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  1. Released the first part of the civilian-focused update (and fixed a mean bug), some impressions: Changelog:
  2. Forgot to update this thread. 🙂 Another update is out fixing some errors and adding some stuff from the "new" GM update.
  3. Update is out on the Workshop. Have fun! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2519262908
  4. [WIP] Just weeks after a previously proposed security agreement was signed by Horizon Islands and China, further arms shipments arrive at Blue Pearl Harbor.
  5. WIP: CSAT-backed rearmament of the HIAF continues, presumably in order to put pressure on closeby NATO allies Australia and New Zealand.
  6. Now fully kitted: They'll also have a specops unit specifically established to deal with Syndikat/L'ensemble insurgents, outfitted with the help of CSAT of course:
  7. Yeah, I see your point regarding the "BTR-K" type vehicles. I'd say they'd possess them in _very_ limited, single-digit numbers, provided by CSAT as "donations" (in exchange for advantageous trade agreements and access to natural resources, ofc) 😄
  8. WIP: updated vehicle lineup.
  9. Decided to take another route with their camo pattern (courtesy of Threule). Making some progress here I think.
  10. Been wanting to work on this again for some time now... decided to rework most of it. 😄 I think I'll move away from the lizard pattern for something more modern (still fictional)... the basic concept will stay the same though: old man-era CSAT-sponsored Horizon Islands Armed forces and minimal dependencies. 🙂 Edit: Oh yeah, this is WIP obviously.
  11. Update 1.4 just released and with it come a quite a few additions and changes. The most important one: '80s HIA now uses the HK33 as their general service rifle. Original HK33 model, textures, and materials by toadie2k and krycek, thanks so much for open-sourcing this! 🙂 Also major kudos to the GM devs for continuing to push out awesome content updates, which are a great platform for mods. Complete changelog: Changelog v1.4 Added: - '80s HIA: M109 self-propelled artillery (modern and '80s versions available) - '80s HIA: introduced GM-ified HK33A2 as new service rifle. Original model, textures and materials by toadie2k and krycek (see "NIArms G3 Rifles": https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667375637, huge thanks for open-sourcing this!). Minor edits by me. The HK33 uses GM ammunitions and roughly behaves like a GM M16A1. - '80s HIA: new ERDL uniforms for naval infantry - '80s HIA: new retextured webbing (based on the GM 90s Bundeswehr one), intended as an approximation of an ALICE-like kit - '80s HIA: new headgear options - boonies, beret and new retextured danish M52-helmet as a standin for a generic M1-type helmet - '80s HIA: tractor version of the Ural truck for '80s HIA - some additions to editor/zeus groups Changes: - '80s HIA: switched over SpecOps to use fictionalized lizard-pattern uniforms previously used by marines - '80s HIA: vehicle inventories adjusted for use of HK33 service rifle - '80s HIA: in an attempt to move away _slightly_ from eastern equipment, RGD-5 grenaded were switched out for generic vanilla M67-based grenades for now (vehicle inventories adjusted as well) - RFHI: slight alterations on the uniform and webbing textures - '80s HIA: changed most classnames for regular infantry, reflecting service rifle change. legacy classnames are still intact and inherit from the new ones, so existing missions shouldn't throw errors Some impressions:
  12. Another mini-update is out on the workshop, redoing some of the 80s Gendarmerie stuff. Changelog v1.3 Added: - 80s Gendarmerie: reworked vehicle textures - 80s Gendarmerie: K125 Motorcycle and Motorcycle Officer Fixed: - included missing pubkey
  13. Yeah, I think you're right, it definitely pops too much on some of the vehicles - texture work is somewhat iffy in other areas as well. I will definitely get back to this mod in the future and fix it up some more. 🙂
  14. Released another small update which features an updated Tucan Oil Security Services faction that suits a modern/near-future setting. Note that this faction isn't necessarily supposed to be realistic or plausible, it's just a fun addition in parts inspired by Metal Gear Solid. 🙂