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  1. Resuming work after a short break with a retextured Caesar BTT used as a reconnaissance plane: The mod will soon be ready for a first public release.
  2. Texturing went very smoothly - vehicle lineup for a first release is gonna be this: As I stated, this version of Horizon Island's Armed Forces aren't going to be the best equipped, as they have basically just been established with help from CSAT. Bonus screenshot of dirtied-up Marid and Mk18 EBR, which is going to be their DMR (found its way to their arsenal before CSAT "occupation").
  3. Okay, so I narrowed down the scope a bit: I only want Vanilla Arma3 and Apex as dependencies - as such, infantry will have to do with a retextured AAF officer uniform and Tactical Chest Rigs (no LDF uniforms or kipchak vest): And I started retexturing vehicles. They're gonna be a nice plain green color as a nod to 80s Tanoa's HIA. Thanks to CUP team for providing me with the HIL roundel. 🙂 Qilin and 4WD ATV: In general, these dudes are going to be pretty "low-tech", so no tanks, jets, or gear that feels _too_ specialized. Best regards, quarren
  4. Hi guys, this is a thing I've been wanting to do for some time, but making '80s Tanoa' took precedence. 🙂 The basic idea is a (Post-)"Old Man"-Era Horizon Islands Armed Forces faction mainly sponsored by CSAT (either formed shortly before, during, or in the aftermath of the happenings of Old Man). As such, their arsenal is going to be CSAT-influenced with several non-CSAT additions from Tanoa's colorful past. More concept stuff to follow. The mod will be based on vanilla and DLC assets only. First teaser of new infanterists with retextured LDF uniform (lizard pattern by Oxi): Best regards, quarren
  5. quarren_

    80s Tanoa [GM & CUP Version]

    Update for '80s Tanoa' is out on the workshop and with it comes new naval infantry: Also available is an optional addon that gives them the HK33 from NIArms (can be seen above): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2291970688
  6. quarren_

    80s Tanoa [GM & CUP Version]

    Revisiting Horizon Islands armed forces with new naval infantry wearing custom uniforms (pattern by Oxi). On guard duty:
  7. quarren_

    80s Tanoa [GM & CUP Version]

    New update is out on the workshop - adds these cool dudes amongst other things like Daltgreen-themed vehicles, miners (unionized ones that have taken up arms as well) and many new civilians with fresh outfits.
  8. quarren_

    80s Tanoa [GM & CUP Version]

    More work has been done on regular civilians - hawaiian/flower shirts for everyone! 😄 Such as this private investigator doin some surveillance: Bonus "Fantasy Island"-type dude, suit can also just be used for a regular resort manager I guess:
  9. quarren_

    80s Tanoa [GM & CUP Version]

    Aaaand I started working on more civilian assets. Daltgreen expedition with army escort: This is most likely not going to be a faction on its own, there's just going to be general '80s Tanoan Civilians' which includes this type of stuff.
  10. quarren_

    80s Tanoa [GM & CUP Version]

    Update for '80s Tanoa [GM Ver.]', which adds two versions of the Tucan Oil faction (Civilian and Independent), is out on the workshop, have fun!
  11. quarren_

    80s Tanoa [GM & CUP Version]

    Work on the Tucan Oil faction continues (including a civilian variant). "International playboy and speedboat champion Ewe Morilau, son of Tucan Oil's CEO Wiki Morilau, has been spotted on his way to an important business meeting at Blue Pearl Harbor." Secretly captured footage of said "business meeting" with infamous german arms merchant Klaus-Dieter Müller: "Meanwhile, the Tucan Oil rallye team is preparing for the season." I will probably update the GM version of the mod this weekend or the at the start of the next week. Afterwards I will work on the CUP version again and introduce the SA-330 Puma and L-39 to Horizon Islands Army. I also want to bring the Tucan Oil faction(s) to the CUP version - I'll have to see which assets to use there (definitely the Datsun pick-up, Motorboat and SA-330 Puma, maybe the M151 and refueling Ural). Bonus Screenshot: Tucan Oil experiment T.19295 gone horribly wrong. (feat. Ravage mod) 😄
  12. quarren_

    80s Tanoa [GM & CUP Version]

    The Tucan Oil saga continues. Mysterious happenings atop Mount Tanoa: "Nothing to see here, move along." 😂
  13. quarren_

    80s Tanoa [GM & CUP Version]

    Work on the GM version of "80s Tanoa" continues with a fun new faction: Tucan Oil Security Services. Assumed by some to be a right-wing paramilitary funded by Tucan Oil with the intention of toppling the government and ending the insurgency on their own, Tucan Oil vehemently denies those claims. ""No villainous deeds planned with this thing, no sir."
  14. quarren_

    80s Tanoa [GM & CUP Version]

    I have just pushed the CUP version to the workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2266525478
  15. quarren_

    80s Tanoa [GM & CUP Version]

    In the last few days/week(s) I have also been working on a CUP version of the mod that does not require Global Mobilization. It takes the basic concept from the GM version but there are going to be major differences in respect to the weaponry/equipment/vehicles used by the factions. HIA's main service rifle is going to be the FN FAL with FAMAS used by special forces, for example. RFHI makes use of some of the awesome weapons from CUP as well (i.e. SKS, Type56, Lee Enfield). CUP Version is likely going to be released next week. Some impressions: