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    Why are much more people playing Arma 2?

    I know personally, I don't play A3 because of the lack of ACE, and current era vehicles. If BI created official DLC for USMC, US ARMY, UK, German, Australian forces, it would be a whole different story for me.
  2. Searched: thread closed. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?168069-Triple-Screen-quot-Warping-quot-with-Nvidia-Triple-Screen-Aspect-Ratio-maybe I have a 3: 1920x1080 set up showing 5784(?)x1080 in the Windows resolution configuration. I am seeing the described warping on the side panels and I have selected the 24:5 ratio. Is there a solution to the warping that I can apply or even change the depth of field config file to address it? Thanks!
  3. fasterthanlight


    If I remember correctly, when the Alpha first came out, rain was a selectable feature. After a release or so, I think it was removed. I thought that I would wait for the BETA to be set before I asked about this feature not being there. I have tried to select rain for a mission, but it is not available, even if you select the overcast storm icon before trying. If it was removed, I don't remember seeing a post on it. Is this feature not available again yet?
  4. fasterthanlight

    Halo jumping

    Thanks Simon, this works very well.
  5. fasterthanlight

    Halo jumping

    Now that we have steerable parachutes, does anyone have an init code and script that will work in A3 yet?
  6. I am still a little confused here... I am running the .61 on my client. I have the dev build selected on my server. I have created the 3 virtual servers and their own paths. I see my server version is .59. I have added "+app_update 107410 -beta development" to the steam_appid.txt file in each server instance to try to get them to run the dev build. It does not seem to bump them. What am I missing here? After troubleshooting, I found that my "core" install is running .61. What files exactly do I need to copy to update the virtuals to the right version?
  7. fasterthanlight

    [Template ArmA 3] for file "squad.xml"

    Nice work! I have it working great. How can I edit the CSS so that the PID's don't show externally?
  8. fasterthanlight

    Spawn loadout

    Thanks Fully. Here is what happened... I add the above to the script and it deletes the 343 and does not put in the 148 in the same spot, it does not add the 148 at all. So it's close, halfway there ;) I am not sure what the spots are called for the map, compass, radio. I may have to remove all of them, and add them back with the right pieces in the script. *edit* I got it working by trial and error: _target removeweapon "ItemRadio"; _target addweapon "acre_prc148_uhf"; added to bottom of script.
  9. fasterthanlight

    Spawn loadout

    quick addition... I would like to remove the PRC-343 and add a PRC-148UHF. The adding part I can do but it seems the 343 is not a weapon or an item. (removedallweapons this; and removeallitems this;) does not remove it. What can I add right under removeAllWeapons target; in this script to accomplish this?
  10. I am trying to use this info text for a mission and I am encountering the sound counter error when this trigger gets activated. Is this sound not available in A3 yet? Is there a way for me to remove the instruction to not use the sound (to not get the error), to add the sound from somewhere in A2, or to use a different BIS command to achieve the scrolling text without the call for the sound?
  11. Follow up question about the -profile and -server.cfg. If you define the difficulty in the server.cfg file, are you able to still choose recruit and have all the settings on? In other words, does defining the difficulty in the -server file do anything at all to enforce that instances of that server are bare minimum Veteran if selected?
  12. I was able to get this working. I had to do the install of both parts of the LSE. I have a Win 8 64 bit PC and a Win 2012 64 bit Server running the game. Thanks for the idea and the help!!!
  13. fasterthanlight

    A3 -profile config

    I don't just ask because it is a simple text change. There may be other changes in the copied file that are incompatible with A3.
  14. Can someone expand on the mpmissions folder re-direct for me? I read this... run cmd tool on your server to create the link, use "" around the directories example mklink /J "C:\steam\steamapps\common\user\Arma 3\mpmissions" "C:\Users\user\Desktop\Dropbox\mpmissions" I need some instructions on how to do this exactly since I don't know what run cmd tool means...