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  1. Hi, I got one new error after updating my Amra3 dedicated server. This server run since the first Alpha-Version and now I get the error: "XAPOFX1_5.dll not found" if i want to start the Arma3server.exe. The System is Windows Web Server 2008 R2 SP1. I hope i can get some help. I tryed to copy the XAPOFX1_5.dll from my client to the server, after that I get a new error: "Can't start (0xc000007b)". This is translated from german to english. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi! I have some handy tips for you! First don't waste your knowledge about Steam for this patch! You need to update your PC Arma2oa or co Version to >1.63. Then you need to upload all your lokal files from your arma2 install folder to your server. (If you have a windows-server too, than you can copy that files from there) You need this folders: addons common dta expansion keys mpmissions userconfig (if you want to use ace,acre...) You don't need any .dll files, cause linux can't use them! Then take care that all file are in lower case, you can use tolower from that patch-file . You need to compile the tolower.c with gcc first. Create all config files: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg (reportingIP= don't work anymore!) https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma2:_Startup_Parameters https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/basic.cfg https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.armaprofile and edit your arma2oaserver and use this for starting your gameserver (don't forget to set chmod 0770 or like that) If your server don't start, post your logfile into that Forum for support. Pille
  3. Hi Dwarden, here is my result: [s_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed. [s_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; unable to locate a running instance of Steam, or a local steamclient.so. 22:38:54 Dedizierter Host erstellt. 22:38:54 Host-Identität erstellt. [s_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed. Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 33930
  4. Hi Dwarden, thx for your post. I looked for other AppID's on Steam at this link: http://steamdb.info/search/?a=app&q=Arma+2&type=-1&category=0 I found this ID's 33905 and 33903, but i got the same results. and Can you tell me the secret AppID? ;-) I tried the other AppID 33935 now, same result. Steamcmd:
  5. Hi Dwarden, thank you for that version. I tried that Server binary and STEAM libraries on Debian wheezy. First I got some error for updating GLIBC, but after the update of the GLIBC I tried to run your new Version. I get the same log messages like postet for the last version. If I try to download this server by steamcmd I get this error: Is there a way to create a dedicated server version like Arma3? Thx Pillord. Update: I tried to use the steam libs from the arma3 dedecated server, there are 2 more libs in arma3 but same result.
  6. Hey BIS guys, Do you plan to make a Headless Client for Linux?
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    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Why does the AI always return to formation? I have opend a issue at feedbacktracker here: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=16893 There is a mission with .fsm file attached. I want to create a new formation.fsm but i can't change the formation, cause the AI always move back to formation. Next I saw for the Leader moveToCompleted is always false. I think this is happend by wrong returned position in expectedDestination. I reported an issue on feddbacktracker with mission here http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=16832 I hope this is the right place.
  8. I change my .fsm script and give the dostop and domove command to the leader too. Now the group is moving but if they reach the new position, they move back to the Formation. It's very interesting to see, that the goup members are only moving if the leader is moving too. I'm not sure if that is a BIS mistake or if that caused by my knowledge, but is there someone who can confirm that doStop is for using AI-unit leaving the group formation?
  9. Hi, i want to create a new formation.fsm as Mod. I testet many things but i have found some problems. First the most of formation commands can be done by setDestination. I found the dokumentation here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setDestination But there is somethings wrong. The discription says: "DoNotPlan", "LeaderPlanned", "LeaderDirect", "FormationPlanned", "VehiclePlanned" and I found "DoNotPlan", "DoNotPlanFormation", "LEADER PLANNED", "LEADER DIRECT", "FORMATION PLANNED", "VEHICLE PLANNED" First I start with a group of 8 AI soldiers and told them to move with: unit setDestination [_newpos, "LEADER DIRECT", false]; After that 4 of 8 Soldiers are moving around, but do not move to the _newpos. Next I try doStop for each unit, without leader, cause here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/doStop is written this: and give them unit setDestination [_newpos, "LEADER DIRECT", false]; and later I tried to use _x doMove _newpos; But the AI stays allways nailed in V-Formation. Any suggestions?
  10. Try to rename your keys folder to Keys. It's important that you use uppercase K in Keys Then take a look into that Keys folder an see if there is a a3.bikey file. Here a list with the Foldernames are working on Linux: addons lowercase! battleye lowercase! dta lowercase! Keys uppercase K and lowercase eys MPMissions uppercase MPM and lowercase issions All files in that folders need to be lowercase. Restart your server after that of course.
  11. Hi zona-gamer, if I test this software, i don't use any other software or mods. The folder dta\bin.pbo is includet in Arma3. If I load my Arma3 Client 1.08 I can find this in my .rpt file: Type: Public Branch: Stable Version: 1.08.113494 ...some other things... ==== Loaded addons ==== C:\steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\dta\bin.pbo - unknown I don't know if that happend in german versions only, but all of our members have the same issue with client-version 1.08.
  12. Hi, under linux it makes a difference whether the letter is uppercase or lowercase in the folder and file name. Check whether the name in your -mod=@your_mod is also written with small letters. Next, go to the @your_mod folder and check if there is a "addons" folder in there. It may be that needs to be written the foldername with a large A (Addons), this is caused by existing problems with the current Linux version. Next, check your config settings. The config file must currently have VerifySignatures = 0; ,because the signature check is not working. @all I renamed my keys folder to Keys and now the Arma3 Server found that keys, but there is a new failure. The server wrote this into the Logfile, if I use VerifySignatures = 2; : Player Pillord: Wrong signature for file dta\bin.pbo
  13. Is it possible to enable it to send issues for linux-server to the feedback tracker page? At this moment there I can select only windows os. Thx- Pillord.
  14. Our Debian 7 wheezy run with very high performance. For us there are 2 things to fix now. 1. Signaturecheck verifySignatures = 2; in server.cfg don't work with clients and will be needed very quick. 2. Fix name MPMissions to mpmissions, cause tolower do problems now. Nice work BIS guys! Do you need the core files? Where can we upload that files?
  15. Thx for your information. I tried to use the a3.bikey from windows server, but the same thing. Allways signature erros while connecting if verifySignatures set to 2.
  16. Hi, did someone know how to get the water depth with script commands? If I create a invisible heli_h on water and use getpos, getPosASL, getPosASLW and getPosATL I allways get the position on waterface. I need a solution to get the groundposition (depth) for creating scripted waypoints under water. Thx for help!
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    water deep

    Thx for that!
  18. Hi, you need to remove openjdk7 64bit! On Debian you must install # apt-get install openjdk-7-jre:i386 cause Arma3 is an 32bit Version;-) ---------- Post added at 17:35 ---------- Previous post was at 17:31 ---------- Hi, I have the same problem. With app_update 233780 I get a wrong Version. The Files in Addons and Dta are differend to the Windows version. I tried to use app_update 233780 -beta, but this is a small version and it's different to the Windows version too. Is someone here who knows the right steam arma3 branch? Or which windows steam branch I need for this linux-version?
  19. Hi, first sorry for my bad english! I test some things with AI and I found some buildingpos problems. Here is a link to a mission , with that mission you can check the buildingpositions quickly. Put that mission into your c:/user/documents/Arma3/missions folder and load that mission into the Arma3 Editor. You can move the booth units at every place on map. Press preview and target a building, than use the mousewheel to give the housepatrol command. I found two buildings with bad positions. 1. land_cargo_patrol_v1_f2 there is no position at the top of the building for AI, this building can never used realy good by AI. 2. land_cargo_hq_v1_f the ai don't open the doors at this building ans AI move under the building to reach the housepoints. Next i saw problems with AI while moving with weapon up and using stairs. I hope BIS fix that positions. Thx, Pillord.
  20. Hi, I have the same problem. I found this in logfile: File description.ext, line 1: '.onLoadName': Missing ';' at the end of line Unsupported language English in stringtable String STR_TEXT_BRIEFINGTEXT_COOP not found File description.ext, line 1: '.onLoadName': Missing ';' at the end of line There seems to be a problem with the stringtable.xml in the a3\Addons\Language.pbo.
  21. You are right, thank you! It works!
  22. Hi, I want to give you our testing report. We run one Linux-Server and a Windows-Server. The Linux Server is running with 102451 since one month and the Windows-Server (102678) is connected to the Server as Headless Client. The Linux-Version is running without any crashes (there are no core files). But if I try to use one higher Beta-Version for the Headless-Client like 102936 or 103419 the server crash after a short time with the same mod-string an mission.
  23. We are testing your new version with following equipment: 1 server with: - Intel Core I7-3930K Hexa-Core - 64 GB DDR3 RAM - connected to the Internet with 1 Gbit. - operating system Debian Squeeze 6.0.7 3 Arma2 servers and the Apache software to deliver updates to our members are installed on this machine. The servers use version 1.62.102451 with the expansion/beta folder of Windows version 1.62.102285. 1 separate server operates the Headless Client: - AMD Athlon 64 5600+ X2 - 4x RAM 1024 MB DDR2-667 - connected to the Internet with 100 Mbit - operating system Windows Server 2008 R2 Only 1 Arma2 installation is running the Headless Client. The Headless Client uses beta 1.62.102285 Both servers are at the same server farm. This configuration run since 24h without any crashes! Thanks for that gereat work!
  24. We run that version since many weeks, without any problems. But now we use a 2nd Windows-Server as Headless Client and all works fine. The only feature we need is this: Now we need to switch the HC as admin to the right position in lobby. Please release a Linunxversion above 101334!