cool. Any non mod new nice feature is great 👌
  25. JohnKalo

    Custom Support Trigger Activation

    Well on the trigger Activation (that is under the Type section) >> Radio Alpha (or whatever name you want)>> condition true (or whatever the condition is) >> on the on activation field: NameOfObject hideObjectGlobal false; and to hide them you click on the unit and you uncheck the Show Model option. Not sure of the exact phrase it has.