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  1. This has been one of my favorite mods in the recent years. So enjoyable to follow and check out the new awesome screenshots and details! @slatts A huge thank you for your amazing contributions throughout the years to the Arma community. Hope you're doing well, buddy. See you later!
  2. Hello CSLA team! @EMSI @MAA I'm back to the forums after a very long time (although I've been playing Arma 3 during that period quite consistently (to my own standards)). Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for your amazing efforts in creating one of the best Arma 3 Creator DLCs, CSLA Iron Curtain! Hope to see more updates coming for it soon! And, as always - take care and good luck! kaject out.
  3. The map looks excellent! I love the attention to detail in the forests, reminds of the changes DayZ devs are currently working on remastering the forests of Chernarus :) Btw, I'd love to see a full HD quality 60 FPS CSLA gameplay video. AFAIR, Jeza specializes in doing great gameplay videos with top-notch quality and framerate mostly without any commentary, so maybe you could get in touch with him? :) (https://www.youtube.com/user/JezaGooner/videos)
  4. Hey Mad, what a lovely mod, I must say! It's become one of those extremely pleasant discoveries when I accidentally spotted it and decided to take on a trailer ;) Blew me away! One thing I'd like to request (if it's not too much, ofc) - could you share your AI suppression at a certain spot script with others? I'd love to implement it into a mission I'm working on. Thanks a million, mate!
  5. The devs have explained long time ago that map object IDs are currently unreliable and to make them so is a daunting task. So, use nearestObject for identification instead. Using it myself.
  6. kaject

    Intro SQF file error!

    Your script tries to use Purista font which has been removed from the game. :D I think that's the prob.
  7. kaject

    Small Object Placement on Surfaces

    Can you make a video or a GIF of how are you trying to put those object on a table? Perhaps you're simply doing it wrong.
  8. I know the way around destroying buildings / veg with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/nearestObject ; However, populating an annihilated town on Altis is an issue because I haven't found a way to destroy building / veg in Eden. A workflow of destruction scripts + Zeus for object placement, export to script and then spawning after the said destruction script is known and working. But I'm looking for something Eden related because it's so much better (the dynamic item search, yeah!) than Zeus.
  9. kaject

    Armaholic corner for CWA?!

    Since our old and beloved OFP became completely a property of BIS after an update in the middle of June, shouldn't Foxhound inform community about newest add-on, mod releases of A:CWA? I approach this suggestion as a personal choice of main admin Foxhound and a dificult question of addtional budget increase per month. But, after all, maybe it is possible to come up with any proper solution and familiarize people with A:CWA content? (For example, recently released WW4 2.5, single JdB add-ons and such.) Such section for revising latest user-made content for CWA would be great. That's simply my opinion in this matter. Now, what is yours? P.S.: It might be that I didn't look into some neccessary requirements, but... OFP already has Arma logo for more than 3 months. Guess its time has come!
  10. kaject

    User mission requests!

    @fret: here is what you probably asked for - http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=116308 Searching option is your friend, anyway.
  11. kaject

    JdB Addon Releases

    Cool releases, mate. I haven't noticed this page before, but now I see that most of the stuff can be used properly for a good portion of missions or simply to have fun. Congratulations, I think everyone's effort to support OFP after 10 years should be very appreciated. That's how things always works in community of most legendary and modable games.
  12. Salad, can you find "User" folder in CWA installation directory? Simply delete it to set all settings to default values and launch the game. If you can't find mentioned folder, try to disable security settings on CWA dir that it would let you to modify content of all folders in the way you want. It's a simple problem, which is relevant to Vista/W7 users.
  13. kaject

    Mission requests and ideas

    You can always check www.OFPEC.com mission's depot to find any of creations that suit given requirements. Also, ofp.gamepark.cz would be helpful, there's some great campaigns with BAS units.
  14. AFAIK, it should be increased hostile AI skill, if you choose harder difficulty. That's the only logical explanation of it's existence, except, as you've mentioned, bigger/fewer amount of enemies.
  15. kaject

    [CAMP][SP][A2][UNS] Operation Lowlands

    There you go, Kommietkat (decided to upload by myself) - http://www.multiupload.com/3PTWMMU8LX BTW, you can always switch to the next browser to make Megaupload working properly.
  16. kaject

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Speaking of GC, it looks very promising so far. Traditionally, we should get not only new Arma 3 screenies, but gameplay videos, too. E3 presentation of the game was well-made and GC will offer even more beauty of Lemnos.
  17. kaject

    Disabled tanks

    Logically thinking about AI behaviour, it is enough just to make a vehicle unmoveable (!(canmove "name")). Crew/any infantry inside will instantly get out, they won't come back, no matter a repair truck is close. So, IMO, a specific script isn't required, you have to stop armor completely and that would probably solve problem. No enemy resistance left, that's all. Sorry, if I've misunderstood your requirements.
  18. kaject

    [SP] [OFP] Operation Jeronimo

    I've played v1.2 recently. Here's my thoughts: Intro is quite good. Actually, I missed satelite picture in the center of camera, also Bin Laden's position in the city when US system's spotted him was ridiculous. It made me to think "Bin Laden wouldn't be so silly in reality". Try to fix this thing by setting him in cover (building, augmented area, between walls, etc.) and maybe you should modify intro as it is told that only secret informator, which, for example, works for US army and earns great money, reported about possible Bin Laden's setlement in the town player's squad is about to storm. IMO, this would make mission more realistic, because it's not possible to locate most wanted terrorists leader using satelite. Also, you can use random position script to change BL location every time mission starts. Replayability will increase because of it. Random patrols around the area would be perfect, too. Add an additional objective like 'destroy ammo/fuel/whatever supplies' or 'retrieve very secret and important documents from BL's house'. Maybe both. It's your decision to make. Outro has a problem - it doesn't end, you probably forgot to eliminate black screen by the end of it and destroy camera. Or maybe... just put End #1 trigger. Well, good luck with this. It has potential, but still needs work.
  19. kaject


    Create a trigger and simply write these lines into 'On Activation' field: "1" ObjStatus "done"; hint "any text you want to show up at the upper left corner"; "1" means the number of objective. Also, "done" can be changed to these definitions: "active"; "hidden"; "failed";
  20. kaject

    WW4 Modpack 2.1

    Great news, Sanc. ECP integration in 3.0 would an awesome improvement, compared to all previous versions. But, as I've understood from what you said, it won't come fast, right? Sounds like in autumn, targeting Oct-Nov release. Am I right? Actually, I wanted to ask about WW4 servers on OFP MP. Is there anyone alive running at least one of them? I would like to join a group, which is dedicated to get some realistic fun someday. Just call me in with PM or so.
  21. kaject

    [SP] [OFP] Operation Jeronimo

    In my logic, the less add-ons you're able to use, the better mission becomes. It's always great to avoid unneccesary downloads, especially when you don't have enough time to search internet or some file cannot be accessed correctly due to problems on specific website. MP compability, of course, increases variety of modes and it really adds more fun when you're in a group with good people, who prefer teamwork mostly, not lone-wolfing. IMO, it's always great to see SP mission, which also can be played on co-op. Try to make your missions more avaiable to majority of players, unless throwing add-ons away drastically would affect quality and enjoyablity of the mission. Personally, I do not prefer such downgrade due to people wishes. Mostly, it's your choice.
  22. Personally, that civilian with changed clothes doesn't ruin an impression of comic to me in overall. On the other hand, it's good to hear that you have a setting planned for more enjoyable packs of funny pics and thoughts like the first. I'm looking forward, of course. P.S.: I have some ideas about other type of comics, those been in my head for a long time, just haven't got around to get enough time to concentrate and start making everything what was really needed. Also, lack of experience blocks the way.
  23. kaject

    [Coop53] Black Hawk Down

    It is recommended to edit your first post in this thread and add a download link there, as most folks do. Actually, it's a rule. You should also provide more info about mission content in a constructive way. Check other author's threads to find an example.
  24. A bit of Google magic and here it is - a stable Six Updater version, which will help you to solve all updating things... http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13213 @Chammy: if you would like to find new friendly people and have serious fun with them meeting on specific time, spare your time on co-op and try to look up for a decent clan, which suits your priorities best. It's quite important to have a stable ping, if you want to enjoy other modes - especially PvP action (no one likes to lose nowadays... hm, well, exceptions still exist, though).
  25. kaject

    OFP Addon request thread

    According to your solution, Run, radio messages will still play, only player(s) won't be able to hear them. As I've understood Drake's request, he wants radio to be disabled at all - text, regarding orders of a group or messages through different side/global channels, will pop up faster without any need of playing a sound somewhere in OFP's 'stomach'. Sadly, I don't know what to advise in this case.