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  1. Hi, are there any info on if BIS is planing to add support for 3d pary mods for the "Spawn AI" module in arma 3 ? Whould be grate to use mods like RHS and select faction to spawn.
  2. easy... use mission whitelist. Just add all the missions you want to be played on your server. Example: missionWhitelist[] = {becti_0097_z_str_rhs.Altis};
  3. Yes it is ridiculas, asked for this since Arma 2 but they don't seem to get that CCIP /CR on planes with bombs is kinda standard in the HUD.. and makes the planes in Arma 2 and Arma 3 almost useless as bombers...
  4. Lets cross our fingers an hope :)
  5. Noticed on the introduction video that the crew in the boats still can't shoot while in the boat (If not on a mg or other equipment). The obvious question is why ?
  6. Arnt the Variables "_westCap" & "_eastCap" local to the computer of every player ? Won't this risk the value of these to be different on every computer ?
  7. kanelbolle

    Spawn unit wont work?

    Create the group you want : http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createGroup example: grp1 _grp1 = createGroup east; _enemy = _grp1 createUnit ["TK_GUE_Soldier_AT_EP1", getMarkerPos "Marker1", [], 0, "NONE"];
  8. kanelbolle

    Spawn unit wont work?

    http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createUnit "TK_GUE_Soldier_AT_EP1" createUnit [getMarkerPos "barracks", group player] sry... wrong link should be like Demonized said :) http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createUnit_array
  9. thx. Will try it out right away. 1 more qestion. Does it mather if i place this trigger in the editor with the code when it is a multiplayer mission. I have had problems that the color did not change on the marker for other players. This i solved by just checking if the public Variable PUB_WEST_HOLD_TOWN1 was true and then make it change the color....
  10. Thx i edited the first code and got it working: _null = [t1_captrigger] spawn { _trigger = _this select 0; _eastCap = 10; _westCap = 10; while {(count (list _trigger)) != 0} do { if ( ({alive _x AND (side _x) == west} count list _trigger) > ({alive _x AND (side _x) == east} count list _trigger) ) then { if (_westCap > 0) then { _westCap = _westCap - 1; }; if (_eastCap < 10) then {_eastCap = _eastCap + 1}; }; if ( ({alive _x AND (side _x) == east} count list _trigger) > ({alive _x AND (side _x) == west} count list _trigger) ) then { if (_eastCap > 0) then { _eastCap = _eastCap - 1; }; if (_westCap < 10) then {_westCap = _westCap + 1}; }; if ({alive _x AND (side _x) == west} count list _trigger > 0) then { if ({alive _x AND (side _x) == east} count list _trigger > 0) then { Hint "Battle at: Feruz Abad"; }; }; sleep 1; if (_westCap < 1) then { "town1marker" setMarkerColor "ColorBlue"; PUB_WEST_HOLD_TOWN1 = true; publicVariable "PUB_WEST_HOLD_TOWN1"; PUB_EAST_HOLD_TOWN1 = false; publicVariable "PUB_EAST_HOLD_TOWN1"; }; if (_eastCap < 1) then { "town1marker" setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; PUB_WEST_HOLD_TOWN1 = false; publicVariable "PUB_WEST_HOLD_TOWN1"; PUB_EAST_HOLD_TOWN1 = true; publicVariable "PUB_EAST_HOLD_TOWN1"; }; }; }; I added a hint when there are players on both sides, but this will turn up all the time while this i true. Any good ide on how to make this only show 1 time every time there are players on both teams in the zone ?
  11. kanelbolle

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Aircraft - CCIP Implement CCIP bombing in the HUD of aircraft's. It's easy to use and hand to use, don't really see why this is not in the recent games..
  12. Ok, thx will try the codes out and see what i can get it working on my mission :)
  13. Try typing in this in On Act. :) endMission "END1";
  14. Hi, i am trying to make a capture and hold mission in Arma 2. But i am experiencing problems with the capture zones. I am using triggers and Public Variables for this and it seem to work well. The problem seem to be that when both sides are in the zone The marker becomes yellow that indicates that there is a battle in the town, but after some time 1 of the teams captures the zone even if there is a enemy player in the zone. Can any one help me with this problem ? Or is there a better way of doing this ? And am i using Public Variables right ? I have the mission test file here: http://www.tnett.no/kanelbolle/CaptureAndHold.Takistan.zip
  15. I allready have ith in a loop that checks if the player is inside a aircraft. If it is the pic shows with the code at top. if not it removes it... :/ while {true} do { _vehnoradar = typeof vehicle player; _vp = vehicle player; _vk = vehicle player ; if ((_vk iskindof "Helicopter") || (_vk iskindof "Plane") || (_vk iskindof "Tank") || (_vk iskindof "APC") || (_vk iskindof "Wheeled_APC")) then { while {(vehicle player == _vp) && mando_no_radar_active} do { if (_vehnoradar iskindOf "Helicopter") then { Hint "Entered vehicle Helicopter!"; if ((_this select 1) == 0) then { titleRsc ["NORADARHelicopter","PLAIN"] }; }; Sleep 1; }; if ((_this select 1) == 0) then { titleText["", "PLAIN"]; }; }; Sleep 2; };