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  1. cyprus

    A few no-respawn COOP missions

    I got back into playing these missions after a long hiatus, and I've always loved One Hell Swoop, but there's a game breaking issue where if you're put into the unconscious state near an enemy, you switch to that enemy's side, and sometimes the AI allies are grouped too. It's a very strange issue and it happens with another revive script I tested, and even Arma 3's built in revive system. There's several references to joining units in the scripts, but I can't really parse through it effectively. @igor drukov it looks like you haven't been around in a while, but if you have any insight as to why this could be happening that would be great. This mission is highly underrated. I'm not sure if the other missions have a similar issue as I haven't tested them.
  2. @LordJarhead It looks like after the recent CUP update the BMP-1 main cannon does no damage for either shell type when the JSRS CUP Weapons Mod Sound Support is enabled. The cannon works fine with just CUP on. I haven't noticed any other weapons working improperly with JSRS on, but I haven't tested exhaustively. Here's a couple screenshots demonstrating the issue:
  3. I was able to make it work by editing the script a bit. For anyone else looking to make something similar this is what I used. disableSerialization; if (IsDedicated || !HasInterface) ExitWith {}; if (hasInterface) then { waitUntil {!isNull player}; _mapDisplay = findDisplay 12; _mapControl = _mapDisplay displayCtrl 51; _mapControl ctrlAddEventHandler ["MouseMoving", { TRN_var_mainMapMouseOverCustomMark = "customMark" in (ctrlMapMouseOver (_this select 0)); }]; ["TRN", "onMapSingleClick", { if (_shift) then { TRN_var_customMarkLocation = _pos; }; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; _mapDisplay displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", { if (!isNil "TRN_var_mainMapMouseOverCustomMark" && {TRN_var_mainMapMouseOverCustomMark} && {(_this select 1) == 211}) then { TRN_var_customMarkLocation = nil; }; }]; addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { if (!isNil "TRN_var_customMarkLocation") then { drawIcon3D ["\A3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\cursors\waypointMark_ca.paa", [1,1,0,0.8], [TRN_var_customMarkLocation select 0, TRN_var_customMarkLocation select 1, (TRN_var_customMarkLocation select 2) + 2], 1.5, 1.5, 0, "", 1, 0, "TahomaB", "", true]; }; }]; }; I edited it a bit more and made my own version of the mod which you can get here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2259216491
  4. I've been looking for something like this for sometime, unfortunately the mod link is gone and when I try to compile it myself into a mod, the game gets stuck on the loading screen on multiplayer, but not on singleplayer. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. I've been looking forward to trying this map with my group, but there's an issue where if you try to load a mission on the map when playing on a dedicated server launched from a .bat file, the mission won't load and gives the error, ""No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.prei_khmaoch_luong'"". It looks like for some reason there's some text encoding issue and the file name gets butchered, causing the map not to load properly when launching a mission. Strangely enough, it does work with the default name if the dedicated server is launched from a shortcut. Unfortunately our group has so many mods the "target" line in a shortcut is just too short so the only solution for now is to rename the mod. Since it's from the Steam Workshop that does require copying the files over. It's a bit of an inelegant solution, since I'd like to keep using my .bat file to launch the game and having to copy the files over defeats the point of getting the map from the workshop with the easy updates. I do kindly request updating the mod on the workshop to change the name so that the Khmer text is removed. It can always be added to the description.
  6. cyprus


    Ok. I've also noticed that the standard jogging animation is changed slightly with your weapon lowered more than normally. Are there any other changes this mod makes to the game that aren't stuff that have to be enabled by the modules in the mission editor like the two things I've found? I'm little wary of using this mod now because it seems that there can be more potential changes to how the game operates that isn't mentioned in any of the documentation. How does the "realistic vehicle repairs" work? I don't see any modules to enable or disable this so I'm assuming it's just always on when the mod is enabled? EDIT: It looks like the realistic vehicle repairs is always enabled. While I do think it is interesting, I personally think enabling it globally is the wrong move. All gameplay related features should be moved to modules that have to be enabled in the mission. Otherwise if you ever want to swap between different types of missions you'll have to unload and reload the mod. While for singleplayer that's not too big of a deal, for multiplayer that is going to cause a lot of confusion and frustration.
  7. cyprus


    This mod looks interesting and I'm looking forward to trying it out more extensively. One minor issue that hopefully won't be too difficult to fix is that loading this mod causes the big 3 buttons with the auto playing videos on the main menu to disappear. Here's a screenshot demonstrating this: https://i.imgur.com/8HVd4yC.jpg Here's what it should look like: https://i.imgur.com/BPg5jxo.jpg
  8. Yeah fortunately restarting works fine so it isn't too big of a deal. As to the radioman, I was looking through the config and I did notice that it just picks a random Opfor unit. I was thinking to add a fun little mini objective would be to give that radioman a specific backpack that no one else has (maybe an empty carryall) so he can be specifically targeted so with good recon you can take him out fast. It could still be difficult especially if the radioman spawns indoors by chance. Maybe even make him always spawn in a house. As of now the mortars are extremely aggressive and seeing as there's no effective counter to it other than hide or just kill them all having a way to stop it fast would be very fun. The last thing I thought of which would probably be tricky to implement, but maybe something to think about would be a way so that the sniper spawn is always near the highest point around the town that needs to be cleared. I've noticed that sometimes the insertion team spawns on a mountain while the snipers are in a valley which can be a little annoying. I think the radioman change is all that's really necessary, however. I have made my own tweaks to the mission (changed loadouts and added a revive script), so it's in a pretty good state right now, but if the radioman change is added I think this would be one of the best replayable teamwork focused missions out there. There's really not else that needs to be done I think, besides that spawn change I mentioned but if it's too difficult/time consuming then it's not really worth it.
  9. It's been a long time, but my group has returned to these missions and we just started doing Sweep again and we're having lots of fun with it. One issue we've been noticing is that when starting the mission for the first time on a server the helicopter is stuck in place. The mission has to be restarted to fix it. It doesn't always seem to happen on the first time playing the mission after starting up the dedicated server so I'll have to do more investigation. Also, I was looking through the old change logs and I noticed that there's a "Added: Random Opfor radio operator in the town, killing him will disable mortars." Is this opfor unit identifiable in any way, or are they marked through scripting and are otherwise whatever unit they spawned as, such as a rifleman or marksmen?
  10. cyprus

    co10 Escape

    I haven't noticed any problems with AI accuracy or spotting on Escape version 1.8.1, even after the recent changes Bohemia made. The AI seems to be behaving normally, although APCs seem to stop moving or move only a little bit in random directions after unloading their troops and losing direct line of sight to the players. I'm not sure if this is a new issue or if I just haven't noticed it before. I have my server set to "skillAI=1" and "precisionAI=0.5" and it's been that way for some time. I almost always play on war torn mode, which does drastically reduce difficulty, however, so that could be a factor. Daedum, you mentioned that you were playing SLA vs USMC. Armor can be hard to come by, and a single pistol shot to the head or torso is all it takes to kill without armor. Arms and legs can take a 4-5 pistol shots, and maybe 2 or 3 rifle shots. AI can be very accurate, but one shot deaths are to be expected in Arma when not wearing armor. On another note, I got a couple more funny clips from some escape sessions, enjoy.
  11. cyprus

    co10 Escape

    I haven't had any problems with extraction in the past few months until my group's last session. We were playing on Escape Sahrani SLA vs USMC and I believe we were using build 120. We reached the extraction zone and the helicopters came just fine, but when they started to land the helicopters pulled up and started hovering. I'm guessing one of us got too close to the point where they were about to land. The helicopters stayed hovering for several minutes and wouldn't come back down to land. Eventually I just fired a rocket at one of them which miraculously didn't destroy it and we flew off and we completed the mission. I also have the client and server RPTs for the mission and I was able to get a partial recording of the messy extract which shows the helicopters hovering and us shooting it down, but not the initial failed landing. I've also got 2 funny recordings of some other sessions which I think you guys might like.
  12. cyprus

    co10 Escape

    Just finished a session of build 120. The session was rather uneventful for the most part, except just before we reached the extraction zone we had to run away from a gunship. We managed to to shake it off and trigger the extraction just fine, but we did notice that the friendly gunship was missing. I'm not sure if it was shot down because I did see a message saying "Archangel is down" but I didn't see it get shot down and the transport helicopters were ok. Unfortunately the enemy gunship came back but through sheer luck we just barely managed to escape. I got a great clip of the extraction. Always something new when we play escape.
  13. cyprus

    co10 Escape

    I've noticed this for over a year yet for some reason I never thought to report it, but I'm glad it's fixed now. As for the bug with Zombies killing you so that you can't be revived, that appears to be a conflict between the revive script that Neo's using and the Zombie mod itself. In my testing the only kind of revive script that functions properly when being killed by Zombies is the ACE mod's revive. I haven't tested the native Bohemia in a while so that one might work too but I'm not sure.
  14. cyprus

    co10 Escape

    Yeah I think I've had this happen before, but it's happening with much greater frequency now. We were playing escape Stratis vanilla. I might make a post about it on the Arma 3 feedback tracker, but I hope it's something that'll be fixed with more patches.
  15. cyprus

    co10 Escape

    I'm not sure if this is related to escape, but it seems that sometimes after entering an area with a large amount of troops the framerate will plunge into sub 20 fps and never recover even after killing all of them. Every member of my group has encountered this in the past few days. Even if we restart the mission, we'll start in the prison 30 fps and lower depending on each client's hardware/settings. The only thing that fixes it is completely restarting the game. As soon anyone restarts their game the frame rate for that person will go back to normal frames, which with my rig/settings (i5 4690 @4.5Ghz, hd 7950, 8GB ram, arma 3 installed on my ssd, most settings at max except fsaa and pip which is off) on an open area in altis/stratis is around 70-80fps. The behavior is not consistent. Sometimes after exiting heavy combat, the frames will go back to normal. We tested with no mods on the server and on the clients, and the issue still happens. We haven't tested with other missions just yet, but I just wanted to ask here to see anyone else has been having a similar experience in escape or any other missions.