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  1. ataribaby

    Combat Ops Everon broken?

    Ok. That stuck Eliminate Officer task was probably hiccup caused by friend who killed him with grenade and disconnected. We completed whole mission yesterday without any issues and EXFIL worked. I love this mission 🙂
  2. ataribaby

    Combat Ops Everon broken?

    Just tested save in single player and it only saves finished objectives. All other resets. Even deliver intel objective missing red exclamation marks where is possible to find intel.
  3. ataribaby

    Combat Ops Everon broken?

    Didn't test save yet @TetNL bah sad if it isn't working as advertised from patch notes. From today playthrough, Support Attack is fixed but Eliminate Target at Figaro got stuck, we killed officer, saw his corpse that later despawned, cleared whole town, task never finished.
  4. ataribaby

    Combat Ops Everon broken?

    Wanted collect more detailed info for this and meanwhile I read today it was fixed together with save function. Thanks a lot BI!
  5. ataribaby

    [SP/MP] Siege of Athira

    Accidentally deleted original workshop item during one of updates years ago. Here is new one: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2625078548
  6. ataribaby

    Statement Regarding CSLA Iron Curtain

    Steam refused my refund request twice. Looks like vicious circle.
  7. ataribaby

    Contact campaign thread

    Just finished campaign and beside some FPS drops and small non-critical bugs here and there I totally loved it for story. FPS drops and small bugs didn't turned me away as I expected even worse give open world nature of missions. It had fresh approach and game mechanics for Arma DLC. My finding about alien behavior:
  8. ataribaby

    Arma 3 Contact sound issues

    Jeez I am idiot. Too hot last days. After windows 1903 update my soundlbaster reverted to 5.1 instead headphones mode so I lost middle sounds. All good! I was victim of 3 day out of internet vacation syndrome.
  9. Just returned from vacation today and see Contact is out so I downloaded it and started Contact campaign first mission and bang! I got sound audio problem when looking directly or I am turned back to speaking character NPC - then there is no talk sound. I need look little left or right to NPC to be able to hear it. Known bug ?
  10. ataribaby

    [SP/MP] Siege of Athira

    Released v1.98 - Enabled createVehicleLocal after ARMA3 1.95 patch
  11. Yep exactly what the_one_and_only_Venator said. That second house is like three floor building. In the moment I placed myself into terrain I felt like garden gnome. To me, houses and some other assets like wooden fences are 15%-20% bigger than they should be and I don't like it. It looks simply stupid in milsim.
  12. I like idea so much. Just tried new map in Dev branch and to me some houses scale are completely off. Too big