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  1. Could the AAF variant receive the faction-appropriate texture now?
  2. Small feature requests: Forest Ranger unit(s) as the vehicles already have this livery. The real life Polish forest guards wear rather similar attire as their military so something simple like a vest that says Straż Leśna and a baseball cap with their logo would be appreciated. +1 for Russian liveries for vehicles used by Spetsnaz. Not necessarily for every CSAT vehicle, but for those that would likely be used by spec-ops units (Ifrit, Qlin ?) Smaller tweaks/bugs: If AAF has a CBRN suit, why don't they have a CBRN specialist unit in the editor? Gendarmerie Offroad (covered) should spawn with police beacons by default imo The small orange beacon on Offroads should have an on/off toggle ingame like the police beacons The Benzyna livery for the van is the same as the FUEL livery.
  3. Wasn't there supposed to be a small Forest Ranger faction? I remember reading something like that.
  4. The fire selector switch on all Promet variants points at wrong directions with both fire modes (plus there is some kind of texture artifact behind the selector)
  5. Does the railway barrier have an animation to close it/make it flash red?
  6. Slightly misplaced row of objects on a dirt path, south of Zalesie: https://imgur.com/a/d9zbY7Q Also I don't know whether new structures are possible at this point, but I think the small tenement building would be a great fit for the largest town(s) on the map (after some slight tweaks to make it less abandoned).
  7. Tiny visual bug with both Angara variants: Turned on headlight and taillight textures are either missing or not configured to be emissive.
  8. ahhaha I remember noticing those a few months back and I thought it was some work-in-progress attempt at creating city lights visible from a distance Now it makes sense why they were red
  9. kecske

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    But the new interiors already seem to have small lightsources coming from the displays (even better, they only seem to exist in interior view) Why not add a similar small lightsource to the passenger compartment? Really anything would be better than the complete darkness we have now (this applies to VTOLs etc too)
  10. kecske

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    So a few weeks ago I was browsing Artstation and came across this page, showing a couple renders of models in Apex, created by an external studio: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/5V03E At the time it featured a picture of a Carl Gustav (thankfully I managed to save it before it was deleted): In fact, you can still see it on the cover picture of the album: https://www.artstation.com/search?q=guns no roses&sorting=recent So what do you think? Obviously its not in Apex, but imo it would make sense to see new AT weaponry in the Tanks DLC. Also wouldn't be the first time something cut would reappear in the game, the heli drone from Apex was originally supposed to be in the base game.
  11. Still not fixed as of todays update.
  12. Two small, but long standing art related issues: - Small dome doesn't cast shadows: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124317 - Crack (2x2) decal has overly shiny material (introduced with Malden DLC): http://i.imgur.com/xvVipzJ.jpg
  13. kecske

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Regarding the Van: - the light of orange beacons tend to turn blue at farther distances - this was perhaps requested before, but it'd be great if both blue and orange beacons would be available on all variants, like with the Offroad
  14. "User texture" objects don't seem to receive shadows. Is this intended?
  15. The only bug I found so far is with the "Crack 2x2" decal, its way too specular compared to the other sizes. Agree, a nicer emissive texture+actual light with flare would be nice.