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  1. MacMillan11

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Could somebody reupload these missions? 🙂
  2. MacMillan11

    Co-op Campaign: APEX PROTOCOL

    Can't start 5th mission. :(
  3. MacMillan11

    Co-op Campaign: APEX PROTOCOL

    Only 7 missions ?! Or still in development ?
  4. MacMillan11

    Apex Weapon Feedback

    PM doesn't have a silencer when it attached to weapon.
  5. MacMillan11

    BMR Insurgency

    After several months I have returned. And you have added my translation and Headless Client! Thank you man!!!
  6. MacMillan11

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    How to enable ACE in Warfare BE 2.073 ? :)
  7. MacMillan11

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Guys, NVidia released a new drivers. Has anything changed? Maybe shadow bug disappeared?
  8. MacMillan11

    Warfare BE

    I have seen many files which contains classes of ACE units. But how to add them in mission?
  9. MacMillan11

    MGSR Mod

    And... maybe something for XOF ? ;)
  10. MacMillan11

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Still no updates? Or I missed something?
  11. MacMillan11

    BMR Insurgency

    Heh, no. Because I know three languages: English, Russian and Kazakh.
  12. MacMillan11

    BMR Insurgency

    I can help you with russian localization. Because I saw that everything was translated through the translator.
  13. Can't connect to my own server which created with arma2oaserver.exe . In attempt to connect writes "Session lost".
  14. How to add your radios in "Weapon menu" in Warfare BE 2.071 ?