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    Creating Table Dialog

    Kinda made it working here: (first post contains link to the files, see GUI.hpp, RscInhabitants) Found no way to fill it with custom controls, thus all customization done via scripting, using "ct" commands. Most fields are in fact buttons.
  2. HAS 1.8 wip1 - feature on request: from now on CAS has two alternative patterns. Previous is called "HOVER", new one is called "SAD". Caller chooses the pattern just after the call, before any sentences and before the map is displayed. It is done via mouse actions. After the choice CAS proceeds as before until heli reaches initial CAS position. Till this point is possible to switch patterns, after this point chosen pattern is fixed. SAD pattern is based on vanilla AI behavior during SAD waypoint, so you probably know, what to expect here. The difference is, SAD may be prematurely ended if chopper get too heavy damage or if player cancel the support manually. Also, if RYD_HAS_CAS_OnlyKnownTargets is left as "false", at SAD init all targets within set radius are revealed to the chopper, which somewhat boosts SAD effectiveness. IMHO in most cases HOVER pattern will be more effective. SAD is in general more risky for the chopper. It may prove better however in scenarios similar to depicted in the linked demo - infantry and vehicles without serious AA capabilities in the environment with many LOS blockers, like the town, where engaging targets from many different angles may be helpful. Maybe also where targets are highly mobile or when a bit better fire precision is preferable (friendlies close to the targets). It is more timid/hesitant as for used firepower though, especially the missiles. Also SAD pattern, as based on native AI, will be affected by any changes to the default Arma's chopper AI, bugs or improvements alike. Not tested in MP.
  3. Or probably you may add them all at once earlier, if these units are actually exisiting prior to recruiting.
  4. Yep, check the manual, page 11. To add new units use such code: [newUnit1,newUnit2,newUnit3(etc.)] call RYD_HAS_NewUnits;
  5. Rydygier

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Introduction The beauty of Pilgrimage is its effective combination of soldiering sim, orienteering adventure and detective mystery. PCGamer's "Mod of the Week" Alex, freelance PMC, is looking for the body of his brother, recently died on Altis during search of something very dangerous hid by their father. Island is in chaos after civil war, is terrorised by numerous bands of unleashed mercs and other marauders. Even worse, Alex knows only, that his brother fell at one of so numerous chapels or churches. It may be long, risky journey... Pilgrimage is free roam, semi-randomized open whole map SP mission with optional plot to follow set on Altis. I basically combined several well or not so well known ideas, few scripts etc into kind of semi-procedural mission adjusted for my personal taste and use. Should be liked in the first place by "lone wolves" who appreciate freedom of choice, yet want to be motivated by some certain goal and act for a reason. This mission is highly customizable. Gameplay dynamics is, depending on settings not very high, there are long intervals of calm journey across whole island separated by fights of various density if player choose to fight or is surprized by enemy. One gameplay may took many hours. It is designed as mod-friendly and should work fine with most FX, AI and immersion enhancers. Armaholic mission preview by RoyalGamersUK - Thanks! Mission Guides etc Leadminer21 aka alky_lee, an experienced pilgrim, prepared great compilation of useful informations, observations and advices about Pilgrimage gameplay. This invaluable source of knowledge is a must read for all new on the pilgrims' pathway: MISSION GUIDE TO ACCOMPANY PILGRIMAGE by Rydygier Excellent playthrough by BeachAV8R: Pilgrimage - AAR vol. 1 Pilgrimage - AAR vol. 2 Great youtube playthroughs for various mission versions (links to the first parts, follow the links provided there to continue watching): by Scott of Royal Gamers UK, first run by Scott of Royal Gamers UK, second run by leadminer21 by leadminer21, with mods by Starfish by llegostackr by Titus Groan, 1st by Titus Groan, 2nd by Carl Meyer Thanks to all! :) My own playthrough with some features and specifics explained Download Altis, Bornholm, Chernarus, Lingor: Dropbox via Orangedox (1.95) Dropbox via Orangedox (1.95 open Altis) - open folder MANW contest edition Big thanks to all, who voted and supported my work! :) To Do WIP 1.95_beta5 1.95coop_wip7 1.95coop_wip8d 1.95coop_wip10 It is my own "dev branch". Here I'll try to update the file on an ongoing basis each time, I find and fix any bug, so impatient may use it instead wait for the fix in the next official version. Please, play without -noLogs startup parameter, and provide me RPT file (path to the folder like: C:\Users\Rydygier\AppData\Local\Arma 3), if any issue encountered. latest fixes: - content from DLC, player doesn't own, shouldn't be spawned as loot, vehicles or AI units; - redone inspecting vehicle (each part treated separatelly insted of damage/setDamage approach, no FF taken, if inspecting not possible, for example no toolkit and difficulty at least Very Hard and fuel 100%); - updated credits; - significantly more doctors and mechanics, better chance for a doctor, than mechanic; - body has to be actually spotted before loading action available; - "NW" tooltip correction; - main settings track for Chernarus port a bit louder; - no more error message about lacking windMedium sound at the intro begin; - added green exclamation mark 3D icon to indicate recruitable POWs positions; - improved setting initial direction of the boat; - blue-3D marked civilians offering special services will not loose their icons after asking them for the intel; - Stuff sellers. Unofficial editions Download links to Pilgrimage custom versions/ports made by other people will be put/updated there if requested. In matters of these editions, please, contact their authors. a2012v's edition (v2016-08-05): Vafana's editions (v2016-08-22): rsoftokz's Tanoa edition thread Pilgrimage - Ported - ports compilation thread Changelog Requirements - Arma 3 Features - whole map reasonably yet dynamically each play initially populated with enemy garrisons and patrols with few possible behavioral patterns. Nothing is spawned later, every kill counts and has meaning; - dynamical adding of random loot to some buildings. Such buildings are, until checked, marked by 3D icon if player close enough; - cameral plot with some small, nasty surprise; - across whole island may be found few dozens of empty vehicles ready to use. If known to player, for easier spotting, also marked by 3D icons if close enough; - context-sensitive jukebox playing with reasonable intervals A3's tracks depending on situation (safe/enemy spotted by player/player spotted by enemy); - simple caching system to keep performance on decent level despite many groups on map; - fuel fund used for fast travelling and repairing or refueling player's vehicle; - kept as high as possible compatibility with mods. Recommended addons - Bigger Trunk addon (experimental); - INCOGNITO addon (alpha7: experimental) - Description; - TPW MODS; - some custom factions/weaponry addons for bigger variety of opposition and loot (African Conflict, CAF Aggressors...); - unlocked uniforms; - Dynamic weather (with init delayed by 30 minutes - In tort_DynamicWeather_config.hpp set "delaySeconds" to -1800 before starting Pilgrimage.); - any preferred low level AI enhancers (bCombat, ASR AI...); - any preferred sound and graphical FX enhancers (JSRS, Blastcore...). Credits & Thanks - zapat for code, that inspired some improvements of my garrisoning functions; - torskee and Law-Giver for language corrections and some new phrases for Alex; - Leadminer21 aka alky_lee for mission guide pdf. Known issues - some mods may cause "no sound at init" issue, often with on screen config errors. In such case troublemaking mod should be found and disabled, then mission restarted without it. Alternatively issue may be "wait out" (should disappear after some time); - since A3 v1.32 was observed sometimes minor issue with not visible "yellow actions" like "sell content" action for the boxes. Usually is enough to approach the box/other object again, otherwise save/load may be suggested. In some cases, if you play with AI companion, may be worthy of checking, if he could perform unavailable action for you via 0-6 order menu; - due to interaction of fast travel and caching system in rare situations may occur enemy units appearance "out of thin air" before player's eyes if hostiles was cached near target position. Tricks and advices - If you got green mark and message about finding the body, it is most likely not farther than 50 meters from you and you had not obstructed LOS towards the body position. If finding brother's body seems too difficult, you may temporary set Terrain Details in video settings to "LOW" to remove grass etc. To load the body bring your vehicle not farther than 10 meters from it and use load action at body. Then guard this vehicle well until reach the boat. - to enable unlimited saves: CONFIGURE -> GAME -> DIFFICULTY and enable "unlimited saves"; - to get a few more FPS, if you not loaded any saved game yet, try to save then load this save. For me it gives noticeable improvement; - game crashes (CTDs) during the mission may have various causes, but some of them, especially those happening at init, eg during loading screen, also probably some weird errors with vanilla config breaking loading screen may be fixed by allowing more RAM for Arma 3 (seems, Pilgrimage needs lots of it during initialization due to lots of things to set). This may be done via -maxmem startup parameter, eg -maxmem=6144 if you have at least 8 GB of RAM or even -maxMem=8192 for 16 GB of RAM. Lower value may be sufficient though, not tested. Should be higher, than 2047. In the Arma's own game launcher this parameter may be set in parameters -> advanced. Same trick may help to reduce greatly initial lag, making initialization much smoother;
  6. Rydygier

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    There was added a button to the GUI to choose manually on the map battlefield area, but not where exactly armies will be initially positioned around it, IIRC.
  7. Introduction HWS is meant as very easy in use generator of dynamic, interesting battles conducted by HETMAN commanding AI. Unique each play battle experience powered by very complex scripting is created with few mouse clicks. No addons required. Optionally at init player may customize the gameplay by choosing fighting factions, scale of the battle, daytime, weather, forces ratio, persistency of the result (campaign mode, where results of past battles slightly affect every next battle) etc. Additional text field allows advanced users and Hetman veterans to apply also more complex setup code or even regular script, that will be executed at init. Resulting battle may vary greatly each try. War has many faces, nothing is guaranteed. You're only one of many cogs in the war machine controlled by HETMAN, so do not expect any special treatment. Those battles aren't player-centric in any way. One time you may found yourself in the middle of fierce firefight immediatelly, another time you may be kept as reserve long time before you see any action. You may die in the first few minutes or survive to the end without a single shot fired, but with few clicks in the legs. Both extremes are not very probable, but possible and perfectly OK - just do your part or act on your own. Create own war stories. HWS will utilize also units from custom addons when loaded if addons have configured properly groups. Additionally, player may any time via supports menu (0-8) activate passive spectator mode based on Smart Camera script, that will turn the game into kind of war movie to watch, showing autonomously chosen interesting spots of the battlefield - all without any interaction required. That mode may be switched off anytime by pressing a keybord key. In the same menu player may find also other useful in-game switches. Download HWS 1.06 (Armaholic) HWS 1.09 (Dropbox via Orangedox) HWS 1.09 open (Dropbox) - open folder WIP It is my own "dev branch". Here I'll try to update the file on an ongoing basis each time, I find and fix any bug, so impatient may use it instead wait for the fix in the next official version. Latest fixes: Changelog To do - tone down influence on the morale of previous defeats; - manual scene switch key/mode for spectator; - saving and restoring battles; - wrong unit is chosen a TL for mechanized squad?; - smoothening movement of camera in spectator mode, when attached to the vehicle (if possible...); - reducing camera interest on groups of unarmed, not moving vehicles; - investigate strange orders for tank platoon crews to abandon tank and take cargo places in commanding tank if one tank is disabled (vanilla bug?); - investigate repeating rest & regroup orders. Recommended addons - TPW MODS (especially for HUD feature); - any preferred low level AI enhancers, that doesn't mess with waypoints (bCombat, ASR AI...); - L_ExShake & L_Twitch; - some custom factions addons for bigger variety of forces to choose from (African Conflict, CAF Aggressors...); - Dynamic weather; - any preferred sound and graphical FX enhancers (JSRS, Laxemann's "Enhanced Soundscape", Blastcore...).; - Liability Insurance 1.1 (units hit by allied vehicles will take no damage, ramming enemies to death still possible - workaround for AI drivers hitting infantry, recommened, until BIS will fix driving AI); - RHS Merge (RU) - addon for RHS: Escalation users only, that merges all RHS' subfactions of OPFOR side into one faction, what enables for Hetman all russian equipment from RHS to choose from (put the pbo where all other RHS' RU pbos are. Then new faction named Russia (All) should appear in the initial settings window for EAST side. Choose it); Porting HWS to another map Although official ports will arrive not sooner, than when this version reach final state, porting process is easy and not require any scripting knowledge, so anyone is able to prepare port indepedently by following these steps: 1. de-PBO mission file using any tool doing that, eg from here; 2. locate resulting folder, where all mission folders saved in editor are (Win7 usual path: C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\Arma 3\missions); 3. Launch Arma 3 with custom map addon, where you want to port HWS, and whatever this map requires (only, no other addons!), enter editor with Altis and load this mission; 4. Copy (select and ctrl+C) all objects present on the map; 5. Load in editor empty target map and paste on it copied objects in any suitable place (sc1 object's location will determine initial GUI screen camera shot); 6. Set copied unit (dummyPlayer) as player unit; 6b. (Ignore this point, unless you're porting mission to the map from older games of Arma series (OFP, Arma 1/2/OA)) For A2 and older maps, additional step is required: Add in editor another object: an empty, square trigger, that will cover exactly whole map (not absolute exact, but best, if will fit maps size pretty well). So, trigger should be placed in the very center of the map and have radius equal to half of the map edge length. This trigger must be named: RydBB_MC. Length of the edge should be divisible by 500 (single sector dimension). Here is working example for Takistan map (HWS 1.06 beta 3 version, requires AiA TP and CBA). 7. Save the mission; 8. Go, where you stored de-PBOized HWS, copy everything inside HWS' folder except mission.sqm and paste that as is into newly created mission folder; 9. Return to the editor, reload and preview new mission. If is working - Mission is ready for use/pbo-ize. Notes - Idea behind HWS is to give HETMAN experience for all, also those, who up to now considered HAL as complicated to use; - HWS is on early development stage and wasn't thoroughly tested yet. I'll be grateful for solid feedback, any opinions, suggestions and ideas. Don't be silent - give me a word, if you're interested in further development of this. My worklist priorities are dependent on users' interest; - scripters and Hetman veterans may find the GUI text field very useful for advanced mission/Hetman/spectator mode setup eg by pasting favourite init configs. However keep in mind, not all Hetman settings have a sense on this stage. Hetman is set for the battle in quite simple way, no Big Boss for now; - yes, Hetman in HWS is able to make good use also for custom content without any manual RHQ mambo-jumbo. Is used special piece of code, that constructs RHQ set automatically. It is based on assumption, so unit's config is following some typical patterns established by BIS' vanilla configs. Weirdly configured custom units may be misused. Yes, I'm planning to apply this thing as option also for standalone Hetman addon. Hopefully soon; - used settings are stored for the next play. Hit ESC key to restore defaults. - heard, so in A3 1.24 some core artillery control scripting commands are malfunctioning. If so, artillery may not work as intended until this will be fixed by BIS. Mission is released under APL-SA license. Voice acting: DuddBudda, SiC_Disaster, nettrucker. Enjoy the war stories. Rydygier
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    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Hello. No such plans currently, I'm generally not interested in MP and simply do not like MP scripting. If someone would like to try himself... It may be possible with substantial amount of work hours, woulnd't be trivial though, especially around stuff like spectator mode or initial GUI.
  9. In that case it may be a scenario about how wrong shit happens on war. Call it "The fire, that was friendly" or alike. 🙂
  10. Well, when time will allow I'll run some tests with mixed allies&enemies in the zone to see, what happen. If it turns out, that it's accidental (ally crossing the line of fire), I probably can't do much about it though.
  11. On purpose aimed at it, or accidental? Was that VTOL (and anyone in it) indeed of same/allied side to the caller? In the code there's a check of friendliness between entity side and caller unit side. If this was on purpose, and VTOL was indeed allied with the caller, then I need to investigate, what's wrong with that check and then, if I find anything wrong, apply the fix, sure. Just not at once, I'm still busy elsewhere.
  12. Rydygier

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Water of certain depth and usually any kind of "house" just at the water - which usually means piers. Used expression for selectBestPlaces looks like this: _expression = "((waterDepth factor [1,1.4])/(1 + waterDepth)) * ((randomGen(houses factor [0.1,0.6]))/(1 + houses))"; In other words, algorithm prefers depth 1-1.4, the closer to 1.4, the better, but the choice is affected in random-per-point degree by presence of any kind of building close enough. The trick was to keep positions deep enough to make boat float, but shallow enough to allow getting inside without swimming, and with tendency to be located close to the piers, but not colliding with them. Thing is, after one of game updates code became too intensive with high accuracy for Altis, which lead to game crash. This was solved by lowering the accuracy, but this mean, now boat sometimes will collide with a pier or even land on it.
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    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I don't know. Never tested that command with editor-placed "houses". Test if you wish and tell me. 🙂 At the moment no further Pilgrimage version in plans, sadly. If/when there will appear such plan, I wonder, how to make happen, what you request. I would like not to complicate hitch-hiking procedure, but perhaps instead there could be an action on your companion switching, if he should go with Alex or stay. Or perhaps even simplier, no any actions, but he'll stay, if ordered not to follow (assuming, I'll find a command detecting that, I'm unsure about that).
  14. Not sure yet, but preliminary idea would be: when player call CAS, instead of immediate map screen, as it is now, he'll get two mouse actions similar, as for destination choice in transport task, one per variant: current "stationary firing position" CAS pattern and another, based on SAD waypoint (working similar to heli patrols in Pilgrimage). After the variant choice, task proceeds as it is now with map screen etc. Probably variant choice actions will stay there in case, player change his mind on the fly, as it is during the transport. I'll try to make another wip version with this in the scripted version thread after I complete other stuff, I'm doing currently (may take several days...).
  15. Or rather like vanilla "SAD" waypoint behavior... If heli is on the move, can't be used AI-less approach used in current CAS, so such thing would rely on the AI. To smack SAD waypoint at pointed position sounds rather simple, but of course effectiveness of such CAS will be same, as usual for AI-controlled helis - capricious at best against vehicles, abysmal to poor against foot infantry (maybe better with cheating - scripted revealing units).
  16. Rydygier

    Nassau 1715

    It's so cool, finally proper naval warfare in Arma 3!
  17. Tested that - called transport, then raised altitude to > 500 meters. Pilot found the signal wihout any problems. Then tested with modlue and set same initial altitude in module settings. No problems. BTW search is conducted around caller's position (where he was when making the call), not around heli, so heli's altitude also because of that shouldn't matter.
  18. That's intended behavior at this point. Map screen here is for optional flight path customization. Final spot is fixed though.
  19. Introduction A singleplayer, semi-randomized open scenario for Tanoa. You're an alien nanite swarm-based entity survivor, for now in roughly humanoidal shape, that crashed on the deadly planet - water everywhere, very toxic. Your mission was to recon for the Swarm, if your race should invade and consume the planet, or leave it be. But now the first issue is to survive long enough to hunt down The Hunter, rogue sub-entity of The Scout, that caused the crash. The Hunter will try to neutralize The Scout as well. Next task is to clean up all debris from the crashed starship, if doable, to leave no trace of your tech while avoiding detection as long, as possible. Lastly - transmit any recon data and evacuation request to finish the mission. Requires APEX expansion. Download Descent Trajectory 1.03 (Dropbox via Orangedox) Descent Trajectory 1.03 (Steam Workshop) Notes and advices I'm open to good ideas, feedback is appreciated and mission may be enhanced with new features; Recommended settings: >1000 meters of object draw distance for intro and outro, enabled post process effects; DT gameplay differs from typical milsim scenario. Player gets new tools and HUD elements instead of usual soldiering stuff. These are simple to comprehend, but not always self-explanatory, thus I strongly recommend to read briefing entries before first play; The basic tools are: the Probe (action menu), Nano Stroke (melee range, 360 degees attack, free of charge, via LMB (basic shooting action)) and Nano Shot (ranged attack, holding and releasing RMB (temporary zoom action)). The attacks will be disabled, when player uses normal weaponry; Under 0-8 support menu one can find few settings: rate of time passage, autosaves, detector sounds switch; Scenario is highly randomized (in main part in quite peculiar way), thus regardless of initial settings, each gameplay difficulty may differ; GUI font is not very readable for purpose (should look alien at first glance). Don't worry, important informations about discoveries etc. are stored as diary entries with standard font; Combinations of some techs may prove very useful against The Hunter or if you wish to play the Predator; Brain scan tech is crucial for understanding local tongue, but also important as mean to gather valuable recon data, that affects the outcome; The only obligatory tasks are neutralizing The Hunter and Transmitting the signal. All the rest is up to you, but situation, you leave will affect the fate of the planet; You can sprint all the time, if terrain allows, fatigue doesn't apply to The Scout entity; Think about The Swarm as about a super-mind, where each specimen, temporarily separated, independent subswarm entity, represents a thought or pending consideration. Thus the same Swarm or his subswarms may generate subentities of contradictory goals, which represents a mind in doubt, during decission making or cognitive process. Thus we have The Scout and The Hunter, while The Scout has a task to convince The Swarmm to change its mind via new data; Chances for further mission development depend on level of interest around this scenario, which is indicated by amount of feedback. Especially proposed ideas and bug reports are appreciated; Known issues: due to Arma engine limitation, for "NAKED VR" avatar Active Camo tech may work only partially, if The Scout and The Hunter will use it simultanously. To Do waiting for requests and ideas... Changelog Terms of Use
  20. Hm. Logical conclusion would be: search for flare/smoke object is 3D, so altitude matters. But it isn't: _nO = nearestObjects [_pos, [], _radius,true]; Where "true" means 2D mode according to BIKI. So that's unexpected, altitude shouldn't change anything. If however search radius would be 3D, then increasing RYD_HAS_SignalSearchRadius value should make a difference. I guess, I need to test that next week. Thing is, by default this value indeed is equal to 150. Weird.
  21. Perhaps try without GAIA and with HAS, then again, with GAIA, but without HAS. Comparing results should shed some light. For sure in HAS heli shouldn't fly anywhere without prior request (and doesn't in demo scenarios, I hope).
  22. Don't know GAIA too well, but first, that came to my mind was to exclude HAS helis from GAIA control. If not possible - do not use GAIA together with HAS. AI mods tend to interfere each other. If GAIA offeres functionality similar to HAS, then conflicts seem inevitable. Pick one. Don't know about GAIA, but better do not do that in HAS.
  23. Rydygier

    Music Recommendations

    Newest WW2 Sabaton - Bismarck. Includes really well made cinematics.
  24. Rydygier

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    You aren't. If deserve (indeed, a man deserves a payment for his useful work if he wants it), why shouldn't expect? That's between BI and DLC authors. Apparently they think otherwise, since they came to an agreement. Therefore uses work done by BI staff and wouldn't exist without it. Also BI acts as a publisher. Is publisher's work worthless? Free stuff may be not replaced by paid here. BTW note history of Iron Front, quite interesting. Some was angry and affraid because of MANW. "End of community" they prophesied.