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  1. Since I didn't find anything about it: What is realistically dispersed in the optional @ace_realisticdispersion? Smoke, recoilpattern of weapons, AI when fired upon? Sadly the wiki is somewhat outdated and never really mentioned most of the optional files and google wasn't helping neither. Thanks for reading.
  2. paramedic

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey Guys, I really tried to find it, but it seems I suck at it (google and poking around in the config viewer didn't help). Can anyone please give me the classname of the smoke rounds the american m252 Mortar uses? Thank you.
  3. And it works, thank you. I knew I forgot something way to obvious.
  4. Okay all I want is for a crate to have an action that allows me to put items into it on a mp server. So far I got some stuff activated via addaction from the crate but it doesn't work and I couldn't find anything about it. I'm not that good of a scripter obviously.. I'm sure I'm just missing something really big here and my question is actually incredible stupid but I would be thankful for any help.
  5. paramedic

    Global Mobilization

    Sounds like an awesome project. I'm really looking forward to play a german on german war. I have to test out if I it is possible to throw some early russians together in RHS. Could be possible.... US forces would be more of a problem, but hopefully someone with decent modding skills will make some nice uniforms and a good M16(for that timeframe) that will fill the gap. Will you concentrate on ground warfare or will there be Jets and Helicopters in the near future? Like the PA-200 and Bell UH-1D... That would be awesome, but I am already really happy with what I saw in the screenshots, really nice work for such a small modding team. Thanks guys!
  6. paramedic

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Please, could you tell me if there are plans to release a hotfix on bugs or do we have to wait till the next release? I have a big mission going on with my unit soon and I need to know if I should include UAZs and Urals for the enemys or if I should replace them with something else, since silent running enemy vecs would be kind of unfair for my guys. A quick heads up would be supernice of you and no I don't want a specific date or stuff, just an estimation on what's more realistic to expect. Thanks guys.
  7. Just a quick question, not a real request: How complicated would it be to simplify the ace medic system? I mean like still be able to give morphine, epipens and bloodbags(or some other item to heal up like a medic bag). But make it the way that only one of those items is required to get the full effect. Also I would like to see the bandages modified to only need one to fully stop bleeding on all body parts. Still deeper than vanilla, but without caring for bodyparts or quantities. I would really like such an option but I know that most likely no one will do this for me. It would be nice to get a quick estimation if it is doable for someone not that skilled in scripting. Okay someone with almost no skill...but I'm good in copy pasting and if I try hard sometimes I even know what I'm doing.
  8. paramedic

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm excited, I hoped to see an update somewhere around October and it looks like there will be one. Will be nice to see all the additions you have made. I really love your mod and hope you will stay motivated for a long time to give us new exiting things to play with. Thanks RHS Team.
  9. paramedic

    Asian Factions for CUP

    Would it be possible to make this Addon with RHS use in mind? I'm not the most talented modder but I would give a hand, at the moment I have the time. And otherwise I would have to build one from scratch for a chain of missions I'm building. Copy paste jobs are always easier.
  10. Is the AAV-7 still being worked on? I just saw that the DL link is down and I so "desperately" need a standalone AAV-7, because we mainly like to use RHS and managed to get around the need of the whole cup package till now. Doesn't have to be amphibious, as long as the rest works on stable branch. Edit: I also have to say I really like your content, especially the british MRAPs are really nice.
  11. Okay, I just looked it up, they really had their old Adrian Helmets, partially with nettings on it, and a lot of other things that didn't differ that much from the WW 1 equipment, like their trench coats. Very interesting, I may just have to see what I can dig up about it in the archive/library. I spent weeks in there last time I did the preperation for a P&P WW 1 roleplay campaign with friends following the story of a local unit. Edit: Sorry, didn't want to spam the thread.
  12. Makes sense, thanks. Did the french have more british or american equipment(helmets, weapons, etc.) or did they manage to get a part of their own arms industy up and running again by that time? I'm not that well informed on the western front during that time and now I'm curious.
  13. Hmm... I really wish the modteam would update their entry post, to get all info on there that they have provided in this thread. Would maybe help to clarify some things. But you may be right Zhivets or we both may be right and they include both as their longer term goal. I don't really know that one anymore. I just know french would be involved and remembered the debate that followed the announcement.
  14. Uhm...didn't they say they want to actually include the French as one of their mein goals, because they wanted to put Germans and the German Volksstrum against US americans and the Resistance, wich I still find a really good idea. I so would love to see WW2 Insurgency gameplay from that.
  15. I'm not part of the westwall team and I'm not speaking on their behalf, but the modteam here stated that they want to make a mod about a particular area and time in WW2 and brits are, at least for now, out of scope. As always you don't have to play what you don't like, you didn't pay a single cent for it so the modteam can do whatever they want to with their mod. And you will most likely get such answers in almost every mods section on this forum, this isn't the steam workshop.