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  1. rakowozz

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Same here. Took a quick look, but I couldn't track down what's causing the unit to be perceived as a number (especially when default variable for getVariable is boolean).
  2. Not disliking the font itself, but it's really annoying that my structured text in dialogs is now somewhat misaligned...
  3. rakowozz

    BackFromUAV Action

    Yeah, absolutely! Took me a while to remember that. Been a while since I've even opened Arma haha Thank you
  4. rakowozz

    BackFromUAV Action

    Well, nothing that can't be done with switchCamera!
  5. Hey, everyone. Having used player action ["SwitchToUAVGunner", uav] to put a player as the UAV gunner, I can't terminate it automatically with uav action ["BackFromUav", player]; Is this action not working or am I potentially missing something here?
  6. The Arma community is dead because nobody has had the time to reply to your thread about a somewhat complex script in less than 48 hours? Most people haven't even seen the thread yet! I'd love to look into this if I had the time, give my two cents. In fact, I wish I could script all day long. I'm sure someone with that precious resource available (time) will come around one of these days ;)
  7. I don't know, I don't think I'm able to launch the game without this again. At first I was slightly skeptical, but wow... does it look good. Especially during the day!
  8. typeOf Obj_1; //returns string: "EmptyDetector"
  9. Impressive terrain, guys! Can't not see it now :lol:
  10. If Arma depended on their latest SP campaign (East Wind) to sell the game, I know I wouldn't buy it. Hated every second of it - it's a strong word, but it's not often I use it do describe a game. Bootcamp update short campaign felt like a major improvement to me, though. I saw a lot of wasted potential in the main campaign, and it's great news it'll be co-op this time. If executed right, they absolutely can integrate a better storyline (where it's not difficult to improve on, considering the last effort).
  11. Apart from the now overhauled BIS_fnc_MP and BIS_fnc_param and, of course, addStackedEventHandler, I'm a heavy dirTo and advHint user. Since this last one is mainly ornamental and since I can't recall any possible improvements to suggest, all I can ask for the moment is maintenance of backwards compatibility! I can sense this thread becoming very popular :)
  12. Don't use time, it won't be reliable in MP. Since time of day became more reliably synchronized some updates ago, you should probably use daytime. if (daytime >= 15.5) then { };
  13. But have you tried rearranging your vehicles/units in mission.sqm so you exclude the mod classnames manually? Say you have under class Vehicles: class Item25 { position[]={2500,5,2000}; azimut=240; offsetY=-4.7683699e-007; id=28; side="EMPTY"; vehicle="Land_CncWall4_F"; skill=0.40000001; }; And suppose "Land_CncWall4_F" is an addon. Replace it with a valid classname to avoid having to renumber everything.
  14. Okay, so I put together some quick and dirty code (emphasis on quick). It shouldn't be overwriting any TFAR variables or keybinds, which would be terrible. Some tweaking may be necessary. Here's how it is right now: - Ctrl + Shift + Tab toggles Auto Speaking Volume. It detects gunfire up to 50 meters away. - If enabled, volumes can still be manually selected with Ctrl + Tab (TFAR default). - Manually selected volumes (whispering/normal) will be used when not in a firefight. - Volume is set to "yelling" by default when entering a vehicle, where it can also be manually adjusted. - Silenced gunfire is ignored by the Event Handler. - Does not influence radio transmission volume, as always. Example mission - TFAR Auto Volume v0.1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2dp9znraivi25rm/AutoSpeakVol.Stratis.zip?dl=0 If anyone is interested, please feel free to adapt/change/improve this!
  15. Hey, everyone. Before I start coding anything, is there a feature somewhere where the direct speech volume automatically switches to "yelling" if you're in a firefight? Often times teammates will forget and leave it at whispering, and you can't hear anything they say during combat. I had this idea earlier, and will maybe write something down if it doesn't turn out too performance consuming. Is there such a thing somewhere already?