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  1. kawa

    Knock on Vehicles

    Next one is on Heaven's door, right? Sorry, had to... Thank you J, it's creative and simple, both of your addons.
  2. Bnae, love your models, awesome LODs. what about a machine gun with a proper animation for barrel change? Might be a weirdo but I think a field cleaning animation would be great to have ingame too. Edit : VHS K2 Bullpup looks gorgeous, may fit in quite nicely in ArmAverse, don't you think ? http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2016/10/21/vhs-k2-bullpup-iraq/
  3. Fred41, would you recommend your tbbmaloc to be used by the clients too?
  4. Well, I guess that it depends what pictures you are looking but, hey, it's your mod then your call mate, no sweat. I've got my plate full already but if you don't find someone to make you the optional config, shoot me a PM, I'll have to do it anyway for my squad (we do use HLC). All the best Marven!
  5. About to start an MP campaign on Fallujah and your addon is simply spot on, keep reading my mind Marven! :cool: Could you please give the IS guys other shoes than white Air Max? If you are going to include additional config, may I suggest to config some heavies from Reyhard's tank pack? Afaik, IS captured some armored vehicles from Iraqi army and my pilots need something to eat for breakfast you know. ^^
  6. kawa

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hello Tansvanio, try to add them with a "items" line, eg: backpack = ""; items[] = {"AGM_Bandage","AGM_Bandage","AGM_Bandage","AGM_Bandage","AGM_Morphine","AGM_Morphine","AGM_EarBuds"}; weapons[] = {"kio_l85a2_s","Throw","Put","AGM_Vector"}; @Dsolation, it's working all fine here, The issue probably is on your side. Could you please post your Arma3.cfg file (found in folder C:\Users\[YOURUSERNAME]\Documents\Arma 3)?
  7. kawa

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Here's a cookie for all frenchies around, la_Vieille translated the vector manual to French: http://11rdp.fr/rdp/docs/FR_VectorIV_Instructions.pdf Enjoy! @rakowozz: thanks a lot!
  8. kawa

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Thanks again Ferenczi.
  9. kawa

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Awesome! Nagyon szépen köszönöm Ferenczi! szerelő-jármű seems to be correct here. Eg. "AMX 30 D: szerelő-jármű". http://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMX-30 I assume that (légvédelmi) is correct for the AntiAir version. (Was easy to find now that you put me on the right path ;) ).
  10. kawa

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Would anyone have working http download links for rev 1.14 RC1?
  11. kawa

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Muito obrigado MikeTim, Большое ÑпаÑибо Amateur! Your both help is invaluable to me, my language skills sucks (one only need to know some English keywords to make a proficient usage of pron search engines worldwide after all)! ;)
  12. kawa

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    If there's any Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian native speaker around, please take a look at that proposal on AGM's Github: HU, IT, PT, RU entries + minor FR, SP, PL fixes. https://github.com/KoffeinFlummi/AGM/pull/1063 I'm not fluent in these language, I did my best googleing around to make it more enjoyable to play with your than in plain English. If you can't go on Github, could you please tell if that looks correct to you? <English>XM312 (High)</English> <Russian>XM312 (выÑоко)</Russian> <Portuguese>XM312 (Alto)</Portuguese> <Hungarian>XM312 (Emelt)</Hungarian> <English>Mini-Spike Launcher (AT)</English> <Russian>Mini-Spike гранатомет (ПТРК)</Russian> <Portuguese>Mini-Spike Lançador (AT)</Portuguese> <English>HEMTT Transport</English> <Russian>HEMTT ТранÑпортный</Russian> <Portuguese>HEMTT Transportar</Portuguese> <Hungarian>HEMTT Közlekedés</Hungarian> <English>HEMTT Transport (covered)</English> <Russian>HEMTT ТранÑпортный (крытый)</Russian> <Portuguese>HEMTT Transportar (coberta)</Portuguese> <Hungarian>HEMTT Közlekedés (fedett)</Hungarian> <English>HEMTT Container</English> <Russian>HEMTT Контейнер</Russian> <Portuguese>HEMTT Contêiner</Portuguese> <Hungarian>HEMTT Konténer</Hungarian> <English>HEMTT Medical</English> <Russian>HEMTT МедицинÑкий</Russian> <Portuguese>HEMTT Médico</Portuguese> <Hungarian>HEMTT Medikus</Hungarian> <English>HEMTT Ammo</English> <Russian>HEMTT БоеприпаÑÑ‹</Russian> <Portuguese>HEMTT Munição</Portuguese> <Hungarian>HEMTT Muníció</Hungarian> <English>HEMTT Fuel</English> <Russian>HEMTT Заправщик</Russian> <Portuguese>HEMTT Combustível</Portuguese> <Hungarian>HEMTT Ãœzemanyag</Hungarian> <English>HEMTT Repair</English> <Russian>HEMTT Ремонт</Russian> <Portuguese>HEMTT Reparo</Portuguese> <Hungarian>HEMTT Kijavítás</Hungarian> <English>Typhoon Device</English> <Russian>Тайфун Техника</Russian> <Portuguese>Typhoon Aparelho</Portuguese> <Hungarian>Typhoon Berendezés</Hungarian <English>AW159 Wildcat (unarmed)</English> <Portuguese>AW159 Wildcat (desarmadas)</Portuguese> <Hungarian>AW159 Wildcat (fegyvertelen)</Hungarian> ** Translation not found at all: <Hungarian>Mini-Spike Launcher (AT)</Hungarian> <Portuguese>M183 Demolition Charge Assembly</Portuguese> <Hungarian>M183 Demolition Charge Assembly</Hungarian> <Russian>M112 Demolition Block</Russian> <Portuguese>M112 Demolition Block</Portuguese> <Hungarian>M112 Demolition Block</Hungarian> <Hungarian>M67 Fragmentation Grenade</Hungarian> <Hungarian>M83 Smoke Grenade (Fehér)</Hungarian> (hopefully I got the color right at least) <Hungarian>M15 Anti-Tank Mine</Hungarian> <Hungarian>VS-50 Anti-Personnel Mine</Hungarian> <Hungarian>M26 Anti-Personnel Bounding Mine</Hungarian> <Portuguese>PMR-3 Anti-Personnel Tripwire Mine</Portuguese> <Hungarian>PMR-3 Anti-Personnel Tripwire Mine</Hungarian> Thanks for any help you could provide.
  13. Would anybody have Israeli Apache and Iranian Cobra textures?