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  1. [KBS]snajdan

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Cant delete unit profile headers or any other pictures under media
  2. [KBS]snajdan

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    wow, nice sounds, keep up the great work for the a3 community
  3. [KBS]snajdan

    Apex Weapon Feedback

    The Optics on the SPAR-16/S/GL is a little bit near to the front = little bit ugly look. Take the SPAR-17 and the optics looks quite better places. Would be nice if you could merge them like the SPAR-17 and center it over the magazine!+ Another Thing, like for the MX, MXC and Katiba and Katiba Carabine, why not a SPAR-16 with the long barrel and one SPAR-16c for a compact version with the short barrel? Here Screenshot example: AK-12 with 7,62mm, is it possible to implement a lighter 5,45mm version, too? Since ArmA3-Vanilla the silencer looking so damn ugly like long black dildos. For an example look at the Type 115 silencer. Thats hot and sexy :-) Don't understand me wrong i like what BIS did with arma3 and the dlc and now the expansion, thats the arguement why i spend over 6000 hours in arma3. But APEX looks a bit like a 50% not so exactly thought-out solutions/ideas. But this is a development version and i believe there will be many changes/fixes coming due to community feedback. Keep up the great work!
  4. [KBS]snajdan

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    AK-12 with 7,62mm? cmon guys @ BIS...original this weapon has 5,45mm! SPAR-16/S/GL: the optics on the weapon have been placed something too far into the front and looks really ugly, the spar-17 hasn't this "fail looking optics", place them more centered above tha magazine! For my opinion the vanilla silencers are really ugly and remember me of long black dildos. Why no silcener types like the one from T-115?? short and really sexy! *yum* *yum* Screenshot ingame: Here the SPAR-17 and this looks really good!!!! do it like for the SPAR-17 For the Blackfish passenger variant, you can throw nades and shoot from the inner passenger cockpit seats?_? another questions for the blackfash, there is a camera but how to use this? Co-Pilot have not this feature! The Prowler sounds a bit weird in acceleration and switching gear up. The new NVG's really that hard op full thermal vision screen over the whole pc monitor? Overhaul it so it looks like an nv screen with the black borders around the lense.
  5. [KBS]snajdan

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    one questions...if apex getting released, how we can get the texture files for the vehicles for retextures
  6. [KBS]snajdan

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    The new Feature with the Tactical Ping, could you please implement a new animation like tactical ping = showing your fingers along your ping location? Ok maybe its a bit from stealing from ACE :o
  7. [KBS]snajdan

    BattlEye service implementation

    is not working for me :/ edit2: nevermind -usebe is working >_>
  8. [KBS]snajdan

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    whats the name for the endgame map/mode for my server.cfg??
  9. [KBS]snajdan

    Marksmen DLC Weapon Feedback

    For the DLC whats about to rework the 5,56mm, 6,5mm and 7,62mm Suppressors. The new ones looking so damn nice against the old long black dildo's :O Please Please do a rework of them!
  10. [KBS]snajdan

    CBA - Community Base Addons - ARMA 3

    CBA A3 with latest arma3 update makes the hatchback sport into a normal hatchback o_O
  11. im using all HLC addons and these kind of error appears only with activated mp5
  12. Warning Message: Error: creating weapon muzzle_snds_L with scope=private if i using your MP5 pack on my server and the mission get new loaded it stucks because the server cant close the "error". If im reconnect and reload the mission, the error appears for me and i can close it and spawning is possible :O
  13. [KBS]snajdan

    Primer for new vehicle simulation

    i don't know if its the right place but is there a more explanation in detail how the fuelConsumptionRate vs. fuelcapacity works? I tried for the HEMTT following ( only for testing to understand the consumptionrate ) fuelCapacity = 285; fuelConsumptionRate = 15000; and it seems the fuel goes not so down like the original ones....but its funny, if im funny and using a fuel capacity from 22 litre and a consumptionrate of 1500, my tempest got a max distance of 46,15 km ( Im trying to get a higher consumption for altis life, because within my 6 hours serverperiode and a "need to pay to refuel -> fuel stations" script its better to have a higher consumption ) but for a truck a capacity of 22 is redicolous, it should show more "realistic" capacity
  14. and again a nice work from you mr.favouritemapdesigner.. i wish i could do mapping :(