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    Hey there I'm Kyle I love the out doors and computers in general! I make a living as a Network Technician\System Admin. I do my own custom PC builds but as much of a nerd as I am with computers, I love the out doors and going shooting. Hope to see you all in game soon!
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  1. pvtdancer

    Feedback Thread

    Some feedback after a few rounds. -Rounds were fast, faster than I expected and I was hoping for something a little longer. IMO more distance between objectives would be nice. So instead of just fighting for whatever point in the middle we can have engagements in between, I think this would lead to more random engagements which I think are more exciting -Guns felt a little weak at times. I watched a 6.5 take half a mag and the .338 square to someones chest and they skip away like they were tickled by a butterfly. I felt encouraged to just spray the area and not aim -Recoil was weak to non existent. which is a big issue for the LMG that thing is a lazer beam of death. Over all I think recoil needs to be boosted according to weapon\caliber. If nothing else just to balance -Minor but I felt UI was a little big and in the way would like to see it shrunk or the ability to scale it -Throwing grenades was way weird felt like their was no weight to the throw I had fun though all in all it felt pretty damn solid. Well done guys
  2. pvtdancer

    Server flags\settings

    Thanks Cookie, I messed around with a few things last night and everything seemed to work all my settings were in tact server came up and played the way it should. For fun I'll try an mess around with it more... see if I can break it for you ;)
  3. pvtdancer

    Server flags\settings

    I would assume. Though we don't really know what changes or additions are in this build if any. Most of it at this point might just be scripting UI etc but unfortunately no way to look it up yet :\.
  4. I see that we have an argoserver.exe in the main folder. Do we have any written documentation or is it the same as ARMA3? I'm going to test this tonight when I'm not at work and just move all my dedicated server configs from my arma 3 server to argo. EDIT: Had a chance on lunch to do a little work. I Moved over my serverstart.bat and configs from A3 and it did launch with no issues. Without connecting to it I won't know till tonight if I can actually join but it did seem to take all settings fine.
  5. So yesterday I was using eden and I spent a good hour trying to figure this out. It appears that just setting a heli up in the air puts it into a flight state instead of actually setting that in the vehicles attributes If I'm wrong please correct me. but I can't figure out how you set the altitude it's to fly at now, I tried setting it in the way point and adjust it's starting altitude but it just wants to take 3 min to climb then eventually decides to move then take another 5 min to drop to an altitude to drop it's cargo I'm seriously hoping there is a better way to control this and I'm just blind and missed it. Thanks for the help.
  6. pvtdancer

    Zero Dark Zero

    Thanks VON keep up the good work :D
  7. pvtdancer

    Zero Dark Zero

    No worries man I just thought it was funny ;). take your time and just let me know if you need any assistance with the dedi, that is one thing I'm very good at. and as always if you need a test candidate my clan mates and myself are willing to do some testing for you. Good luck!
  8. pvtdancer

    Zero Dark Zero

    I like how you call me the "Other guy" lol but seriously glad it helped man! Thanks for your hard work on your mod.
  9. pvtdancer

    Zero Dark Zero

    I too would love to see this working on a dedicated server so here's my experience and findings. I tested on Altis and Stratis and received the same results. No socom desk no aircraft and no starting position for the halo jump which all works inside the editor. If it helps, I run a dedicated server at home. If you turn on "Show script errors" for your client you see there are a lot of "Undefined variable in expression" errors when it's trying to load socom and halo modules. there are many of them on each module. I'm sorry I'm not a good scripter so I can help find the error but not sure how to correct them :(
  10. #hype #overexcited... #hatemyselffor#
  11. pvtdancer

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Loved the video OS looks like the weather effects are coming along nicely! Can't wait to see your WIP stuff :) And end of may works great for me I'll be settled into my new place and ready to waste some time in ARMA ;)
  12. that would be fun... though I have no idea HOW they would do that... it would just be cool to flip a switch and everyone spawns with one or turn it off if you don't want it added automatically.
  13. Ahhh yeah you can't get one then, you will only have a timer option. Since the explosive part is from AGM (i believe correct me if I'm wrong please) they added in detonation devices which were required to set them off remotely, otherwise you have to use the timer. Since you're in a mission that probably wasn't built with ACE or AGM you wouldn't have the remote detonator. However if you were in a mission that had arsenal you would see these detonation devices listed uner the misc items. Hopefully that makes since.
  14. Did you pick up a detonation device?