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  1. Corvinus

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Since the campaign isn't about North Vietnamese, I'm not interested. Would've liked to play as a good guy for once.
  2. Corvinus

    Arma3 Videos

    @Cpt.Marlowe Awesome stuff. Armachinima podium grade, IMO.
  3. Corvinus

    How to attack as pilot in helicopter? I'm lost

    Oh, I'm afraid I don't know. Not much of a pilot myself.
  4. Corvinus

    How to attack as pilot in helicopter? I'm lost

    In addition to already posted useful advises I would add that DAGR rockets that Orca is armed with are only ... well lets call it "semi-guided" - they can correct their fly-path only so (since in real life it's just an unguided rocket with a precision upgrade package). That means that in-game you have to point the helicopter nose pretty much on target when you shoot the rocket or you'd miss even if you have a lock-on.
  5. Corvinus

    Armachinima: your evaluation systems and votes

    That's some really elaborate process. Mine was much simpler - a name and a snapshot would decide if I'm going to watch the video at all, and after that I just took tree finalists from all the videos I watched based on: 1.) Original idea and nice execution of it. 2.) Impressive directing. 3.) Proper story, interwoven into Arma lore; and a very good voice acting on a professional level.
  6. I won't call myself an Ace Combat fan (though there are some aspects of the series I appreciate and enjoy) but when just a couple of days ago I found out about this game by a pure accident, it somehow managed to immediately grab my attention. Probably because, while it is still in early alpha and therefore there's a noticeable lack of content (four planes, one mission), it already possesses a solid, playable and enjoyable gameplay. Graphics (though as a player I never cared much about graphics) are on a quite satisfactory level (it's UE4), no noticeable bugs, FPS are high and stable and there're some nice features built-in already - like changing FOV by simply scrolling a mouse wheel or pretty good mouse control regime. Right now you can get it for free here: https://rb-d2.itch.io/wingman For the lack of trailers and teasers here's some raw gameplay footage:
  7. This distortion actually looks pretty aesthetic. May be instead of getting rid of it completely, you could utilize it somehow, for example as a hit location indicator (i.e. if enemy's rounds come from the left side the left side of the HUD's circle would be distorted, if the vehicle is being shot from the back then the lower side would be distorted etc).
  8. I'm not sure if my remark is needed, but "Vympel" belongs to the FSB as well.
  9. Something along these lines?
  10. Corvinus

    Russian army and HESCO barrier/bastion

    And yet MoD tested them and buys them. Obviously I wasn't talking about gabions made by HESCO company in particular, but rather about gabions in general.
  11. Corvinus

    "Assault Copter' The Mi-28 and Mi-24.

    I based my post on data from the well known (and now defunct) "Ryadovoy-K" forum. About your points on VSS, RPG and elite troops - please note that the subject is a standard reconnaissance squad (of a reconnaissance battalion of a regular motorized infantry brigade), not motorized infantry squad nor spetsnaz group. Here is link with soldiers of a regular brigade being issued AS "Val" and SVD-S rifles. Also I wouldn't call R-168 or LRP-2 "high tech".
  12. Corvinus

    "Assault Copter' The Mi-28 and Mi-24.

    I'm not an expert to any extent, but I believe two Hinds would be more plausible. In Afghanistan standard spetsnaz practice was two Mi-8 with troops (and their crews would often demount rocket pods from them in order to save some weight) and two Mi-24 acting like fire support. Sure.
  13. Corvinus

    "Assault Copter' The Mi-28 and Mi-24.

    Regarding helos - angel24marin is right, it's either troops transport or attacking runs, Mi-24 can't do both at the same time. Regarding recon squads - if we are talking about squads of a regular brigade's recon battalion, than I don't think it's much different in structure to a regular motorized squad. Here's an approximate structure: - Squad's commander - AK-74M / sergeant - Senior scout (i.e. assistant squad commander and a fireteam leader) - VSS / yefreitor - Scout - AK-74M / private - Scout - AK-74M / private - Scout Sapper - AK-74M plus mine detector / private - Scout Machine-gunner - PKP / private - Scout Sniper - SVD-S / private - Driver - GAZ "Tigr" / private In addition to their personal weapons these guys also carry bunch of radios (R-168 family), one portable laser rangefinder (LPR-2) and one portable thermal imager (TPN-1) plus they can be augmented by personnel and equipment from the other specialized units of the battalion, for example a portable ground radar (like PSNR-8M) and its crew from a technical reconnaissance company.
  14. Corvinus

    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    Well, I wasn't really talking about player-made campaigns or even official campaigns of Arma in particular. Just mused how things should be in (realistic) games in general (thus "offtopic").