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  1. tarkin92

    How do I use Mi-2 URP?

    Hi, new update is great but I' have few questions regarding Mi-2: 1. Is there any way to make Mi-2 URP (anti tank version) attack armored vehicles? I've placed M-113 in editor, set attack waypoint on it and all AI Mi-2 did was circling aimlessly around m-113 or trying to hit it with guns. Bo-105 doesn't suffer from the same issue, it just hits it's target with missile. 2. How do I command my AI gunner to switch weapons to Malyutka missile, target enemy vehicle and then fire? I press T multiple times but I do not get target lock, as a matter of fact I can't order my gunner to switch weapons - CTRL + F does not work also. Only way I can fire Malyutka missile is if I switch places with my co-pilot and do it manually which does not seem to be intended way to use it. 😞
  2. tarkin92

    [SP] Pax Livonia

    Hello, I invite you all to try out my scenario: Set during First Contact campaign this scenario tells the story from LDF Investigations Officer perspective, you will have a chance to find out what happened to Livonia after campaign main story and save this small but brave nation from falling into Russian sphere of influence despite tragic misunderstanding which led to opening fire on the Visitors. *PLEASE PLAY WITH WAYPOINTS VISIBLE* Features: *Fully voiced, story driven single player scenario *1,5 h length *Expansion of stroy from First Contact campaign *Intro & Outro *Challenging difficulty *Usage of spectrum device *Briefing This is my first scenario and it is pretty big so there might be few bugs. Anyways, I hope you will enjoy playing it : ) LINK:
  3. YEEEES, that's it! Thank you for bringing my childhood memories back 🙂
  4. Hi guys, decided to take a break from ARMA 3 and go back to OFP for a while. I remember that back in my days of playing OFP there was this campaign created for WP Soldiers mod called "Operacja Biały Orzeł" (Operation White Eagle in English) and I absolutely loved it. Wanted to go back to it but unfortunately all the links are dead (used Wayback Machine too, unfortunately no results). I would be much obliged if some good soul had it on his/her hard drive and decided to share it.
  5. tarkin92


    Finally something worth fighting for on Altis :D Great job !
  6. Great work, finally proper polish army mod. Keeping fingers crossed for you guys!
  7. I would like to really thank you for this, for me it's best mod ever for ArmA, love the idea of unified Euroforce, shame BIS doesn't see that NATO has multiple member states :(.Are you planning on adding national flags to Snow Tigers ? Just like in case of Euroforce? Would be cool to see CSAT as a coallition :)
  8. Awesome job guys, thank you very much for sharing, we need more polish units in ArmA 3 not only for coop missions :)
  9. Very good campaign, it doesn't stand up to OFP level but still very enjoyable. Story was actually pretty good for me, of course it had some silly moments like sergant leading the final attack or AAF attacking NATO during thier withdrawal for no apparent reason(couldn't they wait?), but I liked superweapon motive and open ending, everyone is now wondering who Miller was, that's actually awesome :) I really liked final missions, especially in ending A, when you transport reporter to Nikos, seeing all those civilians moving around, it really gave "life" to Altis, you definitely BIS should put more of those "peaceful" moments, it really adds immersion to story I still remeber "Alert" mission from CWC :) I really hope the story will be expanded in future DLC's. Oh, and I like future setting. It gives many possibilites to expand armaverse, most of you probably don't agree with me but I think it was good decision to put this into future. I hope we are going to see some more content soon though. Thank you Bohemia :)
  10. tarkin92

    Rate the third episode!

    Is it shorter than "Survive" ?
  11. No hard feelings guys. I never wanted to discredit Star Trek nor make any malicious attempt on Abs honour :D I hate Star Trek but never denied its importance to Sci-Fi genere, I have respect for it even if I don't like it :) My post was only to express admiration of your work, sorry if you felt offended by it :) Oh and by the way, I am Star Wars fan, but I have never seen point in antagonizing one series against another, such arguments are like special olympics- even if you win you're still retarded :) anyway, keep up the good work :)
  12. I hate Star Trek universe... yet seeing this mod brings a smile to my face :D I love when people are making Sci- Fi mods for ArmA, it really shows thier creativity. This is what makes this game so great. One day you're NATO operator fighting CSAT, next day you fight borg on a distant planet, the day after tommorow you take part in Yugoslav Wars. Endless possibilites for just one game :D . I hold my fingers crossed for this mod (even with my Star Trek hate:D) , keep up the good work guys :)
  13. tarkin92

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Very good guys, I see a lot of potential here. Thank you for your hard work :)
  14. I must admit I was rather sceptical about campaign (we hadn't had a good one since OFP / OFP : R), now I'm ashamed. YOU DID GREAT WORK BIS. It really has that OFP feeling, playing as normal infantry man from start, plot twist, dialouges, everything that good campaign needs. Finally we can emotionally attach to our character. Keep up the good work.
  15. tarkin92

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Great work, as one of my predecessors said , finally something worth playing :)