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  1. Hi ACRE***Team. I am a big enthusiast of the Antenna features as they are described on your wiki. Unfortunately, the wiki of yours seems a bit outdated, as it claims that the most recent version is the STABLE. Now my question. errr… My questions rather… Are the infos about the antennas still correct ? Is it possible to get the Directivity diagram of the 13" Antenna ? What is the antenna's type of the new PRC introduced with the Arma3 version of ACRE ? Are you still working on Directionnal Antennas ? Will there be some updates about Antennas in the future, wether it be in the ACRE***engine itself or on the Antennas page in the wiki ? Sorry, there is a lot of questions, but… You know… Some guys makes a wonderful job and this job generates sometime some enthusiasm among the users. I'm definitely one of these users ;)
  2. Got the same problem : a friend of mine wast just keeping crashing quickly after launch (less than 1 minute or 2). As soon as I released a new version of the mission, he just stopped crashing. No clues about the reason of this problem.
  3. la_Vieille

    Combat Medical System

    As a lot of people there, I was expecting that such a marvel came out. I am now expecting that the marvel you are working on come out soon ^_^ I was really disapointed by the ACE medical system, that didn't add a lot more to the vanilla system, particularly when you compare it to the medical system implemented in America'sArmy 2 and 3 video game : no choices are offered to the player, no investigation ... Medical Units are crucial and could offer a lot of interesting gameplay and you seems to be decided to offer this gameplay to us (with a nice user interface), so ... Please continue the good work you are actually doing ! Thread subscribed.
  4. Works like a charm, thanks :D
  5. Hi Rydygier. Thanks for your quick reply.For now, I simply declare the LeaderName in a new array named Excluded and then include all groups on the map in the RydHQ_Included with additional check that ignores the group whose LeaderName is in the Excluded array. Works fine. But I definitely have to try the RydHQ_ExcludedG as soon as I launch the Editor and to test if the RydHQ_ExInfo works as expected with this array. Thanks again for the direction :)
  6. Hi Rydygier ! Please receive this three comments from the newbie I am : - the second link on the HAC armaholic page delivers a 1.32 corrupted zip file - why do you named HAC this way and didnt chose to name it : Hetman Artificial Leader ? Does using HAL infringes the copyrights of "2001, Space Odyssey" ? - desesperatly how hard I try, I have an error with the RydHQ_Excluded Array. (from init.sqf): I have this error : No doubt I am doing something wrong, because from what I read in the user manual, but please Rydygier, could you direct me toward the right direction ?
  7. la_Vieille

    Deadfast's Stance Indicator

    Nice addon, more usefull than the default ACE stance indicator. Thanks guy !
  8. Thanks for this script Rydygier :)