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  1. after the gamespy shutdown there are no arma 1 servers to be found is there any plans of a pach to fix this like it has been done with arma 2 or is there any other way to do this ?
  2. pressytcn

    this needs a fix

    before update 163 we could enable a beta patch that removed all dayz related servers it's frustrating having to deal with this everytime i know about filters and remote ip's but it doesn't do the job propaly we still have to sift through 1000's of dayz servers https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9396191/ArmA2OA%202015-04-10%2021-43-04-764.jpg
  3. pressytcn

    Agm vs cse vs ace

    ace is the goto mod for realism agm has some realistic aspects but nothing close to the original ace experience i hope to see ace for arma 3 one day but i seriusly doubt it i've heard roumers that sugest it might surface when the make arma not war is over but only time will tell maybe they're waiting for arma 3 to be finished
  4. I'm using the latest version of CWR and the latest version of the campaign
  5. im having this issue when it tries to start the next mission i think it's called assasination
  6. when browsing through the servers the only thing showing is dayz dayz dayz it would be nice to have a beta pach fixing that like you did before under patch 162 because it's nearly impossible to find a server or gamemode without having to google and then type in the ip or specifik servername
  7. pressytcn

    Boeing/SOAR MH-47E ArmA III

    very nice but why does it have 6.5 in the m134 instead of 7.62?
  8. the only thing i realy want changed is the pandur in the acr dlc it still can't swim but it does so fine in arma 3
  9. i often experience that people in atv can ram heavy armour from behind the atv blows up and take the armour with it in the blast this is a serius issue as it takes the fun out of playing when hords of atv's ram armour it's bouth anoying and unrealistic it must be fixed
  10. a great tool but i find it anoying that everytime i uncheck a mod group it unchecks all mods in that group instead of just unchecking the group but leaving the mods checked
  11. i am trying to figure out how to update multible mods and how to see outdated mods how and where do i do that ?
  12. that would be a good idea i know that snipers hate kill cams in other games cause it reveals their possition
  13. it sure sounds like it if the video dont open at the current time fast forward to 9:18 :cool:
  14. nice but i'm afraid that kill cam will ruin the stealth element that arma has
  15. how do i login as admin i know that in arma 2 you could press alt+p or use the menu in the map but i can't find it anywhere in arma 3
  16. pressytcn

    Arma 3 Mod Preset Launcher

    it's working but you should consider adding the option to setup the mods in groups such as this effects or any name desired inthere you can put blastcore jsrs or other such mods system where you can add mods like bipod or simular mods here is a picture to show you what i mean
  17. working bipods it can be done they done it for dayz it is one of the most important features to have
  18. pressytcn

    How can i use the Bipod ?

    we should have it Dayz standalone has it build in i know they are 2 different games but if the dayz game can do it why can't the arma games do it by default, i know there are mods that do it wich most servers doesn't allow anyway
  19. it tells me to set user action 3 but i don't have 3 i have from 4 and up
  20. from the looks of it it looks good but why is my gear getting removed constantly it says it the wrong faction but it's the default gear also i cant make the squad and interaction key work
  21. pressytcn

    DayZ: Hard Corps with ACE

    this causes a problem after install i am getting the following error when trying to host a mp game mode include file z\addons\dayz_code\system\mission\description.sqf it still happens even after a complete reinistall of the game here is a video that shows what happens solved removed the mission file from the MPMissionsCache folder
  22. very nice mod it's great to see some female soldiers to the game but to be hornest they look kind of chuppy and barbie like it would be nice to see somthing a little more like these