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    Former USMC Infantry, 0352. Now I fly UAVs for the Marine Corps and other services as a civilian. Married, one kid, 2 cars, etc etc.
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  1. It's been over six months since I last checked out this mod's progress. I'm glad that the work has been continuous, keep it up gents. A proper A3 series of 60's is what this game (and community) has been waiting for.
  2. You do realize that it's only been 3 days since he made the original post, right?
  3. I just reinstalled ARMA after about an 8 month hiatus due to burnout and immediately started getting busy with Eden to see how versatile it is/can be. I'm about 90% of the way done with the simple 2-man mission I'm working on but would love to flush it out more with proper tasks and intel vs the trigger driven movement waypoints I'm using right now. I googled around for about an hour last night trying to find something relevant to Eden's Intel modules and their proper setup and syncing but the two videos I did find didn't work for me. I'm probably just dumb but can someone help me by spelling out a step-by-step task creation / assignment / failed / succeeded process? For the moment I'm going to spend my last hour at work trying to figure out how to do cinematic intro and outro pieces. EDIT: I'm trying to this without any scripting, just using the sync capability of the modules within the editor.
  4. handicap

    CH-46 Knight

    Yeah, I'm up on Cherry Point, seeing Pedro up and about was a common occurrence throughout the day.
  5. handicap

    CH-46 Knight

    Correct https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VMR-1
  6. I once watched one of these roll over a double stack of 155's in Iraq. The only injury was to the gunner, who jumped off of the roof while it was still rolling and broke his ankle. Then they left their weapons and ammo (literally all weapons and ammo, to include personal) in the vehicle to burn so I got to sit there for 14 hours providing security on the wreck until EOD and CLB finished fighting and came out to drag it off the side of the road and back to the DRMO lot.
  7. handicap

    CH-46 Knight

    So uh... If you guys want pictures of Navy/Marine Corps aircraft I actually work on a Marine Corps base and can get detailed shots of various aircraft. The 46 not so much since they've been taken out of service but there are a couple of display models of Pedro up in the area. But Ospreys, Prowlers, Harriers, Cobras, Hueys..
  8. handicap

    CH-46 Knight

    Where is a Pedro variant in the list of possibilities? Or has that even been considered? :D
  9. How has the integration with RotorLib been for you guys? Some mod aircraft are extremely sensitive to the AFM. Have you guys been able to test it much like you said you were seeking to do?
  10. handicap

    TOH South Asia Map

    Reading the entire thread is sometimes key to having your dreams fulfilled, friend.
  11. handicap

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    Download MCC and use it's 3D editor. Not as pretty as Zeus but a lot more funtional.
  12. handicap

    ASR AI 3

    Is there any confirmation of ASR AI having compatibility issues with any other mods? We run MCC and ALiVE on our server and, after installing ASR AI onto the server and booting it up, the server hangs and fails to boot after a few minutes. No .rpt is generated by the event so I can't figure out where to begin troubleshooting the mod. I run it on my rig with both ALiVE and MCC on with no issues so I'm kind of stumped here.
  13. handicap

    Zee Identity Pack

    There were female models in ARMA 2.. --- Zee, keep up the great work. Everytime I come back and look at this thread you've made leaps and bounds in forward progress. Kudos.
  14. handicap

    ASR AI 3

    Need some help troubleshooting: -Dedicated server CBA is up to date and the only other mod we have that tampers with AI is MCC but I was fairly certain that was only if you gave a unit to Gaia for control. The issue I'm having is that, after installing it on the server, the server won't boot up. Not sure if this would show up in the .rpt or not for the server but I looked and couldn't see anything related to it. Not really sure where to go from there and I'd really like to get this mod running so that we have some worthwhile AI to slam our heads against.
  15. handicap

    HAFM ISIS Addon

    Glad to see that you're still around ;) I'll throw this up on our servers tonight, we've been looking for a good representation of ISIS to destroy.