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    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Yeah, I've had the same issue on development branch for a long time, too bad it didn't get fixed before stable was released. Anyway I finally got to try the 2.0 version before the update and it's awesome, the spider zombies are super creepy. Good job.
  2. artsi

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    The animations are looking nice, and the new spawner is great. Awesome progress.
  3. artsi

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    This mod is awesome, thank you. Since Arma 3 released I've been waiting for a mod that is like Charon's Undead Mod for Arma 2, just place zombies in the editor and play without any BS. This feels like it fills the need nicely and I had much fun playing with it, just writing this post hoping continued development.
  4. Maybe you're CPU limited. I got a big boost when I upgraded my i7-860 to i7-4790K. I have GTX 780.
  5. artsi

    Jurassic Arma - Raptor Pack

    Great mod, thanks. Can't wait to see other dinosaur types. Sorry for the off-topic but is there any info how to get zombie units from BP into the editor? I've been looking for something like Charon's Undead Mod for a long time.
  6. Agreed, I liked these a lot more than the current ones.
  7. Door sounds are a good addition, nice work.
  8. Good headphone setup does really sound amazing if you can't afford or use a proper speaker + subwoofer setup. When I play on my workstation I use Sennheiser HD 650 cans and DacMagic Plus as a DAC / amplifier and it's great, I get a really immersive experience when playing. When action starts nothing beats the feeling of bass in your ass from a good subwoofer, but my wife doesn't approve it late at night so... headphones it is.
  9. Yeah it's like they made 3/4 of the campaign (which was great) and then just lost all the ambition and motivation towards the end.
  10. My words exactly. I chose the Miller path, and when the credits started rolling I was really disappointed. I expected a proper wrap up. Then I get a new mission, "Phew they were just fucking around with me, it was only the beginning". Then a disappointment again. This conclusion wasn't what I waited for months and months.
  11. artsi

    Altis map - planned changes

    Nice to see additions and improvements to the map even after release. :)
  12. Anyone care to explain what this does in practice?
  13. artsi

    Stratis Life - Police offroad

    http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?169-ARMA-3-BETA-EDITING Just waiting for them to drop the BETA from forum names :)
  14. Looks like the next development branch update won't be coming until monday. Quite disappointing since it took many steps back yesterday :(
  15. Great addon! I've really needed this since Arma 3 is lacking a proper ambient civilians module.
  16. I think a police version of the SUV would be a cool addition. Maybe should try to mod one myself :)
  17. This looks promising. Are you planning to include zombies that are usable in the editor?
  18. I missed a police car, where can I find it?
  19. I thought that the 32bit fix only increased the maxmem parameter by default on 32bit systems? If so, it would be very strange to affect 64bit systems in any way.
  20. artsi

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    Yes, at least the door and gate sounds would be great and bring more immersion.
  21. artsi

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    I was a bit disappointed when loading screen advertised lush pine forests somewhere, and when I go there it's more like a park than a forest. More trees please :)
  22. artsi

    Too many destroyed cars in Altis

    I don't mind a wreck here and there, but I also think the overall amount is too many at the moment.
  23. Is there another update coming later today, or should we wait for tomorrow?
  24. Some special forces action with the new beta recon units.