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  1. That would be a negative, Arma 3 is said to not receive any BI developed content.
  2. HorribleGoat

    DCS in Arma 3

    Check out PMC tactical maps, theres few pretty huge ones that work for flying. Other than that, fly maps have problems with lack of ground detail (terrain engine limits) and coordinate precision caused lagging in big maps. Both which are why such maps are rarely made and why Arma is not really a flight sim. You can test what is possible with the PMC maps.
  3. Greetings! Id like to introduce a personal project of mine that I have wanted to start for a while now and finally today got around it. I call her the "Frankensteins Bride". This is my take on a female character base for Arma 3 since it is something still not officially available and something I wanted to hone my skills with. The model is pieced together with the aid of Arma 2 civilian female models (hence the name) and rigged on a scaled down Arma 3 skeleton combined with complete facial skeleton and from initial testing the rig seems to work quite well. The head is modified from the Arma 3 sample head with more feminine form and even with a rugged man face texture loaned and slightly modified from "m_white_15" texture it does look somewhat like a woman. The model is the same height that A2 women, about 166cm which is much shorter than the 180ish man characters in A3. --> So, my goal for this project is a working (and maybe even A2 animation compatible) character base that I can use in our mod projects and which upon the community could build on their own characters. Next step is to finish the body mesh, UV map and texture it properly and test it with A2 animations and if the animations work, they could ease a little the process of fully animating the character. Which brings us to the last step of the project, the animations. Im hoping that when the project reaches this stage (and if we dont already have a official female characters by then) I might find some helping hands from our community to work the huge amount of animations needed for fully working character. I have no estimate on how long this will take, but I'll keep this thread updated! Picture Updates: Progress update: Animations seem to work on the new skeleton.. Story so far.. She arrives at Altis by sea, yet no one is there to greet her.. :C Wonder why... To-do: +Finish body mesh *I think I've got everything on its right place. +UV-Mapping *Have to see how it deforms, but 1st phase ready +Texturing *Started *Decent phase 1 texture ready for ingame test. +Final mesh tweaks *Work in progress (probably for a while) +Rigging the character *Preliminary testing shows no weird deformations. Adjustments will be applied if necessary. +A2 animation test *MovesConfig port from A2 to A3 and updating it to new standards *Workaround for the changed A3 skeleton *New character class +Simplified and properly LODd sample mesh for community use *As said I can't really invest enough time to recreate all equipment for female character, so I hope others can build on my work. +Animating *Converting the Arma 3 man animations for the new smaller skeleton to provide working base animation set. *Creating the rest of the necessary animations to fully use the character armed and unarmed (If A2 animation port is successful, needs a lot less work)
  4. HorribleGoat

    [WIP] Female base model project

    Also nothing newsworthy at this time. 🤪
  5. you can not animate proxies in parts, only the whole proxy model. Basically how I see it, you are designing your model in wrong, non Arma compatible way. Arma is game engine with "best practice" methods to do things like vehicles and there are solid limits to some things that you just can not bypass.
  6. HorribleGoat

    Waltham Robotics DOGG-0

    :9 I saw that too. Robots like this are making their way into games now.
  7. Better late'o'clock than never I suppose. Today at 4AM I managed to submit my entry to the competition: the experimental Waltham Robotics DOGG-0 field support unit. Whopping 10 hours to spare! 😝 The unit was deemed too expensive for the Military to test so Waltham Robotics had to look elsewhere for testing partnership and they ended up collaborating with the AAN news service with exclusive documentary deal about the development and future of robotic all terrain field support units. WR provides the technology and technical support and AAN war reporters take the units out into difficult and dangerous parts of the world documenting the ups and downs of the little helper. The DOGG-0 unit is rather curios by nature and only time can tell how far the technology goes:
  8. you cant fix those errors. only the author can.
  9. HorribleGoat

    Multiple textures to one model

    Id recommend running some basic blender tutorials to get the hang of the program. You can add multiple materials on a object in Blender in the materials tab by creating more material slots and assigning them to faces in edit mode.
  10. HorribleGoat

    [HELP] rvmat is not working

    there are various default rvmats in P:\A3\Data_F\ if you have your tools and P drive development environment set up correctly
  11. HorribleGoat

    p3d error in Eliteness

    you are doing retexturing wrong way if you are packing the original p3d retexturing is done by making a new texture and a config file to point an objects configs hiddenselections to your new textures, not by unpacking a mod, replacing textures and packing it again you are essentially breaking the whole thing. Only objects that support hidden selections can be retextured in the proper, no rules breaking way. also pboManager is not proper pbo tool, delete it.
  12. you are definitely doing animation very wrong if you use that many bones on those parts. Also proxies dont have separate animations so you can bypass the limit with them.
  13. There is no skeleton in the p3d to import, weighting does import so possibly you are just trying to import a model that does not contain weighting. Is it really a model you made?
  14. what model are you editing?
  15. HorribleGoat

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Possibly a copy paste mistake was made. Fixd now
  16. -LOST DRAGONS- ARMA III Total Modification When the War finally ended the galaxy was in ruins and mankind struggled to survive in the cold depths of space. Many worlds were lost, many wonders of technology forgotten, scattered all across the galaxy when the spacelane network collapsed plunging the great nations of men into chaos. For decades we were lost. In 2235 Unity-Project successfully re-established some of the old space network bringing together hundreds of worlds and launched out a great effort to reclaim what once was lost.. For a moment men rejoiced together in peace but it was not to last as new rediscoveries soon sparked up secret arms race between the surviving nations. The race back to the stars began as fortune hunters set out into the void to seek out glory and fame. In Lost Dragons you take up the role of a member of a fortune hunter company racing to find one of the most powerful Old World relics, the mighty Dragon class warship hidden on a long lost world of New Eden. Unfortunately you are not alone as others have found their way here too and it is up to your skill and cunning to ensure you emerge victorious from the battle. There is no turning back now - Dropship ETA 1 minute. Welcome to the treasure hunt. Lost Dragons is a multiplayer total modification aiming to bring out a new thrilling gamemode for Arma3. Our concept is futuristic objective based team warfare with randomly generated map elements to ensure every game is a unique experience with completely new set of units, weapons, structures and terrain. +LoDR Features a 20x20 square kilometer map with unique post war/ long deserted atmosphere with unique randomgeneration element that ensures every game is different from the others. Explore the ruined cities, military bases, hidden laboratories and fallen warships to find the location of your prize. +Complete set of new units and vehicles, from your basic gear to powerful war relics scattered around the battlefield. + We aim to create 2 sides of the Old war conflict that once waged war on New Eden, a civilian side to represent the long gone population of New Eden and also 2 corporate salvage companies that are now arriving on the planet. + Vehicles from personal transports to huge battleships, with tanks, planes, vtols, walkers and more in between. +Powerful new weapons to lay waste upon your rivals and claim the victory + Both corporates will have their own starting equipment and there will be a great number of weapons and equipment to be reclaimed from the old battlefield +Challenging main victory goal with multiple ways to win. Mission details: (Subject to change) +World of New Eden is covered with lush Jungle (as Arma allows it) and the abandoned cities will be partly reclaimed by nature as well as ruined by battle. +Terrain will consist of fixed elements and a great number of randomized elements that will make every game different. (objectives, key buildings/ locations, weapons, vehicles, spawnpoints, AI-enemies) +Max team sizes will be decided through testing +Player takes control of a small AI squad, but main gameplay focues on team PvP spiced up with some Independet AI combat. +AI characters will be portrayed as cyborg/robot drones and the area will have roaming abandoned AI combat drones and possibly wildlife elements lurking in the shadows. +Supporting drone units will have quite bad aim and are there to act as drivers, pilots and firesupport. (crappy aimbot module installed) +Players will have access to their respective teams basic gear throughout the game and may alter their loadout. +Starting equipment selection in a pre-start menu and respawn loadout customization. +More exotic and powerful weapons may be scavenged from various locations but beware the limited ammosupply on these weapons. +Players begin the game from a randomized dropzone with HQ-vehicle, supply vehicles and a few light transports. (This is no military operation) +Light combat vehicles, light armored transports, recon vehicles and personal transports are available throughout the game. (Droid pickup / aerodrop) +More powerful vehicles may be reclaimed from the battlefield. (military bases, battlelines, supply caches) +Scavenged vehicle may be damaged or low on ammo and can be repaired and rearmed in designated locations. +Main objective is to find and activate the last of the mighty Dragon class Warship: +Dragon is an autonomous weapons platform capable of immense destruction and cannot be controlled without a command module -> First objective is to find and begin the restoration of a Warrior class Battleship that acts as the command unit and can access the Dragon (2-4 Warriors in good enough shape will be present on the map) +Once found the Warrior will act as a forward base and must be defended. +The Dragon is hidden somewhere in the area and the location can be found through simple exploration or by gathering Intel from various objectives -> Intelpoints come available by time as the HQ vehicle scans the area and compiles recovered data. -> By gathering intel you narrow down the area the Dragon is "hidden" on the map -> Due to its immense size the Dragon will be randomly located in one of the six "ARK" bunker facilites and intel gathering will narrow down which one and also grant you access codes to get in more safely. + It will be possible to hack your way in, but it will be hard, slow and dangerous. The ARKs will have sophisticated security measures and you might even wake the Dragon from its slumber if you fumble. +Once operational the Warrior battleship must be flown (yes flying battleships) to the Dragons Location and they both need to be defended during docking procedures and while the Dragon powers up. -> Both sides have access to Warriors and may interfere with the docking procedures or even steal the Dragon if they manage to down the other Warrior or board the Dragon. +Note that these are very powerful vehicles and will need full team effort to manage full operational status and also taking one down is not an easy job. -> Once the Dragon is awakened there is still a change for the opposing team to sway the race as the round will end when the Dragon completes its powerup sequence and becomes fully operational. +By attacking certain weakspots with enough power the sequence may be interrupted and if the winning team is held off long enough the Dragon may be stolen even in its awakened state. New factions are as follows: WesT/Blufor: Hastur Corp : Salvage corporation (Player faction in "Treasure Hunt" gamemode) East/Opfor: Blackbird Salvage INC. : Salvage corporation (Player faction in "Treasure Hunt" gamemode) Independet: "Old War attacker name placeholder" : Old War Attacker faction Civilian: "Old War Defender name placeholder" : Old War Defender Faction "New Eden Civilians": Old War Civilians Downloads: Very old release version: Version 0.1.99 Download New one worked on as fast as we can! You may find us at: MODDB - LOST DRAGONS and Make Arma Not War - Contest Your support is always appreciated! For most up to date news, follow us at MODDB more pictures from early development: Original alpha release post:
  17. HorribleGoat

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Heya! Still going forward with the project, no worries! Just slow progress. On latest news, the new sexy WK-209 legs have made their way in game now so the whole latest design is now imported. I did also get the animation rig improved a lot so that the animation making is more efficient now. New "normal" walk sequence clocking at 18kmh speed. There are quite a lot of more sneakpeeks at our discord too! https://discord.gg/8mP9k2u
  18. HorribleGoat

    eXile Number Row '4' not functioning properly

    you would probably have best luck with answers by contacting Exile devs on their Discord server.
  19. Hey folks! (long wall of text ahead) Some time ago there was a post by Kiory about a really cool accidental discovery he had with Arma materials: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/175495-opticalactive-camo/ And for some time I've been working on reproducing the effect and wanted to share current progress to you all since with the help of mr. zantetzou I've had some breakthrough with the technique. For background: In his post Kiory mentioned the basics on how the effect is achieved: By applying a 0 alpha (completely see through) _CA texture on the model in question and applying an .RVMAT with PixelShaderID="Refract"; and VertexShaderID="Super"; and with that I began experimenting on my own some time ago, but did not get as good results in the progress as every time, no matter what the model I applied my 0-alpha texture and my refracting material the model always had this white sheen to it. Except on the move when it looked about what I was hoping to achieve. Finally some progress: After 143 trial .RVMATs I dropped the testing in frustration as nothing seemed to change no matter what attributes I changed and couple of days ago picked up the project again after being contacted by zantetzou as he too was interested in creating "optical camouflage" material for his own project. He in his own trials had used almost identical set up with the texture and material BUT had achieved proper effect in one of the VR objects. When we exchanged our findings I too were encouraged to try out some of the VR objects and the refracting materials and ALAS for some they worked and provided identical results that Kiory had show in his video. This progress now gave me the boost to write here in hopes that others interested in the matter can partake in the trials in order to find how this works. Here is the .RVAMT i've used. 0 Alpha see through texture im sure everyone can make. Pictures: And here are couple of screenshots on how it looks after application on different models: Before: After: Theorizing: Notice the difference between the VR objects on the left and my test man with different material combos on the right. The white sheen is obvious and something that happen on all other objects me or zantetzou have tried but the VR objects the effect is working (maybe it works "wrong" on them in a way, but it looks the like what we would like to use) but so far I have not figured out why. Currently I've theorized that whatever the texture/material combo the model originally has somehow affects how the refracting shader works on them and thus I have extracted the texture/material paths applied on the VR objects via hiddenSelectionsTextures[] and hiddenSelectionsMaterials[] in their configs and tried to apply the same ones on my test man in the pictures. This however did not produce the any results and so I am here asking if anyone else has ideas on how to proceed from here. I've been considering the possibility that man character is drawn somehow different from static objects and as my next step I will make a static test object to see if theres any difference there. For some reason the white sheen also disappears in some angles and when the object is looked at from high speed, or the objects moves fast: Shot this one when running past the testman: Known objects it works on: So far following objects have show the refracting shader as in the picture on the left: Sphere (200cm) / Sign_Sphere200cm_F VR Wheeled APC Target / Land_VR_Target_APC_Wheeled_01_F VR Tank Target / Land_VR_Target_MBT_01_cannon_F VR MRPA Targetr / Land_VR_Target_MRAP_01_F VR Wall / VR_Billboard_01_F Thanks for reading this far: And I would suspect that it would work on some other VR objects like the sphere that are somewhat see through/emmisive to begin with. I will continue working on this since I really want to make a scifi optical camouflage ghillie suit for our mod and eventually when we get back to our C&C mod this effect would be quite essential for Nod Stealth Tanks. If you get any ideas on what makes this work, don't hesitate to post on this thread!
  20. HorribleGoat

    Optical Camouflage material research

    Id make the suit in similar way as the ghillie is made and so that it hides/covers the rest of the gear when used. The wiki explains how the different parts of supershader work quite well and how different texture types are composed. Not much else is written about them I recall except for tree materials. They have their own page. For things like this kind of "hacky" use of shaders there isn't really any guidance for. Filepatching with the diagnostics exe can be very useful for faster testing though.
  21. HorribleGoat

    Optical Camouflage material research

    My approach will be a custom suit that is made with refraction shader in mind and will work with it. For me there is no need to be able to apply it to every unit. Another working example is the one in my video where the silhouette effect is created with the attached camo blobs and the main character is actually fully hidden. Cycling gear/character swap would be a lot more performance heavy approach, I would not recommend it.
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    Optical Camouflage material research

    Turning off AO and DoF isnt really a solution. The difference between objects that look partially solid/grey/white shaded is that they are originally non transparent models. So that is a property that gets baked into the p3d on binarization depending on what PAA type the p3d is assigned with. (_CO non transparent/ _CA transparent). (That is with the refracting shader) And its not really a bug since it works as intended on the transparent objects it is used on (or well particles)
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    PBO Manager Problem

    the main problem you have is using pboManager for anything. It is not a proper addon creation tool.
  24. HorribleGoat

    ArmaRig for Blender

    I dont think your weapon bone is the right way around @brutalzic
  25. HorribleGoat

    ArmaRig for Blender

    you can just duplicate the existing object and armature..