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  1. Gorgon and Marid mirrrors are way off. I don't really need to see myself in a rear mirror.. (Marshall is good).
  2. Hmm, anyone else spotted VAC in the Steam server browser? And is this a sign that the GameSpy MP server browser is finally being replaced? :)
  3. Simas

    PhsyX - What else?

  4. Simas

    Priority of Bugfixing and features of BIS

    Graphics > Gameplay. You should check out the new fancy light shafts :) Seriously tho, I have noticed the same thing. I keep checking the changelog hoping to find "bipods have been implemented" or something like that for a while now. Although don't lose your hope just yet, the latest Dslyecxi community video did drop a hint of some new multiplayer functionality coming soon.
  5. I had this problem in 5.1/7.1 sound configuration. Had to switch to stereo.
  6. Speaking of water, has anyone noticed how looking (and zooming) at an empty water has a large impact on FPS? I can get stable 60 fps at Kavala, yet a simple glance at an empty water will get me to 50 fps and my GPU is 99% tasked.
  7. I am waiting for NVIDIA ShadowPlay :) The things will use dedicated H.264 video encoding hardware, the recording performance drop should be minimal.
  8. I would wait at least another month. AMD just announced a series of new GPUs and I bet NVIDIA will have to respond with either a drop in existing prices or introduce some new models in November. Does your motherboard and PSU support SLI? If it does, GTX 760 should be a good option as you will be able to upgrade to 2xSLI GTX 760 setup in the future.
  9. The CPU frequency alone means nothing, have to look at the IPC (instructions per cycle). I have upgraded from 3.4 Ghz Phenom II X4 to 3.5 Ghz (3.9 turbo) 4770k Haswell and my fps literally doubled. Can't really tell that by CPU frequency alone.
  10. Curious what has been improved exactly? Anyone had a test run and noticed anything?
  11. Simas

    Arma 3 Random Game Crashes?

    Been playing from the start of Alpha and had no crashes so far.. until 1.02. Switched to a stable branch last night and tried some multiplayer - got two crashes during my session. Definitely something happened with 1.02 update as the MP was kind of stable during the 1.0 launch.
  12. Simas

    Mantle, SteamOS and Arma 3

    The way I understand it - the Mantle is a low level graphics API (while the Direct3D is considered a high-level). It essentially removes the abstraction of DirectX and gets the developers as close to the metal as possible. Thus less time is spent on the CPU preparing the frame/draw calls - meaning the GPU is less bottle-necked in the end. It makes sense where this comes from considering that AMD is the supplier of next-gen console hardware and how weak the CPU is on those machines. And this actually sounds perfect for Arma given how the CPU is always an issue. Not sure how hard would be to port a DirectX engine to Mantle. I guess on December (when the BF4 will get Mantle patch) we will see some real-world performance data. ---------- Post added at 12:10 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:01 AM ---------- have to read this
  13. Most of the command line switches are auto-detected and configured by the game. You should't even bother with them in Arma 3. Those two are quite heavy on GPU. Have you tried using something like MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision with the built-in On-screen display server? Essentially a tool that will let you display all kind of hardware related (and not just FPS) stuff on-screen in the game. Configure it to display GPU/CPU usage and see where your bottleneck is (use another HWiNFO tool to configure display of per core CPU usage). If your GPU is at 99% - then you need to lower some GPU related settings. If one of your CPU cores are at ~70% - then you are already CPU bottlenecked. Another possible thing that is happening is that your notebook is overheating and the CPU is downclocking itself (make sure it's actually running at that 3.5 Ghz turbo mode). Arma maps are streamed. You can't really load the entire Altis under 32-bit 2 GB memory limit. SSDs are very very useful for Arma.