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  1. still working on a solution. but the reason youre encountering problems with "screentoworld" is the horizon. if theres no terrain to project the coordinates on it doesnt return proper values
  2. sounds like a cool concept, best of luck! dont add the menu to the scroll wheel if you dont have to. this seems something much more suited to using the inventory screen. this is all extremely untested, just spitballing.. but in theory https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#InventoryOpened use inventory Opened EH. player opens vanilla inventory when inventory is open find the inventory display and controls get mouse right click if mouse right clicks on an applicable weapon, create a small drop down menu over the mouse click position player then selects "Modify Weapon" from the drop down tab your custom modification UI is overlayed over the vanilla inventory screen options for the selected weapon pop up player modifies weapon player closes your custom modification UI and the vanilla inventory screen is revealed underneath player closes vanilla inventory
  3. if memory serves the captured enemy units already do this. if youre wanting to transfer it over to civilians, I would start there, because the animating of them doesnt interfere with ACE or any other function.
  4. to make sure im understanding this correctly you want to place something on the players mouse position, but projected, for example, 2 meters in front of the players face? floating in mid air?
  5. j0nes

    Teleport Module with Trigger

    Type: None Activation: Any Player Activation Condition: Present Condition: this On Activation: yourZombieModuleName setPos (thisTrigger call BIS_fnc_randomPosTrigger); untested. let me know if it works! this should put the module at a randomly selected location within the boundaries of your trigger. welcome to A3 scripting! and remember. good code is 90% other peoples code
  6. j0nes

    Project True Viking

    Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support this early in the project, and we hope to continue inspiring the same support as we more forward! From the vehicle department Im pleased to be able to release a small WIP of an upcoming asset. This is a capture of the completed mid-poly model. Not optimized for in-game use, but with enough detailing to split into the low-poly and high-poly models needed to bring you the same high fidelity assets that you've now no doubt come to expect! While work on both the high and low poly iterations have progressed substantially, they aren't quite ready for debut. The military designation for this vehicle is yet to be determined, so for now it will remain nameless. However, we are planning on having several variants, each with unique offerings to gameplay and lore. More details on these will be released as their corresponding modules are completed, but with recent improvements to multiple aspects of Arma 3, it should allow groups and individuals of multiple play-styles to make the most of this family of vehicles.
  7. I am proud to release the stand alone LHD from the ATLAS total modification from the MANW contest. While the rest of the mod has yet to go public, this part of the mod is something that we feel could be useful to some of the naval units out there. while it is not drivable, it does contain a large walkable interior as well as a functioning well deck. I hope to continue making improvements on the model and the useability of this ship, just know that updates may be few and far between. the ship spawns with CIWS mounted on it, if you would like to disable the spawning of these, use the variable ATLAS_Official = true; http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/572275839984381482/0B17C671E7EC60D7F0E4CA6BF14CFCD13E7557CB/ (194 kB) here is a short video of some early weapon testing and download from dropbox below DOWNLOAD
  8. L2A4 and several variants to be disclosed at a later date :)
  9. @Rossmore its been so long since someone asked about vehicles, im honored to answer this. Though its changed a couple of times, the current versions are set as CV9030s on the MkII chassis. Weve taken some cues from the norwegian cv9030s, and ours will be designated as CV9030AST to meet our specifications. Aside from the standard variant, we are also planning one with a 12.7mm RWS mounted on the main turret.
  10. this might sound stupid, but just thought id check. when you load in game, have you checked in the config viewer to make sure that the config of the superhornet actually reflects the 500,500,500 values youve put into it, and that for some reason its not still using the default values?
  11. from the Test_Heli_01 sample model in the BIS tools this will do some of the simulation work for you, however, a good portion of the handling of any vehicle is also done through the weight distribution in the geometry of the model itself.
  12. check out the config for any of the helicopters in A2 or A3 with twin forward fixed miniguns, like the littlebird.
  13. I was fooling around with this a couple of months ago. although i never was able to complete it. this would be a script added to whatever unit(s) you wanted this to work on, as far as im aware, theres no built in model config or config.cpp support for it 1. add WeaponDeployed eventhandler to unit 2. make sure the unit has a bipod (either attachment or integrated), because the eventhandler will trigger when the weapon is "rested" without a bipod as well 3. switch hand to new gesture
  14. as far as changing the default NVG, i dont think theres any way to change the color. BIS offers several vision modes, but other than NVG they are all various thermal vision types, which wouldnt be what you wanted. I would have a look here, https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Post_process_effects#ColorCorrections depending on how much experience you have you could make this via mod or script for him, and use color corrections to see if that would change the night vision color by compounding it with another color. I have no idea if this will work, its nothing ive ever tried before, but in theory it should. the easiest way would be to turn it into an mouse scroll action, "Red shift", "Blue shift", or whatever color you want to name it. and have your player trigger it manually when they need to, rather than linking it strictly to the night vision toggling. I hope this can give you the direction you were searching for!
  15. j0nes

    Trip Flare

    Id definitely go the route of modding. if you wanted to script it, you could either use the FiredNear or Explosion event handler I would think, let the trip mine trigger naturally, catch the damage and dont allow it, spawn projectile and launch it skywards. but then you still get the explosion effect and sound, so it would be very clunky. if you dont care if the player sees the actual tripwire model or not, could just use a map trigger and spawn the flare and launch it when they enter the area
  16. does anyone have a list of all the mine trigger config types, and how they simulate? the ones I've been able to find so far are RangeTriggerBounding RangeTriggerShort WireTrigger RangeTrigger TankTriggerMagnetic RemoteTrigger IRTrigger I know there are also different simulation types, which just compounds this. but the full trigger list and a brief description would be a good start
  17. looking at the ASRAD-R (third picture). Uses a missile system we already use, the RBS-70, and is more modular, requires less hull tampering, which will make it faster to build and transfer to other vehicles if we choose to do so.
  18. 10 May, 1945 AD The marines land on Portmark with their new armoured company equipped with Sherman, and Churchill tanks. They link up with the resistance and start to fight their way down to the capitol city of Sørvik.
  19. *WEEKLY WIP REPORT- Week of 5.1 - 5.8.2016 *World Building This week with help from our foreign consultant, Almazo, we’ve solidified names of cities for the island of Portmark. We’d like to thank Major Desync for joining us for a limited time as a third party developer to help continue the progression of Portmark towards completion. Check out some of his awesome terrain work here! We would also like to give a formal shoutout to Cyperevenge, who was the artist responsible for the initial creation of our island, check out his other wonderful work here. Thank you both! *Art The Galil SAR continues to move through its spit shine phase, as we prepare the models for in-game configuration and texturing. It’s a learning process for some members of the team, but after this first step, the rest of the weapons should progress much faster. Our resident lore junkie and game-world architect, Wildcatbridge65, has begun pulling real world structures into the 3d world as well as designing some completely custom buildings for our art team to convert into game-ready models when the time comes. We don’t have any to share with you this week, but we’re excited to have access to a talent that will allow us to bring several new custom structures into the Armaverse. In the past week, our friends over at Finmod have been hard at work modeling new assets for both teams. In the coming months we will be debuting two new soldier systems and the game mechanics that accompany them.
  20. 7 May, 1945 AD Germany surrenders along with their forces in Asteland before the allied liberation force sent to retake Asteland can arrive. Astelandic forces serving with other nations in Europe return home. When they return, they find that the Der Nordwind (The North Wind) SS battalion stationed on Portmark is refusing to surrender for fear of prosecution. The Asteland Marines volunteer to retake the island with the assistance of the Resistance on Portmark and the Royal Navy.
  21. 5 May, 2010 AD The southern, private airfield is completed and members of the surrounding community form the Portmark Flyklubb.
  22. 4 May, 1714 AD After seeing the performance of army detachments on navy ships, the admiralty decides to officially found the King’s own Marines on Portmark.
  23. *WEEKLY WIP REPORT- Week of 4.24 - 5.1.2016 *World Building This week we’ve completed the history of the island of Portmark, and moved on to the history of Asteland. Were releasing the timelines as ‘This Day in History’ posts, for a more fun, snippet way of presenting the information. Upon full release we will include a download for some bonus out of game content that will include these timelines, the ASTFOR soundtrack, and some other items. *Technical We’ve begun adding visual elements to our orbat, using ShipBucket guidelines. While we had some reservations about the somewhat retro style after so much work with cutting edge graphics, the team has begun to warm up to it. A nice sampling of vehicles have been added to our files, some of which we would like to share with you today. With these vehicles, we’ve developed our color palate guidelines for our vehicle camo in both desert and woodland. *Art The AG890 series has completed its modeling phase. The galil sar has begun preparation for texturing, and the 890 series will follow upon its completion, as they share many common parts. We have a new addition to our weapon accessories, the Aimpoint CS, and while we can’t show it to you quite yet, we can assure you it looks fantastic. As mentioned in last week’s WIP we have joined forces with Finmod, and we are already seeing the benefits. Both teams have begun to help each other and the quality of work is on the rise. The M2HB and HK GMG are among the first additions that will appear in the coming weeks. Not only will these be independant static weapons, but the gun cradles, mounting gear, and weapons themselves can be used on a number of the coming vehicles. This will speed up production later when we can draw from a large library of weapons, objects, and mountings that we are creating early on. *Admin The students in our group are preparing for final exams, and doing a wonderful job of balancing their real lives with the project. Keep up the great work, and good luck to all community members in the coming weeks who have exams!
  24. May, 425 AD Saxons looking for a northern passage above Scotland discover Portmark. They land on its southern shore and begin colonization.