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  1. Good News = Great news. Thank you for your effort and work Polpox
  2. EL_LEJI

    Server error

    I have the same error on linux server. Please fix it!
  3. Other bug in the Tanoa airport.
  4. This bug is from the release of Tanoa Buawa village Video of the bug
  5. EL_LEJI


    Yes, welcome to a gay world in Arma 3 :lol: I remember at some videos of the alpha version of ArmA 3, see girls swimming at the beach in Altis. What happened to that? Previous ArmA had civilians who were the most immersive missions. I do not understand that from Arma 3 women are hated. Please BIS, add civil and women Tanoa content. look no porn, we look this: and of course, at least in my country girls are also warriors and fight ;)
  6. I'm editing my multiplayer coop mission and I have problems with this function in singleplayer work well but in the multi units disappear help me please :confused: i use this in the init of unit: [this,"REPAIR_VEH_STAND","LIGHT"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; and this in other unit: [this,"GUARD","FULL",{player distance _this < 10 || getdammage _this >0}] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnimCombat; Thanks
  7. Fons, me pasa lo mismo, lo utilizaba para pilotar y ha dejado de aparecer la opcion Freetrack, el opentrack no tiene soporte para el mando de la wii. The same in my options menu,Freetrack vanished without a trace.
  8. Ok fine,but i connect freetrack with wiimote and opentrack not work with wiimote. Any solution!!!! Thanks again BIS (sarcasm mode ON)
  9. I found this script in the campaign work fine :p demo example: http://www58.zippyshare.com/v/7302191/file.html
  10. Balkania and Sierra Leona, its time to new maps and i need new things please. thank you for all your work Icebreakr :)
  11. EL_LEJI

    A2 Island Fixes

    Great job,Thanks Please fix the sky and stars at night in few maps, Bystrica Bukovina clafgan etc :p
  12. I love it! great work,thaks.
  13. yes sir Community people doing work that should do bohemia it would be ArmA without modders of the community? Thank you so much for your work zeealex good luck with the project
  14. I found this old post to attach chemlights in different colours for your unit and your group. Script added options to turn it on and off. Good luck http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?154318-Chemlight-on-Soldier-Multiplayer
  15. Adding a light source to a chopper...the light flickers. Attaching a chemlight...shines too much outside. Sorry i have not many options :confused:
  16. I made this demo example for you, I hope you work. http://www28.zippyshare.com/v/19034820/file.html
  17. Thanks this addon is great. please how put the init command to have 2 backpacks in the unit? in the editor mission
  18. EL_LEJI

    Ambient Combat Sound

    -Yes this script is the same in the survive campaign -Create a SQF file in your folder mission an rename initAmbientSounds copy and paste the script in the SQF -In a trigger Activation: if you want to use OPFOR or BLUFOR etc AL ACT: initAmbientSounds = [] execVM "initAmbientSounds.sqf"; And this is all, good luck! and thanks Sorry my English is not good :p
  19. EL_LEJI

    Ambient Combat Sound

    Thanks barbolani. Edit first post with a demo example
  20. I find this work fine in my mission :p waitUntil {!isNull player}; _unit = _this select 0; private ["_explosions"]; _explosions = [ "BattlefieldExplosions1_3D", "BattlefieldExplosions2_3D", "BattlefieldExplosions5_3D" ]; private ["_fireFights"]; _fireFights = [ "BattlefieldFirefight1_3D", "BattlefieldFirefight2_3D" ]; { [_forEachIndex, _explosions, _fireFights] spawn { private ["_index","_explosions", "_fireFights"]; _index = _this select 0; scriptName format ["initAmbientSounds.sqf: random sound playing - [%1]", _index]; _explosions = _this select 1; _fireFights = _this select 2; while {true} do { sleep (1 + random 59); private ["_sound"]; _sound = if (random 1 < 0.5) then { _explosions call BIS_fnc_selectRandom } else { _fireFights call BIS_fnc_selectRandom }; playSound _sound; }; }; } forEach [0,1,2];