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  1. Warlords

    Yep Jezuro, I think revive was enabled. I had similar problems when enabled it in my own mission - something is broken there. Real shame as Warlords is very nice mode. It was on official BI warlord servers - played mainly on Veteran so we can rule out mods problems.
  2. Warlords

    Hmm after whole night play I must say this mode although very nice is very bugged. AI problems, stuck on spawn, ordered AIs do not join me as I am in some bugged state as part of different squad and not my own leader and so on.
  3. Warlords

    And Driver follow your move order? I can't make this work.
  4. Warlords

    Yep move order. Why I should tell em to turn on engine? It was never case before. I am sitting in APC as commander with my squad inside like driver and crew and no way. Same if I have second vehicle occupied fully by AI - no way to make heli to follow me. I must missing something.
  5. Warlords

    Also I have problem AI crews to follow me or AI driver to go move if I am commander. I just bought two helis - one I manned with AI gunner and me as pilot and second one was manned with AI and they never took off.
  6. Warlords

    No already existing AI squad members doesn't have dismiss option - it is clearly a bug.
  7. Warlords

    Ok and that AI already in squad in the moment I join? They are alive and there is no dismiss option. Code should handle this and add Dismiss option for already existing AI units. I think best will be simple Team management Dialog as part of long press I dialog.
  8. Warlords

    Ok I see now. Although It works only for units you bought yourself in same game session. If you join AI leader that already has units or units are dead and not reported as dead they stay in your squad without possibility to clear it. Some more general way to clear all your squad will be welcome. Hope I described it fine as English non-native with bad grammar (Czech here).
  9. Warlords

    Thanks Tyl3r99, I will try that.
  10. Warlords

    Very nice game mode. Possible to add option for a Player to be able to release or clear or sell his AI squad? I had this problem on veteran server where is no group indicators for AI squad mates and they were scattered around map/dead and I had team command tab full of ghosts.
  11. [SP/MP] Siege of Athira

    v1.95 released * Lowered player/trader voiceovers volume * Introduced CTRG uniforms * Introduced ADR-97
  12. [SP/MP] Siege of Athira

    Video from current v1.94 showcasing talking and looting AI.
  13. [SP/MP] Siege of Athira

    v1.92 released with some new stuff for single player.
  14. [SP/MP] Siege of Athira

    v1.91 released with trader loyalty discount.