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    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Or you could realize dev branch is for experimenting and trying new stuff, and you could go back to stable branch and complain there when the sound volumes are not balanced properly yet?
  2. Shagulon

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Yea I'm really loving these new sounds :D I'm no expert like half the people here it seems, but to my untrained ear the new sounds are great. They portray a feeling of firepower to me. Excellent work guys and keep up the improvements. Thank you :)
  3. Actually this thread isn't about framerates and gameplay, it is about a bit of courtesy and manners when interacting with people on the internet. It is also about hanging in there while the performance issues are resolved, and words of encouragement that the BIS team are good people and doing a good job creating a unique product which we all love. If you can't handle that, put the game down and come back in 6 months.
  4. Its just amazing how people can watch the same (fairly straight forward and simple message/video) and come back with many different meanings. Perhaps they should bring back comprehension tests at school, it certainly seems to be a skill which people possess in varying levels of accomplishment.
  5. If I have a criticism, it seems a little too easy to 180 with a sniper rifle in combat stance without aiming and get a pretty accurate shot away. Did we apply the weapon sway to combat stance? It seem great with an aimed weapon though, can be quite tricky handling heavier caliber weapons CQB now.
  6. Shagulon

    It doesn't feel the same

    Adapt? If you are getting killed too quickly try putting the AI down a bit? It is missing the depth or Arma 2 as there are far fewer assets than there are for Arma 2, there used to be millions of varieties of tanks/APCs/choppers etc. I'm guessing you used to run a few mods such as ACE before? These things should follow...
  7. Shagulon

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    I suspect that people complaining about the new system are the more casual run and gun player who want to rack up kills above all else. Perhaps the new fatigue system could just be on the top two difficulty settings? I tend to only play those anyway as I don't like some of the features on the lower levels.
  8. I just wanted to log in and give my feedback on the latest dev patch. I haven't played Arma 3 in a while (couple of months) but the game has changed quite a bit, you really notice it when you put it down for a while. I'm still running bCombat and Speed of sound, but other than that vanilla, and its awesome. I love the new fatigue stuff, and can't wait for the finished changes with weapon inertia. It really feels much more authentic and yet still intuitive. Sometimes changes like this can leave you feeling out of control of your avatar, but I congratulate you for avoiding that pitfall. Good luck with polishing off this great new feature :) One thing I'm not sure of though, I can't find any information on how the AI is affected? Do they have the same penalties? Does the AI change its movement habits accordingly to compensate? This is very important. Anyone done any testing or formed any opinions on this yet?
  9. I have been using bCombat for some time. I was using 0.15 until today, but decided to upgrade. I noticed 0.16 seems much easier, which I suspect seems to be because my team mates seem much better. Anyone else confirm? How can I bring back the difficulty, any suggestions? Perhaps I should play with custom difficulty settings? Are there any suggested play settings? I'm play on the beta branch - I know it isn't recommended but I like the daily changes :)
  10. Downloaded 0.16 latest version and it keeps giving me script errors - undeclared variable on degredation distance. Have I done something wrong on installation? I have CBA_A3 beta 5. Should I go back to 0.15?
  11. Shagulon

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    I think this a good thing. I look forward to watching some new Shacktac scenarios with a human acting as a coordinating intelligence behind the AI's battleplan. Certainly takes some of the pressure off the mission designers at design time. Now mission designers can play as a DM and control their troops in realtime. I really think organised groups will frickin love this.
  12. Shagulon

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Thanks for the clear an open heads up oukej, very much appreciated :) Gonna give this a test now
  13. Shagulon

    AI Configuration - feedback

    I'm going to guess he means a sniper engaging from high ground at long distance in a ghillie suit should be harder to spot than a infantryman engaging at 300M.
  14. Thank you :) On Veteran I feel when enemy flanks me, they sometimes seem to spray bullets all around me when they should be hitting. Think the accuracy levels may need further refinement. AI behaviour does seem dramatically better though. Except sometimes AI seems to hit the deck and crawl around when in the open. Perhaps under heavy fire they flee to nearest cover more? EDIT: After another hours play I am loving it. The Ai is very aggressive and I think that really helps them pin you and flank. If you are outnumbered you're kind of in trouble, as it should be. Maybe when AI is defending, they can be a little too aggressive at times, leaving heavy cover to assault you. Really loving the mod though, excellent work :)
  15. I changed my accuracy settings manually in the configs, now I try this mod everyone seems a little inaccurate. Does anyone has a link to where I can find the standard arma 3 accuracy settings please?
  16. It is unclear as to exactly which branch you play on and are talking about, but as you have posted this into the dev branch thread, I would point out that it is utterly fair for the devs to push out experimental builds into this branch, as the name implies. Try going back to the stable branch, and if unhappy, post your comments in the general discussion thread...
  17. Shagulon

    Unrealistic weapons damage

    erm.... LOL?
  18. Shagulon

    Unrealistic weapons damage

    Perhaps a more profound shock of being hit by a bullet? AI seems to momentarily pause then start firing again. Would it not be better to be knocked off your feet when shot? Perhaps a few seconds of disorientation? I'm sure getting shot, even with body armour, would be very profound. I'm fine with guys going down, and if not getting finished off, recovering and rejoining the fight.
  19. Shagulon

    Zeus gaming Nights

    Have played and enjoyed this server. Quick question, have you guys ever thought of a PvP night? I miss a good PvP session :(
  20. The game is crying out for some good PvP modes/mods. I don't like wasteland and haven't tried life. Loved project reality in Arma 2...
  21. As has been mentioned, in Arma 2 I really enjoyed project reality. Does anybody know if those guys are planning to remake that mod onto Arma 3. I agree with the sentiment that really BIS should make a version of PR as an official game type. I read they plan a revamp of squad management to make it more useful. At the moment you pick a slot on a server and join, with little hope of finding people in your squad, or finding a squad that is actually working together. It is a shame as this type of teamwork and coordination is really when Amra shines, and BIS a really missing a trick here. I'm actually loving the coop stuff with the enhanced AI (and a couple of mods to help there), but my true love is good PvP. I hope BIS read and undewerstand that a large section of players want a bit of PvP as a nice change of pace, and implement something official. Failing that, come back PR!
  22. Shagulon

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Anyone tested the AI change from today? •Decreased AI time spent on tracking of friendly and known units Could potentially make a large difference?
  23. Shagulon

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Perhaps there is a middle ground. You could leave or even increase the AI settings available to the player, perhaps in an advanced AI setting sub-menu. However, for the sake of people testing and experiencing the game from a pre-defined collection of settings (easy, medium, hard) we have a simple interface which allows these settings, but behind the scenes if one of these is selected, this then sets all the advanced settings to the pre-defined levels. That way, when helping test AI changes, devs can simply request you set difficulty to e.g. hard level, and we're all testing on the same levels. It also allows advanced users to tweak as they please. It may also be a great idea for usability, to allow a custom level, into which the user can save their preferred settings, so that switching from these to a different pre-defined level isn't such a ball ache :) As to how this could be worked into mission designers AI settings vs local users settings - I'm not sure.
  24. Those firing effects on tanks are coming along very good. I like how you can start to feel the power from heavier equipment now. Starting to feel nice. Agreed some ear ringing would really add to the overall effect. Good work BIS.