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  1. Yes, I think this addon was responsible: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=11421
  2. Never mind. Thank you for your great mod :D
  3. Spawning as gunner in BTR-40/152 is buggy
  4. Looking very good, outstanding work!
  5. Looks very promising, keep it up!
  6. onfire

    FRL_Air mod WIP

    Great work, as usual!
  7. Thanks you for your great work! Really enjoying it.
  8. The issue I have is that the bushes are working a bit too well, making friend or foe recognition and identification very difficult, I had a mission as USMC M1A2 raiding together with CDF tanks a Chedaki outpost and not knowing wether the tanks are friendly or not. I guess thats just the realism kicking in, I imagine soldiers in armies that have a lot of WP equipment and facing an enemy also with WP stuff also have to think twice. I hope I have not offended you. Anyways, big thanks for posting the fix, really enjoying your work. - - - Bug reports: T-55 and OT-55 have still the loader sitting on top of the gunners shoulders
  9. This is also bugging me, the forced camo-bushes are the only thing I do not like about this mod so far. Despite this, one of the best ARMA II mods.
  10. Addon that gives the takistani army only AKs and other russian stuff instead of the FALS etc. pls
  11. There are some planes that have weapon models on them (e.g. AAMs) that cannot be fired.