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    C01:  convoy

    Hey guys, I am 14 years late (sorry for that), but I've fixed this mission. If you succesfully defend Lamentin, that objective "hold southern road" will turn "done"...no matter if it failed or not (it fails when too many friendly soldiers die or russians get too close)...and if you manage to kill those friendly soldiers somehow after completing this objective, it will still change to done(repeating trigger). When you hear the message of boat incoming, you will have 3 options (but first, destroy that MI24 Hind): Kill the driver of the boat, board it and then just drive north Go to hospital There is a third end east of the hospital, but i guess hospital is a better option After this, the game should end with the "good end", telling you that you are on a boat.... Haven't tried it myself yet, I will probably try it next week, when i will have time. BTW: I am czech, so i easily understood those triggers.... https://www.ulozto.net/xu8KfyNM/c01convoy-eden-zip#_ga=1.116319810.554056859.1446949851 if the link does not work, try this: https://www.uloz.to/xu8KfyNM/c01convoy-eden-zip PS. i did not PBO it, cos I am lazy to do that...but that does not matter, does it?
  2. klubargutan

    Can not play campaign

    Is this the official campaign or downloaded one? Probably downloaded one...if so, "3den" is the name of PBO file that is missing...My guess would be "Everon" island, because it has been very popular since Operation Flashpoint and the name of the PBO file was "Eden".....Check if You have(selected) ALL the mods this campaign requires ;)
  3. Hello, sorry, if someone already started question like this, but I've been searching and didn't find anything. Well my problem is that I want to copy profile information to another PC...I could easily find the profile in documents/Arma 3 etc. I succesfully transferred profile data of my campaigns, showcases, challenges and settings. Now where is the problem, right? Well, in challenges, I see that I've completed them...but the times are gone! I had all the gold medals in those challenges I completed(all but marksman and helicopters, cos I haven't played the game since they were released) ...And in Virtual reality training, all the training places(explosives, weapons etc) are gone too...but those are not problem, I can easily get them back in a moment....yet the challenges really irritate me, because I spent a lot of time mastering them...If anyone knows where I can find data containing those times, please, tell me, it would be really painful to do them again... ;) Thank you very much Edit: I tried to search everywhere, even in registers, but couldn't find something that might be it.... EDIT2: I've finally found the solution..it is the vars file...somehow it always got reseted when i was playin Arma, but now it works properly and i have my times back...please DELETE THIS THREAD SO IT IS NO LONGER NEEDED
  4. UPDATE 2.1!! well, first time it was bad, because i made a replacement instead of config and and also i had not permission to do that...anyway, i gained permission and made config, but with signature i had problems...now everything is ok:yay: and this is my first mod...it contains: all missiles and bombs are now in EASA module and free fall bombs are not selfguided now 2.1 -r550-bluefor side, fixed name of agm154a1 and gbu 53(31), added spotting scope... ... link: http://www.mediafire.com/?jn5ysad546oeat1 please do not vote in poll without trying, thanks...simple, if u like it, then play with it, if you dont, then dont play(i know that someone is not using ace/missilebox -__-) changelog from version 1.0: freefall bombs are now not selfguided(for veteran and expert difficulities, working with same on lower ones), same with laserguided bombs...(as you, fans, wanted)
  5. ok, as we know, in arma II and III is F35B-5th generation fighter, but what about adding more of them in arma III? Like F22A(or if its in next 20 years, F22C or D with much more better engines, etc...), Sukhoi PAK-FA and BI self made aircrafts. There is a concept of a sixth generation aircraft, would be cool also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sixth_generation_jet_fighter ---------- Post added at 19:37 ---------- Previous post was at 17:41 ---------- cmon guys, more replies please :(
  6. klubargutan

    Fifth generation aircraft...not just F35B

    how do you mean that? i think that you can make aircraft maneuverability etc now... well, i doubt that: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:F-22_Raptor.ogg but i believe that bi masters can make it
  7. klubargutan

    fixed LHD on Chernaurus map

    i dont think that they will upgrade a2 very much...i think that u have to wait for next arma ;) and u can download addon with that ship...or in domination LHD, there is...
  8. klubargutan

    Robalo's ACE configs

    if that happens(if u will not do with it something...i hope u will, ur good configer), i dont know, what should i do with pistol pack ammunition...cos ace doesnt have it...:confused: just maybe i can do real life recoils and make real life weight of weapon...but...idk what other...:cool:
  9. klubargutan

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    just what you have said, also add F22A RAPTOR!!!! And 5th generation planes(make new if you want...) also 6th generation planes
  10. klubargutan

    Robalo's ACE configs

    hey, will you make a config for pistolpack also, please? If I made it, it would be maybe good, but u have started making configs, so it would be weird...
  11. klubargutan

    Robalo's ACE configs

    sorry, i was wrong, its good there, make config for pistolpack also ;) there is recoil problem
  12. klubargutan

    Robalo's ACE configs

    but if i shot with...for example sa58, it will have recoil(not so big...if im prone...but will come to basic weapon position after fired some rounds), but if i shot for example with rh acr, it will poop up and will not come back even in prone...i like ur configs, but i think that this recoil isnt so good edit: sorry, i was wrong, its good there, make config for pistolpack also ;)
  13. klubargutan

    Robalo's ACE configs

    very good, but recoils are still high...try to reduce them please ;)
  14. klubargutan

    Blake's Carrier Ops

    downloading now, thx...
  15. klubargutan

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    stabbing from back, most ace things(at least healing things)....and what already is in game, also F22 raptor, pak fa and maybe sixth generation fighter ;)
  16. klubargutan

    COWarMod Release

    if uwant, u can add my klu_glt_missilebox_ace_enhancement its config for glt missilebox while using ace... ---------- Post added at 00:50 ---------- Previous post was at 00:28 ---------- and please upgrade some mods like glt_missilebox , so it will be latest release
  17. klubargutan

    COWarMod Release

    im interested in ace cowarmod, ill use it everyday! cant wait for it, severloh, ur AWESOME!
  18. unpack pbo with units(i preffer do it with mods, i did it with one or two...), unbin config.bin into .cpp, find ur unit, add there engineer = 1
  19. add an option what brings bayonet using
  20. cant w8 4 cwr2, please update "what is done" list...and when will it release?
  21. thx 4 compliments! hehe, its almost done, finding a way how to make freefall bombs totally unguided on any difficulty edit: ill let it be, its good how is it, many players like ffb 2nd edit: sniper pod added, fixed name of agm154a1, r550 is in bluefor(hard choosing, cos its from france...but i added it to bluefor), ill upload it in 1 hour, gonna test it... and for other stuff, i will not add bru or something like that, easa cannot use it, because if u would select it in it, it will not be filled with weapons, it will appear just empty under hardpoint-weapon carriers i will not add-useless, easa system is hard...anyway, i think that everything needed i added... ---------- Post added at 21:15 ---------- Previous post was at 20:01 ---------- uploaded 2.1 version
  22. hello, i love this module to keep enemy alive, but he will surrender, is there any way to make him surrender, coming to him and command him to join my squad? so i will make pows joining and fighting for my side. thanks in advance(im novice in modding, dont know how to make scripts...)
  23. already working on it...but i have much of work in the prestige high school...expect that mod at the weekend
  24. klubargutan

    Surrender module-script

    great! upload that sample somewhere please...thanks