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  1. Expanding on the above example by davidoss, you could give each player a variable name (e.g. p1 - p6) in the editor and then use the switch command like this _diary_text = switch player do { case p1: {"Diary text for player 1"}; case p2: {"Diary text for player 2"}; default {"Unknown player"} }; I hope this helps
  2. Nikander

    [COOP] Vigilancia Aeternum

    This is not intended behavior and appears to be related to Malden and Panthera versions of the scenario only. Thank you for reporting this, I have fixed the issue with updated v1.11 Malden and Panthera versions in the zip downloadable.
  3. Nikander

    Helicopter kicks up more dust

    Try MKY Sandstorm script thread, plenty of information there
  4. Something like this maybe private _players = []; {if (getPlayerUID _x in MY_UID_LIST) then {_players pushBack _x}} forEach allPlayers;
  5. Change your forEach statement to exclude markers created in the group channel, like this ... } forEach (allMapMarkers select {_x splitString "#/" select 3 != "3"}) I hope this helps
  6. Hello, you could try this in your mission initServer.sqf private _class = []; {_class pushback configName _x} forEach ("getText (_x >> 'simulation') isEqualTo 'soldier'" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgVehicles")); missionNamespace setVariable ["gear", selectRandom _class, true]; and write this in your mission initPlayerLocal.sqf [] spawn {waitUntil {!isNil "gear"}; player setUnitLoadout gear}; I hope this helps
  7. to each his own - the beauty of Arma
  8. Should be straightforward to test and call, but if not, luckily there's more information on the subject in the wiki
  9. Nikander

    [Script] Copy a units loadout

    You may save even more time learning if you don't dig up threads over 3 years old
  10. Maybe this is what you're after grp = [getMarkerPos "M1", independent, 6, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, MY_DIRECTION] call bis_fnc_spawngroup; In the example above, only replace "MY_DIRECTION" with the certain direction (angle in degrees) you'd like to have I hope this helps
  11. So maybe you could like, contact juvka the author and request a fix or something I hope this helps
  12. In order to help you out better, could you explain in more detail how you edited the AI in editor to decrease there aim
  13. I believe you're on the right track with the wiki article and de-PBO I would expect screw-ups if custom revive system already exists
  14. Nikander

    [COOP] Vigilancia Aeternum

    Scenario update v1.1 released with new terrains Malden 2035, Panthera and Abramia Download from Vigilancia Aeternum homepage New in this update, bonus scenario TDM 24 Vigilancia Centum CQB made available also on Steam workshop