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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xb1q7yjmx863pbk/Mil_Heli_Testing.Altis.7z?dl=0 This is just a very simply mission with hardly anything in it. When I preview through the editor, I get the error about missing module functions. Thanks
  2. I downloaded it from play with six via the withSix client.
  3. I'm getting the same error message As Cabot696. I only noticed it when I added the second military placement module. Actually, it happens as well when I place the civilian population module.
  4. @Sickboy. Thanks for your reply. I'll have to see if I can figure out how to do as you said, use PWS to update apps and then only use SU to run the repository. I'm a little unsure of the mechanics of doing it that way but I'll try to figure it out. Thanks for clearing up why the Alive mod was not updating. Z
  5. yes, in the newer version of Play With Six, the current version of ALIVE (v0.9) may be showing up. I am referring to the Six Update version that allows custom repositories to be created and maintained. In that version (Six Updater, not PWS), the @ALIVE mod is still at 0.8. Is there a way to host and maintain custom repositories with the new PSW? I tried looking around on the PWS web site but am not seeing any good instructions on using the newer PWS to host custom repositories. Thanks. Z
  6. @Sickboy Hello sir, and first off, thanks for your hard work and dedication to PWS. I'm posting this message to ask why the latest version of ALIVE for Arma 3 is not posting to PWS. I have already posted in the Alive thread and have been told that it is up to PWS to update the mod on PWS and the Alive guy said he has no control over that. The latest version of Arma 3 @ALIVE is 0.9, yet the PWS servers still only have 0.8 available. Our team uses PWS for mod distribution and I would hate to have to resort to another method since the our team has used SU/PWS for several years now. Is there any way for this issue to get resolved? Respectfully, Zlin
  7. Not trying to be a pest but is the 0.9 update going to be pushed out to Six Update servers or do we need to install it manually?? Thanks for all of the teams hard work on this great addition to A3!!
  8. I noticed the release date for 0.9 version was 10-25-14 but I'm still not seeing it through Six Update. Is Six Update no longer being used as a deployment method?
  9. Any way of getting a revive script in there???
  10. I thought I had read that the combat support transport mode was going to include an option for a fly height of Very High??? I didn't see this option. Is it anywhere on the list yet or abandon?? Thanks ALiVE team. Awesome work!!!
  11. Zlin

    Bell 206

    Looks awesome dezkit. Can't wait to fly it!!!
  12. Can anyone please expand on the Basic Revive module, as far as how it works and how to configure it. I placed the module on the map in the editor, then changed Enable For to PLAYERS ONLY, but when running the mission on the Dedicated Server, I just die and none of the other playable team mates have any type of option to revive. I just go straight to death, not unconscious. I also have the Set Medical Facility sync'd to a cargo net, as shown in the tutorial, but when I am under the cargo net, I do not get healed at all. Anyone? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi Zen. I can't for the life of me figure something out about your scripts and was hoping you could shed more light please. What I am still trying to do with your scripts is; 1 - have a multi-player server with NO AI units attached to the actual playable characters, 2 - have it generate endless tasks. My issue still always seems to come back to tasks won't generate if there are no AI players grouped with the playable characters. All of my playable characters start at a common point. The server runs in persistent mode. I want players to be able to come and go as they please and still be able to get tasks even if they are the only player on the map. I have gone through several of the tutorial missions and I feel I understand what is going on with them. However, every time I add a second playable character to my test maps, the tasking system no longer functions at all on my DEDICATED SERVER. I can tell that you put a lot of work into your framework, and I do truly appreciate your efforts, but there is still a lot of things that aren't explained very well. I have had the issue too of thinking I am explaining something well when I'm trying to teach someone something, all to find out that I am still too close to the subject matter and still don't cover things that someone new would ask. I have also looked at your co-op 8 player mission that you had recommended and again, it's just not what I'm looking for. The co-op 8 mission has a real cool heli insertion at the beginning but that is just not what I'm looking for. I just want my playable characters to all start on the ground, at a common base, and be able to get continuous tasking. I don't think what I am trying to do should be this difficult. I have written all of my other mission scripts from scratch and have not had this much trouble getting tasking for playable characters without AI having to be attached to them. I'm sure it's just something simple that I'm missing but if you could just shed a little more light on how your tasking scripts work it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your work and contribution. Z
  14. Zlin

    Has Anyone Made a SAM Mod?

    Do you mean like this??? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25474