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  1. Ahoy all, If you know from before I was working on RUM assets in ArmA 2 to have AI at your finger tips to do all sorts of support functions with air strikes, artillery, and logistics. VRC Raptor has been helping me out on this and we've gotten the code mostly converted to A3. Some functions from before which required addons or content are not there anymore (C130 fixed wing transport, rope lifting). Some MP bugs still have to be worked out (flyinheight helo bob up doesn't seem to work over dedi). Aircraft from an LHD still works but you need to hack a copy of the LHD from A2 like Raptor and I did (or use the Nimitz, etc.) We hope to continue to build and revise the code. It seems like we were always about ready to release and we run into another bug to fix. Now it just makes sense to release a mostly stable build (v4) and allow everyone to tap into the SVN repository for the code. Whenever we make fixes, you can download them into your mission folder. This may require someof you to look up how to use it, but it should be fairly simple. As other stable builds come about we will make those available separately as well. If you also like to work on these scripts to make them better and add more functionality (and you know what you're doing) let me know and you can have write access too. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Find the latest version in the downloads section and feel free to redistribute. https://code.google.com/p/rum-assets/ -Draper
  2. RUM Assets

    Sept 12th cannot come fast enough. But my excuse then will be, they broke fireAtTarget command, they took out the module arty call for fire template, etc. Don't test my abilities to complain and blame the other guy. That's what I got you for Raptor! :)
  3. RUM Assets

    That module is in the developers version, (steam >> game properties >> beta >> select developer; I think is the way to do it.) Ill warn you now alot doesn't work, some for not obvious reasons, which is a little annoying.
  4. RUM Assets

    Yes. Will be converted to A3 when we have a full game to work with.
  5. RUM Assets

    Post bugs on the website given rather then here. There is an issues tab where you can post. Both of you should PM me your emails and I can add you onto the site Also get a subversion client (google TortiseSVN) and you can d/l the mission folder in two clicks, rather then file by file :)
  6. RUM Assets

    lol, ok check your inbox
  7. RUM Assets

    _stg should be in a waypoint completion statement, so that when the waypoint completes it fires the waituntil. So you'd need to look a few lines above to fix it probably. I'll PM you some info on how to get the latest source code so you can get the working FSM. For now you'll have to keep it hush-hush, in exchange you can report any other bugs you find.
  8. RUM Assets

    Yes, supply by sling load and para drop from helicopters or fixed wing. (No sling loading a C130 though :) ) Raptor and I are making a concerted effort to stop breaking things and get everything stable enough to release. I've been working at switching to fixed wing to FSM to try to improve performance on "big" MP missions which might not be as noticeable otherwise. Raptor has been improving the attack helos which will have a cool new features. Supply is pretty much in the bank. No Supply picks yet, but a friend put this video together so here is some proof we've been working hard and not hardly working...
  9. RUM Assets

    Goina wind them up and get them all excited, huh?
  10. Can one FAC call two transport options at once? In each instance of sendTrans#.sqf there would be crosstalk. So if one FAC on his local machine were to call two support helos at the same time then the global variables, like the markers which tell them where to go and when to delete aircraft, will crosstalk on the local machine and give the bugs you described. If your on a dedi with 2 FACS, calling sendTrans2.sqf twice (or sendTrans1.sqf and sendTrans3.sqf) I don't think there would be a problem, just when one FAC tries multiple things at once. In either case, it would be prudent to go through a change the global variables so they are unique between the copies of scripts.
  11. RUM Assets

    If the delay in me responding to this post is any indication, I haven't made huge head way. I've written the Fixed wing bomb falls into FSM to improve accuracy on dedicated servers, tweaked transport helo options, and I hear VRCRaptor has a fixed wing transport system set up (HALO jump and all). Maybe something by Christmas. :)
  12. Airplanes crashing, might need a deletevehicle at the end, thought I got that bug but its been a while. It should work with multiple FAC but it sounds like there is some variable cross-talk. If your on a dedi I don't see why the variables would get passed since they're only local to the client. If your trying to run multiple instances at once, on the same machine, then you'd probably get those errors
  13. RUM Assets

    Well in missions I've done, 8-10 players, if I had other scripts (DAC or UPSMON > 10 zones) the server would seize up to the point that RUM and other scripts would not function. (i.e. I timed the radio dialog with an aircraft and it literally took 30 mins). I think this is more a problem with server rentals, ArmA doesn't seem to like virtual server space and needs dedicated hardware to run decently, since these missions ran super smooth dedicated on my machine. Since I don't know exactly what your running I just have some general advice. Run RUM completely local to whoever is using it in-game + the server and no one else. (if (player == radioman) then {[] execVm RUM_settings}; )You could also disable the "scootable" option for artillery because that is a loop script waiting for a code to be sent via publicVariable and could cause some lag. Other then that, it would be a matter of streamlining the code, possibly in FSM, so that it can function when the server is being maxed out. I use alot of waituntils{} to hold up the code while aircraft fly and I think the wiki said they aren't good for performance, so that would require restructuring all the code, which i'm not liable to do until all the functions actually work first.
  14. Awesome work! The communication system really stream lined the support options. Also, putting the bomb drop physics into an FSM will probably make it more reliable on an MP dedicated since it will have higher priority, so already the air support stuff are better then mine. And if I may suggest too, I liked in the BIS SSM how you had to observe the target to call arty/airstrikes from where you were looking, since it adds a reasonable amount of realism requiring an FO to observe. Any consideration to implement that?
  15. RUM Assets

    @WallyJas I don't think you can force a taxi (unless you setpos a path for the aircraft, which is alot of work) Before this I just had spawn at the end of the run way, and take off you might try that approach. @Kremator yeah the default is that they have to be 50 m away from their home position to reset. When i tried speed they would somtimes stop on the taxi and then get reset to soon. Maybe a combo would work better? have to be 100 m away from the home pad and at a slow speed. Transport and Supply are having some issues especially with MP dedi use and timing. Those issues are the highest on my docket right now.