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  1. A while back a friend and I found a interesting glitch. Here was the results of the physics engine freaking out. Enjoy!
  2. Grey Wolf

    cant run buldozer

    Ok found out what it was from this post. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=99660
  3. I cant run buldozer in visitor 3. I replaced the shader files with the ones in Arma 2 but every time i run it i get the error: "Error compiling pixel shader PSSSSMSpecularAlpha:1" I noticed that when i try to run it the file "Shaders_DefPS.shdc" goes from 3,770kb to 0kb...
  4. Hi, I am currently running through the visitor island tutorial. I hit a problem when I tried to boot up buldozer from visitor 3. It says that shaders are not valid. So i went and extracted and copied the arma 2 bin shaders over. Well it still doesnt work and when i tried to run it the shader file, ders_DefPS.shdc, goes from 343 kb to 0kb. This then produces a new error in visitor which says: Error compiling pixel shader PSSSSMSpecularAlpha:1 Thanks for any help
  5. I think it is one of the few objects in the game that can not be destroyed. I had the same issue with the radio tower near Zelenogorsk.
  6. couldnt you just do a if statement? if(pts>=100){ _mhq respawnVehicle [0,0]; };
  7. Hope this helps. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/respawnVehicle
  8. Do you have any other dialogs in your mission? It is in the SquadMenuDialog.hpp so if you don't have another dialog it for some reason isn't calling it...
  9. Hi everyone, I made this script to allow for a small group of people to have large battles against the ai. With this you can recruit squads of infantry and vehicles and command them through the high command. There is a help file included in the mission just go to notes on the map for some more info on the squads and some tips for high command. Features: 1.) Recruit squads of infantry and vehicles (up to 3 squads) 2.) Command your squads with high command 3.) Reinforce your infantry squads. 4.) Vehicles are removed when they jump out because it is disabled. Squad Management Script Armaholic link: Squad Management
  10. Is there a way to remove a unit from high command. Is there a opposite command to this one which adds a squad to HC? _leader hcsetgroup [_grp];
  11. This is basically setting the position of a object up by 10. (objectName setpos [x,y,z]) http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setPos
  12. Well... it didnt seem to work. I did notice that once i click the button to delete the unit it ignores any sleep statement i have in there and runs through it very quickly. { unassignvehicle _x; dogetout _x; player sidechat "out"; sleep 2; deleteVehicle _x; }foreach units _t; ---------- Post added at 07:05 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:00 PM ---------- ok i fixed it, i had to take my delete and make a new script then have the button call it and it works great. Thanks for the help VictorFarbau.
  13. I am making a script to see if a vehicle is empty so that it can be deleted if it is disabled or the units in it are deleted via a menu. The problem i have ran into is that when i delete the squad via a menu the group is deleted but the vehicles remain. I checked to see what units and how many are still in the vehicle it shows that the whole crew is there and the units are for example [5A70400# 17573: USMC_SOLDIER_CREW.p3d] instead of 1-1-B:1. However, the vehicles are empty... isEmpty.sqf _veh = _this select 0; _units = crew _veh; while {alive _veh} do{ _count = count crew _veh; //player sidechat format["Count: %1",_count]; // after deleted via menu it still says there are crew in it. [@2341234 USMC_SOLDIER_CREW.p3d] something in the array //player sidechat format["Crew: %1",_units]; //after the guys eject they are still in the menu after being deleted via this script if(_count < 2) then{ sleep 120; _veh setvehicleammo 0; _veh setfuel 0; _veh setdamage 1; { _x setdamage 1; sleep 2; deletevehicle _x; }foreach _units; }; sleep 120; }; if(true) exitwith { sleep 600; deletevehicle _veh; }; Menu.sqf (delete section) _grp = lbCurSel LOC3_IDC_ListDBox; _t = array2 select _grp;//selects the selected item's actual group //removes empty squads from the list _i = array2 find _t; array2 set [_i, "a"]; array2 = array2 - ["a"]; { deleteVehicle _x; }foreach units _t; deleteGroup _t;
  14. I just installed the tools today and noticed that P: is missing... All the tools are installed totally and work fine. I am currently running Windows 7 RC 64bit.
  15. Me and a friend were playing through the campaign yesterday. Everything was fine until one of us would die or the ai would. Then when we tried to reload the "save" it would work fine for him (the host) but i would always get a session lost error. If i tried to rejoin after i was a crow. Is there any way to fix this "MP Save Game" Issue?